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Friday, November 13, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] D-Day Episode 12 Screen caps Review

The after math of Ji Won's death. How Hae Sung was struggling to keep himself from despair.

There is nothing more cruel than to be blamed for  the death of someone. Even if it happened under too much pressure and wanting so much to save that person. Still, it felt like you disappointed not them but yourself. This was what Hae Sung had been going through the entire episode. His self esteem got low, he was in despair and he was suffering from PTSD.

Ddol Mi was the only one who never left him. She stood by his side even if wanted to be alone. Ji Na was mourning because Ji Won was her cousin. But through all these, she also stood by Hae Sung and even supported him in front of her father. She got slapped for taking Hae Sung's side.

Woo Jin heard that the Director is her father. This was a surprise for me because I thought he knew already but maybe I did not understand correctly in the earlier episode that Ji Na's identity was hidden as to her relation to the Director. Woo Jin embraced Ji Na comforting her. Their relationship was not clear, still there is love between them. I do think Woo Jin loves her still very much.

Ddol Mi never stopped telling Hae Sung how good he is as a doctor. He was blaming himself for failing Ji Won, for not being able to save the boy. Ddol Mi tried to make him feel he is not worthless and arrogant as the Director and Ji Won's mother continue to blame him. I like how Ddol Mi bravely showed her feelings for Hae Sung when she hugged him from the back, but then he was not ready to be comforted. He was too much in pain dealing with his failure to let himself be vulnerable in front of Ddol Mi.

Woo Jin learned what happened. Well it was not really a surprise anymore because he knew it would be this way. He tried to talk to Hae Sung who was locking himself alone inside the doctor's sleeping quarters but Ddol Mi blocked him from disturbing Hae Sung. She pleaded with him to let Hae sung be for now and just talk to him later. 

It tugged my heart seeing Hae Sung standing beside the vody of Ji Won and crying over him. He was too sorry that he died. It was the most sincere yet Ji Won's mother seeing Hae Sung told him to go. I would still understand the mother up to this moment because her heart is breaking. She lost a son. Whether it was not Hae Sung's fault is beside the point. The point is, she lost her son and she is hurting too much, now. Let her be. She was dealing her pain through emotions and not through the mind. Reason will soon come after the pain lessen. Somehow, that would be the time to acknowledge how Hae Sung tried during the surgery.

In another story, Dong Ha was finally found. Chief Kang hurriedly went to the hospital where he was confined. Seeing her son alive was the greatest gift to her in the midst of this disaster. She cried as she hugged her son.

The Director heard the conversations about Ddol Mi doing the emergency first aide at the site instead of Hae Sung. It was fishy for the Director. He called for the nurse Kim Hyun Sook, the one calling Hae Sung "brother" always. He bribed her. Or maybe she was fooled into talking about Hae Sung having PTSD. A ground for filing lawsuit against Hae Sung. He signed it already and have his sister signed  on the paper also. 

Regarding the firefighter's daughter, they asked for Hae Sung to do the surgery but because he just came from a failed one, he of course denied their plea. They begged but he did not listen. He was like a cold man, not feeling anything. 

Woo Jin looked into the scan and tests done on the young woman and find it hard to do an operation. It is not possible. Like what he is, he frankly told the parents how it is. That they could not help her. The firefighter, Cho Il Sub and his wife were helpless.

DMT will resume and Woo Jin will now head the team.

Hae Sung was ready to leave. Ddol Mi tried to stop him. She cried as she tried to stop him. She told him about talking with Ji Won and the things the child would have said. That he was grateful. 

The scene ended with Ddol Mi's hand clutching Hae Sung's clothes as she stood close to him Will he change his mind?

There is a concrete hero and villain in this drama. 
Hae Sung and the Director.

I am looking forward to the day when the Director's selfishness and greed will all come crashing and I will have the last laugh because he lost to Hae Sung.


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