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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Cheer Up Episode 7 Highlights

The placards that say "We Lied" was a good tactic to attract the attention of the attendees in the program, particularly the officials from Education Office. The Principal was awkward and could not explain or even refute what the students/cheer dancers wanted to relay. 

The students [cheer dance group] were celebratory of their success in showcasing their performance. Every one was in high spirits with the exception of Soo Ah. The two girls who implicated the teacher apologized sincerely but when Soo Ah was asked to do the same she stubbornly told them that she already said her piece. If only I could knock some more sense in this bratty girl's head!

Meanwhile the Principal summoned Yeon Do and the two girls, Jae Young and Na Yeon in her office. It could be Yeon Doo's expulsion from the school because of how she continuous to side with teacher Tae Bum. But Ha Joon ran after them, overtaking the Principal and her loyal secretary/teacher to say that he too was a part of the plan about the placards. Then Yeol also followed and insisted his share. The Principal had no way to continue her plans. 

In the end the officials conducted another investigation to close the case against Tae Bum. Tae Bum was given the chance to finish his contract in Sevit High.

Examination days are coming. Students are studying long hours Some are making it hard for others by destroying their notes and books. From all these preparations, Yeon Doo and Dong Jae are onlookers who take it easy even if they have not yet studied well or they ranked the lowest.

But then Yeol offered his notes to Yeon Doo. He not only offered, he even tutored her patiently even if she always nods her head off to sleep. Guess her interests are not really in studying hard. Again, it does not matter as long as the number one student pays attention to her and has her undivided attention! Yeon Doo is one lucky girl!

Sweet moments...

Soo Ah was also doing her best to study hard. 

The pressure to tak the number one spot from Yeol was giving her stress, making her nose bleeds while studying. She was losing proper sleep. Teacher Tae Bum once saw her with nose bleeding and offered her his hanky. He even told her to take it easy but Soo Ah never understood the heart of a good man or a teacher for that matter. But she was only full of sarcasm towards him about being an outcast just because the others sided with him. 

Others became closer too while studying together...

Fooling around in between breaks, studying together, Yeon Doo and Yeol got closer. She even told him about the tiny cat accessory attached to her phone. 

It was her lucky charm and she needs it always. During their class, Yeol texted her about seeing a movie after the exam. She was about to answer him when teacher Tae Bum saw her and confiscated her phone. 

She was sad because it is her lucky charm. Yeol sneaked in into the faculty office to get her lucky charm. He found it but then a teacher was coming. He hid, unfortunately by Im Soo Yong [the Principal's loyal teacher] table. He was caught and was reminded that he should not be inside the room during examination period.

Min Hyo Sik has been seeing the closeness between Yeol and Yeon Doo. He decided to take a video of them as if Yeol was doing interview. 

One of the twist in the episode was that the USB of Soo Yong was missing. 
He could not find it. 

He did not remember that he had it with him after the class and Soo Ah came to him to ask why Yeol's essay was better than hers. Then a bunch of students broke into running around them, causing his things to fall on the floor. Without any sense at all, he ran after the kids leaving his things. Soo Ah was tempted to get the USB. She did though not realizing there was a CCTV on her spot. She hurried inside one of the cubicle in the rest room and copied all the files. She was nervous the whole time. Maybe guilty but not guilty. She threw the USB in the bin but then decided to retrieve it. She then went to the room where usually the cheer dance team are staying and with caution, she dropped the USB inside Yeol's bag. So cunning. I could not believe she would stoop this low just to be number one, This is a crime. Incriminating an innocent classmate for her advantage.

By then Soo Yong went to find Yeol who was said to be the caught entering the faculty room. He accused him of stealing the USB. It was an absurd accusation. Yeol denied it. Even teacher Tea Bum was present. Soo Yong dare Yeol to open his bag. The situation was becoming seriously big and Yeol was offended by this false accusations against him. Soo Yong snatched his bag and poured all the contents inside. The USB appeared! Of course! What a great evidence. 

Yeol was too dumbstruck as well as teacher Tae Bum. He denied it vehemently. But Soo Yong would never believe him. Yeol's father came. The sad part, he did not asked Yeol if it was true. As a father, he just accepted the allegation and thought of how to reprimand his child through community service. Yeol was punished by going home, not taking the exam and complete his community service. Yeon Doo was so guilty knowing he wanted to get her tiny cat. 

Yeol was thankful that she never lose faith in him but believes in him no matter what.

At home, he and his father were awkward. Somehow, Yeol was angry and hurt. But they could not communicate well. No one wanted to start first. His father was frustrated and sought his girl friend, Yeon Doo's mother. She was a very logical woman and know what to say on this kind of incident. 

Yeon Doo visited Yeol during his community service. She showed her support to him. I think by now though they have not talked about their relationship, it does not matter anymore. They knew their feelings are mutual.

Yeon Doo and Ha Joon both went to the security room to find the camera that could give them evidence where the teacher left his USB or that Yeol is innocent. Both reviewed the camera recordings. They even ate black noodles together. 

Soo Ah learned about the CCTV. She went to the place where she might be caught stealing the USB. Yes, there is a camera and her actions were surely recorded.

At the end of the episode Hyo Sik sent the video recording where he captured both Yeol and Yeon Doo at the cafeteria. He knew she misses Yeol. But the said video captured teacher Soo Yong at the back with the USB still in his possession. After Yeol already went inside the faculty room.

It could be an evidence in favor for Yeol. Soo Ah was nervous when Yeon Doo muttered about finding the evidence.

Soo Ah will surely be nervous and anxious. She will be caught. I hope she did so that it will be the turning point in her life where she will finally stop doing things selfishly or keep on following her mother's wishes even if they are slowly breaking her spirits apart.


Just want to add these gifs of the camaraderie that grows between teacher Tae Bum and these kids...

Oh poor Ha Joon. My heart is towards Yeol but I don't want this guy to be hurt. I have had it in She Was Pretty...lol. Second lead guy syndrome must be attacking me this season.



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