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Friday, November 13, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF CHEER UP Episode 8 Highlights

Maybe because the drama has 12 episodes only that's why the story is fast paced. It does not drag which makes it more nice to watch.

It's fortunate that the supposed time the USB was stolen was captured in the video Hyo Sik did on Yeol and Yeon Doo at the cafeteria. Teacher Soo Yong could be seen at the background with his bag and the USB made an appearance. It was because Yeol already went to the faculty prior to this moment.

Of course it was circumstantial evidence and it only proves that the USB was with the teacher. But how it ended inside Yeol's bag was still the concern. Yeon Doo and Ha Joon met. They had to hide because one of the teacher, the one always inspecting the rooms was still up and about. But then, they were caught. They were punished. The cute part was that they were still able to find something to smile about and had a selfie they sent to Yeol. It was funny how his two favorite persons were together, thinking about him. However, the photo made him a bit jealous. Ha Joon was smiling by himself long before he and Yeon Doo parted for the night. 

Yeol came back to school, ready to present another argument in front of the Principal and teacher Soo Yong. He showed them the video, still teacher Soo Yong argued about Yeol maybe stealing it during class. But then, his bag never left his side and it has always stays under the table in front. Not time for Yeol to steal it. Right after the bell rang, he was summoned with the others at the Baekho room where cheer leaders practice. A great excuse or alibi for Yeol, surely an advantage. His father also arrived at the school with lawyers. The Principal was intimidated. She has no more excuse not to accept Yeol again. Parents were bothered because Yeol wanted to take the exam. The Principal was very strong headed. She continue to deny him the request. Soo Ah was anxious. Her number one place could soon be stolen from her again because the legitimate number one is back.

Soo Ah went to the security and learned that the camera attached was from another security agency. She asked help from her tutor Director Lee to go to that agency. They found out that a student from Sevit High had already got a copy of the said video where she was captured and they would not divulge the identity.

Yeol made a deal with the Principal. In exchange for him not taking the exam, he asked a favor for teacher Tae Bum. He does care for his homeroom teacher a lot. Well the camaraderie is nice and amazing. 

Soo Ah was becoming paranoid because she saw a USB inside her locker and it contained the video of her. She was suspicious of everyone she was yelling at the two girls she hang out with asking them if they saw anyone inside the room before. It could be Yeol, Dong Jae or even Yeon Doo herself. It could be Hyo Sik, too.

Soo Ah's mother paid for their overnight stay outside the school for their practice.  

The team went excitedly. Ha joon and Yeol was disappointed to learn that Yeon Doo already went ahead with Dong Jae.

 [lol] As they said, "what's with the strawberry milk?!"

Amidst the happy atmosphere at the site, Soo Ah was the only one not in a happy mood, She was suspecting everyone. She saw another post it inside her bag telling her to confess at bonfire gathering. It made her more nervous as the time passes by. Ha Joon also noticed her strange actions.

Then of course, the OTP, Yeol and Yeon Doo keeps on getting closer, teasing each other. 

Hyo Sik once again caught them. They could not deny. Yeol left her to go with Hyo Sik to gather woods. Teacher Tae Bum asked Yeon Doo for some more supplies. She would go with an ahjussi to drive her to the store. It was a chance for Soo Ah. She really suspect Yeon Doo. Agitated as she was, she keeps making wrong decisions to salvage her reputation and hide her secret.

Yeon Doo was surprised when Soo Ah came with her. No one knew about it. But when the time came, Soo Ah left her. Asking the ahjussi to drive and leave Yeon Doo because she was waiting for a teacher. Yeon Doo panicke when she could not see the car outside, She just went to the rest room. Her phone was not even with her and soon night time would come. 

At the site, Yeol and Ha Joon were  looking at Yeon Doo. They said that she was running an errand and has not come back. Then Soo Ah appeared. They were puzzled where did she go but she said that she went for a walk by herself. A bit fishy.

They were already eating that night and Yeon Doo has not yet arrived. Yeol and Ha Joon were both anxious already. They told teacher Tae Bum. The three went to find her. They went to the store. It was already close. There was no signal at the mountains where they were so calling the ahjussi was hard. Yeol had to open the door to get inside. Fortunately the window was not locked. Inside, there was a telephone. Yeol talked to the ahjussi and found out what happened. He was so furious!

That time, Ha Joon already went on his own to search the vicinity. He rode a bike he found at the store. Yeon Doo was walking tired alone at the dark highway. She even tripped and fell causing her knees and hand to hurt because they were grazed.

While Yeol hurried to find Soo Ah, Ha Joon also found Yeon Doo. Yeol yelled angrily at Soo Ah. Yeon Doo walked faster towards Ha Joon and hugged him.

Yeol threatened Soo Ah. If something happened to Yeon Doo he would be able to forgive her. While Ha Joon was as helpless of his growing feelings for Yeon Doo as she was suddenly relieved to find him and sought comfort for what she had been through.

I love Ha Joon and I can't help but let him have this moment with Yeon Doo. Although it would surely create an inconvenience later on between him and Yeol, it was good that he had the chance to embrace her, give her his warm comfort and let her feel that he is there if she needs him.

Yeol is definitely liking Yeon Doo more than she realized. Looking forward for more. Soo Ah was caught. Will she keep on doing nasty things to save herself or will she finally see the light?


some more gif

Yeol back in the school...

these two anxious of what Yeol will do...

Soo Ah nervous...

teacher Tae Bum telling that he would help the real culprit so he/she must not fear revealing herself/himself...

the happy trio...

Ha Joon caught in between...

Soo Ah nervous and scared of her mother...

Yeol and the Principal negotiating,,,

Yeol's father with the lawyers...

father and son...
still could not understand each other.

Yeol and Yeon Doo's parents...

Yeol provoking Soo Ah...

she was clearly caught!

because teacher Soo Yong falsely accused Yeol, Yeol was having a good time playing on the teacher...

ooppsss..Yeol was here!!!

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