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Friday, November 13, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] She Was Pretty Episode 14 Screen caps Review


I was going to share some thoughts on this episode in the final post but then decided to just make an edit and put my thoughts right here.

Just highlights...

Time is ticking. MOST Like seems likely not be able to meet their target sales because Leonard Kim was suddenly not available. Even so, the team is working hard towards their deadline. Meanwhile, Sung Jon and Hye Jin went for a break, ate lunch, some kind of a secret date because the relationship is still not announced to the team.

He somehow proposed to her. He told her he would officially proposed if he can bring back the sales of MOST. Hye Jin also wished him success. Then the kiss. The sweet kiss amidst their concern for the magazine and the team.

Sung Joon got a text message about Leonard Kim's unavailability.  Shin Hyuk got wind of rumors about Leonard Kim's involvement on marijuana use. Seems he will have to turn back and help the team to overcome this hindrance.

The team are problematic. Sung Joon asked about TEN, the anonymous writer. TEN would be his obvious next hope in getting an exclusive interview. He met the publisher and was told that they too haven't met TEN, only through e-mails but definitely TEN is Korean.

Even if troubled, Hye Jin makes it appoint to make Sung Joon smile every chance. It was like her support to him as a girlfriend.

Ha Ri saw her father waiting for her outside her place. Finally, it seems that her father understands her now and is willing to start over. He was even offering hr help in finding work but she declined. She hoped to find her job through her capabilities and strength. They parted with a nice atmosphere. Ha Ri's heart is at peace and I think she has achieved something big already with her patching things up with her father.

The team is talking about the Chairman's son who they think should help them in this situation to save the team and the department.

Although they are not like before, Shin Hyuk still cares for Hye Jin and he knew she is bothered by the troubles facing Sung Joon.

Sung Joon and Hye Jin enjoyed a game of basket ball. It was a moment that put aside their problems for a while.

Sung Joon told them to write their own articles instead of one exclusive interview. All of their articles will be featured instead for the 20th anniversary copy of the magazine. Everyone got excited to do well.  That night they were encouraged more by having team dinner. They also went to a karaoke. They sang and dance. Even Sung Joon sang even if he was tone deaf. Shin Hyuk was just there, looking at everyone and enjoying the fun. He also looked at Hye Jin whose eyes were for Sung Joon alone.

In the middle of the party, Sung Joon left. He went back to the office. He stared at the silent office imagining the place during office hours when the team  were busy doing their work. Now it is empty. Hye Jin followed him there. They sat but he laid on her thigh. This was the moment Shin Hyuk witness. He was also at the entrance but decided not to come in.

Next morening he called his Jackson...

I love this part of course. She thought it was that urgent but she was fooled again. They went to the amusement park, rode roller coaster, ate and just enjoyed the day together. He was so fun and Hye Jin was having the time of her life with him. Shin Hyuk was a bit weird when they parted. She had a feeling as if she won't see him again. Because Shin Hyuk was saying his goodbyes as if it would be the last time.

Sung Joon got a call that the printing of the magazine was put on a stop. He was confused who ordered it. Then he got a call  that TEN will meet him. Just the same time that the anonymous nephew of the deputy editor in chief was being introduced.

It was their sunbaenim Poong Ha, to their surprise!

But Sung Joon got his own surprise to see Shin Hyuk shaved and looking the most decent in a suit. He is the anonymous TEN.


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