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Friday, November 13, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] She Was Pretty Episode 15 Screen caps Highlights

My guess was right that Shin Hyuk is TEN but then, I also thought was the secret nephew of the deputy editor in chief, Ra Ra, the ahjumma fashionista. Poong Ho got me fooled, too.

TEN aka Shin Hyuk prepared for his meeting with Sung Joon. He shaved off the beard I came to like. Hmm, he was so manly with the beard and I guess it made him even look foolish when he teased his Jackson!

Sung Joon got a surprise seeing him but then...he was not impressed! Maybe he thought he got fooled to. And why now? Why TEN would want to be known? It was to help the team, of course. His intention in the end is to protect the team and give his help. Apparently, Sung Joon was not glad about it. Shin Hyuk already prepared the interview audio. He told Sung Joon that it was supposed to be given to Hye Jin that's why he spoke with familiarity and without honorifics but then decided to give him instead. He knew Jackson would only cry or make a fuss.

Sung Joon left but not altered his plans. But then, Shin Hyuk had done what had to be done without consulting him. The magazine were delivered the next day with TEN as their exclusive interview for the month. All were shocked to realized it was Shin Hyuk all along. He was not coming. 

Sung Joon went to find Shin Hyuk but he already left. Even the hotel room where he stays was vacant already. Hye Jin too want to find him.

He left a video for the whole team, except for Hye Jin. She was expecting a video message too, but none.

Poong Ho arrived with his aunt. He is the new Vice President. 

I like the scene where Shin Hyuk met Hye Jin while she was going home. It was a sad and nice moment where he embraced her. Told her to think of him whenever she eats pickled radish It was a goodbye that touches my heart. He does likes her a lot. Oh, Shin Hyuk...I really hope you would get your Jackson. But then, first love comes first. You were too late even from the start!

Sung Joon asked Hye Jin to go with her to New York. He will soon transfer there. She said yes. She prepares for her leaving. Ha Ri was looking for jobs. She was sad knowing she would leave her soon.

The twist of the story was when Hye Jin realized what makes her happy the most. Her passion lies towards writing children stories. She was invited by a group of writers to stay with them but she said she would leave soon.

At the end of the episode, Hye Jin had to tell Sung Joon about her own dream. She has to go for it. Sung Joon will wait for her. Sung Joon understands her. He will wait. She packed her things while Ha Ri was crying. She will stay with the writers.

A chapter of the story has ended. 
A new life awaits Hye Jin.
Something that will make her find fulfillment as a person. 
Before she settles down.

I really thought this would be a good ending already with the promise of coming back with Sung Joon. But then there will be the last episode more. I wonder what would be more? Shin Hyuk has gone. Will he come back again?

Final post soon!


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