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Saturday, November 14, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Six Flying Dragons Episode 6 Review

From previous episode, Bang Won was impressed by Boon Yi's courage. He found in her the strong character that he seemed to be looking for in a long time. Remember that he was disappointed by his teacher Hong In Bang's actions when the latter allied with Gil Tae Mi. It was as if Bang Won had lived his life not the way he expected. His spirits was so low it only felt alive again when he saw the "venomous magpie" kill Baek Yoon.  Seeing the corrupt official got killed was like a sign that justice still exist. Well, that was how I interpreted Bang Won's sudden interest towards venomous magpie aka Ddang Sae.

With Boon Yi, he found her interesting and amazing for a young woman not giving up even when all she had worked for together with the village people who believed in her was confiscated. Just like I posted previously, she burned the storage where their harvest were. She knew where to go. She would find Sambong with the wooden soldier he gave her. She needed to find a man who could tell her where Sambong is.

Boon Yi went back to the cave where she left the remaining people who looked at her as their leader. She was telling them about her going away for awhile and that one of the older man should be the leader. Bang Won had come after her. Alone. A big mistake though. 

The people inside the cave suddenly noticed his silk clothes. Helplessly, he was overpowered. They all took his garments except for his underclothes. But he was bare chested and they tied him to a tree outside in the forest. Boon Yi apologized for the stolen clothes. He begged her to untie him. But she did not. Bang Won was so frustrated with the situation he found himself in. They left him there.

The gullible character, Moo Hyul went back to his home. He met with his teacher. They had a fight and he realized that his skills already surpassed him. He was being fooled for a long time now. He walked away from him.

He impressed his halmonie and siblings about how he fought during the times he was away. How he defeated a famous swordsman, someone who belonged in Plum Blossom. He also told them he would find venomous magpie and kill him. He was definitely bragging. I so like him. He is like a child inside a big body. 

Meanwhile Bang Won was found by his bodyguard. They went to a place to find him something to wear. Well, it seemed that their path was not over yet. 

Boon Yi came just as he opened the door to get out of the room. The two caught each other's eyes then she suddenly turned around to run, as fast as she could. She must not be caught or else...

It was a breather to see some cute and kind of romance in the screen after the heavy drama that happened in the previous episode. 

The ran took them to the hills. She was fast, though he could barely catch up. She had a good start, that's why. He was out of breath and asking her to stop. The moment she trusted him, he seized the moment she was somehow catching her breath also. he ran again and pounced on her but she bit him hard. She got away but she was caught again. Both rolled on the grass as she continue to bit him. He bit in return. They were exhausted after. 

They talked. She apologized. He asked her if he saved her and she said yes. She realized he was worried for her and not going to report her. Of course, Boon Yi do not trust someone from a noble class because she knows they have power. And he came from a noble class. He was offended. He told her he was not like that.

 Then he noticed the wooden soldier she wore. He was silent as he held it. Boon Yi slowly got up on her feet and apologized again then ran away while he stared at her. He was curious how she got it. He saw the same thing inside the cave where he learned of the plan for a new Joseon.

At the palace, what happened in Yiseo county was something that made General Choi Young angry. 

He was so mad to what Hong In Bang did increasing the taxes to 90%. He went to find Prime Minister and gave him warning that if he continue to tolerate Hong In Bang and even Gil Tae Mi who was present there as well, he would end their alliance.

 Gil Tae Mi was not scared because he knew he has Prime Minister to protect him but I think the old man was somehow threatened that he yelled at Gil Tae Mi to bring Hong In Bang.

Hong In Bang was at Biguk temple with monk Jukryong. 

He was asking if there was any information about the assassin he was trying to look for. He even provoked Jukryong about going to Hwasadan to gather information instead. Cho Young has her own means of finding secrets but then her loyalty I think was with the Prime Minister. But then Jukryong name dropped Lee Eun Chang apparently a priest who knew where Sambong is. He is now a merchant at Sogam market.

Bang Won was still not letting Boon Yi go afar. 
He found out that she was going to a wooden plate store at Sogam market. He and his bodyguard proceeded to find her there.

 But then goons were already tailing the priest and currently trying to take him. He tried to hide but he was caught. Just then Ddang Sae arrived at the scene pretending to be drunk and still drinking. he inserted himself between the goons and the priest. he tried to meddle but was told to go on his own way. He pretended to leave but then he suddenly turned around and poked the eyes of one of the goons. Fight soon erupted. While busy fighting the priest slipped away.

Moo Hyul was walking at the market. He was impressed by everything he saw. A woman appeared in front of her and he thought she was Boon Yi. He remembered her and her beautiful eyes as if begging him for help. But then he snapped out of it. Just then he caught sight of Boon Yi also at the market. He followed her and ended at the front of the store. He did not immediately walked inside. he was trying to think of what to say to her. Inside, there was no one. She was not inside anymore.

Bang Won and Young Gyoo [the BG] arrived at the market. Some men were passing through with a corpse. He caught something at the exposed arm of the said corpse. He asked his BG if there was a plague. Young Gyoo recognized the men as monks from Biguk temple. they realized the girl was possibly being kidnapped.

Gab Boon also noticed the monks and remembered the girl who entered the wooden plate store. She told Ddang Sae who was with her about it and that she was being kidnapped.

Looks like Biguk temple was where everyone would be at this time of the night. Boon Yi's blindfold was taken away. She was being questioned how she went to the wooden store. Jukryong asked her if she knew Lee Eun Chung but she told him that she went to buy plates and that Lee Eun Chang was the owner. Jukryong told her she was lying. He showed her a strip of leather which he told her a secret code that lee Eun Chang was going to deliver to someone. He told her to decipher the code.

Outside, dressing like monks, Bang Won and Young Gyoo were getting ready to walk towards the temple. Casually they walked and unluckily met Jukryong as they pass each other. He became suspicious. Young Gyoo drew his sword and started to fight Jukryong. But his attempt at harming him with the sword was futile because Jukryong was much more skilled. 

Then more monks came surrounding them. Jukryong became even more interested because he thought the girl belongs to a group and that Bang Won and Young Gyoo were there to rescue her. The fight was about to start again when Hong In Bang arrived. After a long time, Bang Won met his teacher. The one he detested so much.

They talked like two civilized men but then it was futile to think that they would find themselves agreeing on principles that they have each. It was also a reminder how Hong In Bang tried to pressure young Bang Won during the time he was at Sungkyungkwan to change his ideals.

It was a time that made Bang Won felt that everything was a test to his limits and how he would stay firm in his chosen principles. For Hong In Bang, the thing that can save him is not justice but power which he has now. But Bang Won was firm as he was when he was young. In his anger, he told Hong In Bang that he will never hold his hand.

Outside masked Ddang Sae arrived and told the guards that he was a storyteller. Everyone was suspicious He was unmasked and someone recognized him from the fight earlier at the market when he interfered between the priest and some of these goons aka monks. He was surrounded but he took his time.

Moo Hyul also arrived. He rescued Boon Yi. They were chased by a guard but was able to get away. 

The fight where Ddang Sae was started again. He was fighting a bunch of skilled swordsmen, too. He ran towards where Boon Yi [he did know it was his sister who was kidnapped] 
was supposed to be but she was not there anymore. Outside the guards were ready to open the door.

Jukryong and DdangSae

Jukryong saw how this skilled swordsman was so good at fighting dozens of men at once that he could not take it any more. he moved towards him and both showed their skills. But the surprising twist was that he was more good than him. His beads from his necklace came undone and fell. Ddang Sae grazed the necklace instead of him, lucky him.

A guard told that a big man took the girl and not the intruder who fought with Jukryong. Bang Won heard it. He knew who wa with Boon Yi, the wood cutter based on the description. He left with Young Gyoo. They walked to the market and asked about the owner of the wooden plate store. Fate made him crossed path with Lee Eun Chang who was then dying. The man suddenly appeared and grabbed his wooden soldier inside his clothes. he gave him the secret code.

What was the code?

Shut down seven bases and gather in Hamju.

Hamju was where Bang Won's father was. He would now be leaving for home. Boon Yi would also go to Hamju to find Sambong. Moo Hyul will go with her.

But then, not realizing someone was tailing her...Jukryong's men.

Hamju is where the start of their dream. 


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