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Monday, November 9, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Because It's The First Time Episode 5 Highlights

Episode 5 brings mixed feelings for me knowing my heart lies towards Tae O and Song Yi as the OTP. But it is not to say that I don't like Ji An. I also find him cute and he and Song Yi look good together. They even show cute chemistry. 


Tae O makes me feel how it is to be caring and in love while not really realizing the extent or depth of his own feelings regarding Song Yi. In pursuing love he got himself into focusing his attention to another girl, like Se Hyun whom he thought he seriously likes.

Then Ji An and Song Yi decided to date. 

It was a decision Ji An had to take so he would not lose her for the wrong reasons like not having enough money to spend on a date. Song Yi definitely understood him and his worries. But then, they are only both young in their teens and money should not be a hindrance to enjoy life with someone you like.

Song Yi is like the typical girl who always find it burdensome not to have the right clothes to wear on a date. I like the scenes where she kept on being frustrated looking at what to wear while bothering Tae O at the same time who was silently looking at her or sometimes busy reading and doing research. Girls will always be girls in terms of being vain.

Oh well I forgot to say that Ji An and Song Yi of course reconciled at first. lol! 

Sorry for jumping in a hurry to write my thoughts about Tae O in the first part of this post. Anyway, I am not sure why the writer has to let Tae O and the rest not realized what was the reason behind the fighting between Ji An and Song Yi. Tae O thought it was funny that those two were fighting and calling each other crazy/psycho and chicken head.

But then Hoon and Ga Rin invited them to have a drink. 

Though Song Yi did not want to see Ji An after her outburst, she finally let herself be talked into it by Tae O who made "aegyo" non stop.

Anyway, I feel that although my heart goes to Tae O, it is okay that Ji An and Song Yi already started their date. It was fun. Both enjoyed. The romance is just so cute. I think from here on there will be conflict that will follow if... and I say if the writer decided to hear my plea for my chosen OTP to have their own romance.

Tae O while pursuing Se Hyun was bothered that Song Yi was excited to have a date with a guy he only knew as the one who made her cry. It pisses him off that she could give the guy another chance. It's nice of Tae O to bought her clothes, shoes and even bag for her date.  Hasn't he realized yet that his actions are those of a "more than a friend" concern?

The end of the episode was like leading to a great twist in the story.

Seeing Song Yi all wet and walking in bare foot while he and Se Hyun were together under one umbrella was a sight he was so surprised to see. I believe the sight of Song Yi would bring guilty feelings on him knowing she asked him to go to her and she waited but he texted her three times that he would really not go. It was a disappointing moment for Song Yi. She clearly was sad. Then she had found him with se Hyun the reason why he ditched her. She also looked pathetic in her doused form.

Ah...I feel the situation.

Another great episode.


gif + thoughts

The hand grabbing...

and I thought this would make Song Yi feel giddy and happy that he acted on his feelings at last.

But no. In fact she bit him!
Well can't blame her for making her emotions like a roller coaster.

The Fight

Tae O thought it was funny, though. Why dd you not able to catch up on what was happening?

Song Yi crying...
Tae O staying with her the whole time...

Ji An frustrated about his reason for rejecting Song Yi. Now he turns on his father to remind him about the debt on his credit card.

Group messaging..

Tae O who was clueless sent messages to others not knowing Ji An was the reason why Song Yi was crying. The same guy who rejected her.

These two got their own cute budding romance...

I laughed when he thought his hair was so bad that he told her she has no talent that's why people never come anymore.

But as gullible as he is when it comes to Ga Rin complementing him, he changed his mind about his hair as long as she likes it that way. It was what matters.

A drink party invitation from Hoon and Ga Rin..

Convincing Song Yi to go with him...

the aegyo!


Again...Ga Rin reminded them about her father upstairs and how they all acted as if it was true.

Really...I like how they just let Ga Rin be.

Se Hyun and Tae O

Tae O is full of his aegyo!

Decided to Date

Ji An calls it shabby date...though

Motorcycle Ride

This part was the best because it seemed that they were able to express freely and with exhilaration their feelings for each other.

Something that Tae O did not understand even if he said repeatedly he would take her home.

The problem with going out on a date...

Tae O shaking his head as she keeps on whining...

He really could not understand her.
Why date the guy who rejected her in the first place?

But she was too excited for the date!

Talking about ti with Ji An...the secret date!

Oh poor Tae O, left in the dark.

Yes, why do you hate the guy Tae O? Or simply, maybe you don't want her to date anyone!

Generous Tae O!

Ready to make Song Yi pretty on her date even if the guy is not him.

Got to ask everyone for Song Yi's shoe size and Ji An knew the answer.
Made Song Yi feel giddy.

More library rendezvous...

Yup, I concede that these two really look cute.

Giving his surprise to her...

Tae O, you were amazed at her beauty, right?

Song Yi with her version of aegyo!

The Date

Well this one seemed to be a date, too.

Se Hyun also wanted to visit his place but then he remembered Song Yi's things....

Sudden pouring of rain...

She lied to Ji An about already home.
Maybe not to worry him.

She treasured the bag and the shoes she had to protect them at least.

Tae O bought one umbrella to take Se Hyun home...

Song Yi called him just when he was with Se Hyun. It worried him. 

But as he got up and took a step, he suddenly turned back and asked Se Hyun to grab on him and tell not to go. It was like he wanted someone to stop him from his routine when it concerns Song Yi. If left on his own, he would surely come running already to Song Yi. He needed Se Hyun tom stop him.

Song Yi received a message he won't come.
He really won't come. He texted 3 times to make her realize he was serious.

Song Yi walked...run in the rain.
While Tae O and Se Hyun were together under one umbrella, like a real couple. Well they could be a couple already starting from this moment on.

Crossing paths

I wonder who was most surprise between the two? Was it Song Yi or Tae O?

The way he looked at her...seeing her in this situation...

Song Yi must have felt bad...
Wish she was not looking this way in front of Se Hyun, the girl with Tae O.

The preview is already exciting!

Can't wait again for the next episode!

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