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Friday, November 13, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] D-Day Episode 11 Screen caps Review


This episode was one of the hardest to watched. It ripped my heart watching the despair in Hae Sung's face.

Under the rubles and debris, father and son were found. The rescue team had to work very carefully because of the unstable ground which from time to time shook because of after shocks. Hae Sung and Dae Gil both went down through the gap to reach the underground. Hae Sung first went to see the old man who was conscious and made sure he was stable. The ahjussi recognized Hae Sung as the one who attended to him before at the emergency. He reminded him that he was the patient with diabetes. The ahjussi told him to check his son, named Ji Won. The boy was so weak. Dae Gil had to attached dextrose to hydrate and energize both of them.

The twist of the story is that this ahjussi is the President of Mirae hospital.

I said that this was the most heartbreaking episode because the ordeal Hae Sung and his team went through to save Ji Won was too tough and in the end, they all failed.

I am having a hard time explaining the medical situation so I will just share some thoughts.

Hae Sung is the kind of doctor that will do anything in his power even if he has no experience in dealing with the kind of operation Ji Won needed. The irony of it was that, the staff needed in the surgery were all busy and no one was able to come to assist the team and Hae Sung particularly the thoracic surgeon who specialized in the heart operation. Time was running out and even before the surgery, the boy's chance of survival was minimal, still Hae Sung was determined to save him if he can. Woo Jin was against the surgery because of too many complications but Hae Sung was too stubborn. 

As a viewer, I have the larger view of the situation. I can see Hae Sung's passion as a doctor and determination which of course is what a true doctor should be. Woo Jin is the logical one, not impulsive but looking at a more large scale such as the after effects or results. He is the kind that will not gamble unless he is sure of success. But who really determines the after math of an operation? The only thing a doctor can do is to hope for a miracle after an operation but everything after that is left to heaven's call.

I detest the most Yoo Myung Hyun, the resident student doctor who always complain and slacking in his duties then acting know it all. He irritates me so much. He was one of the doctors in the surgery assigned to assist Hae Sung but he and the other one ditched the team because they would not do it along with Hae Sung. 

Anyway, it was also good that someone like him was not a part of Hae Sung's team or he might do something fishy while surgery just to be mean and petty.

Without any experience in heart surgery, Hae Sung proceeded even if Ddol Mi and Ji Na asked him not to do it. This was a scene that was scary for me. It was experimental actually and I say that even if the boy's chance of survival was slim, it was sad that however he tried it would not be taken lightly by a bereaved parent. I could say that the moment a mother heard of her son's passing while in surgery would cause concern and it was not unusual. But because perhaps she had put so much faith in Hae Sung that knowing he did all he can, that he did what he should not have done... this was something that was hard to accept for a mother. 

Again, the reason would not come even if she knew sooner or later Ji Won would die, still.

I cried for Hae Sung and the whole team. It was an act of betting all his capability just to save the boy who before the surgery uttered he wanted to live. Hae Sung's world seemed to have become darker after this incident. They blamed him. The Director got the chance to  step in him again. The mother pounded his chest as she wailed. But the father was just silent as he looked at his dead son.

There would be lawsuits against Hae Sung. But does it matter? In this tough times, he tried his best. Woo Jin knew this would happen. He already foretold what would happen with or without surgery.

While the incident made the team mourn and tired, the firefighter's daughter whom he thought was with her mother safe and sound was also in an accident. Her life is also in danger. The heart breaking part, she lost her one leg. The sight was too much for the father who have been saving other people from the disaster and was shocked to see his own daughter lying like this in a hospital bed.

The story continues to give the picture of despair and hope at the same time in a realistic scenario. This could happen. 

The drama showed one doctor's ambition and greed, a doctor's dedication to his work and one doctor who has chosen to be cautious instead of sharing his talent to save more lives. This is the journey and the story of these three doctors who continue to clash in principles amidst the tragedy that occurred.


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