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Sunday, November 8, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF She Was Pretty Episode 13 Highlights

Aside from romance blooming between Hye Jin and Sung Joon, the team of MOST like magazine are all busy preparing for their 20th anniversary. Sung Joon is still not telling about the deal he has with the headquarters to his team. Because of stress, he collapsed and ended up in the hospital.

Hye Jin of course was there at once to care for him. But then she was not the only one making a fuss over Deputy Chief Editor.

Kim Ra Ra or the Chief Editor aka fashionista ahjumma visited Sung Joon upon learning of his situation. As if she was his mother...or perhaps his woman. lol...

Her character in this drama is fascinating and charming. I really like how the writer of this drama has created interesting characters that endear them to the viewers.

Not wanting to get caught, Hye Jin hid. 

As usual, I can't wait for Shin Hyuk's appearance in the drama. After the last episode where he let go of Hye Jin, I was not sure what will be next  for him.

Hye Hin who was rushing for work got inside the elevator. She was already inside when she noticed Shin Hyuk besides her. Again, he started making fun of her. This time more embarrassing because he made a sound so like as if she was farting. Then he would look at her as if he could not believe someone like her would do that in public. The others inside the elevator all look at her as the culprit.

She of course denied it as Shin Hyuk made faces and smiled. But then he made another sound.

Ah.. could not hold my laughter here.

Somehow, he makes her feel comfortable. He also told her that he is there for her just in case...

I wonder if Sung Joon was too absorbed or a fool?


Could not believe he bumped into the glass window. 

People in the office were beginning to think that he was dating...
and Hye Jin reminded him to be discreet.

Talk about being discreet!
She was the one being obvious about dating someone!
She was too happy while working.

And everyone noticed.

They were talking about TEN and his identity. They want to know who he is. If anything, TEN would be an amazing feature in the magazine.

Nosy ever!

This one was waiting who the nephew of the Chief Editor.

But she got caught!

Time to get back to the office, girl.

Sung Joon and Hye Jin

Meet the parents...

this time as Hye Jin's boyfriend.

The first time meeting after that night he caught her lying.

Awkward but it was a good time for a closure.

Ha Ri was brave enough to face Sung Joon again. It's nice to see them civil and although saddening that they can't go back to what they were or how they were before, at least every thing now was fine.

That's the consequence of dating her friend, [Hye Jin] they have to stay away from each other from now. Maybe in the future, they can look back and smile comfortably and renew the friendship they had once. Remember those good times they had.

Unexpected visit again from Sung Joon.

They spent the night in the car. Next day they went to the office in a hurry. 

The downside of dating a co worker when you want to keep it a secret. They exchanged discreet greetings.

Shin Hyuk was also concerned if the team did not get Leonard Kim whom they want to interview and feature on their next issue.

The Truth Now Out

I can understand her. I agree on what she told Sung Joon. It was her right as much as the other staff to know what would happen to the company. They should not have been left in the dark. They should have known sooner so that they could have exert more effort in working to get their goal. But now it could be too late for them.

So much disappointments from the team...

All left except for Shin Hyuk and Hye Jin.

At the end of the day, Sung Joon asked to be left alone.

Hye Jin gave him comfort and support to ease his mind.

The next day the office was full again with buzzing MOST like team. Apparently, Sung Joon went to find them one by one and asked them to come back.

Guess, he is a true leader because he knew when to accept that he did them wrong.

Meeting was once again alive. More ideas coming from the team. And there was a confirmation that Leonard Kim would do the interview.

It was a happy occasion for everyone.

They went to celebrate. Sung Joon gave them his card to enjoy food and have some fun.

In the middle of all it, Hye Jin went back to the office and brought him a lunch box.

He caught her before she had gone.

He went to a nice place to eat his lunch with her. They decided to ditch office for at least two hours. Like a date, they enjoy the scenery and the atmosphere.

After eating he left her for a moment and when he came back he thought she was gone. 

The Proposal

If they succeed he will propose to her.


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