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Saturday, November 14, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Glamorous Temptation Episode 8 Screen caps

Just some highlights on this episode...

A slap for Hyung Woo's betrayal. But I think the slap was more in knowing he betrayed not for the documents  but finding that he slept at Eun Soo's house and kept it from her. I think she has always not been really interested in politics but because she was manipulated into doing it by Hyung Woo himself and her father. Those documents Hyung Woo gave to her brother Il Doo now was at the prosecutors office and she will be incriminated.

Eun Soo was surprised at the sudden slap Hyung Woo got. She was a witness as well as the Prime Minister. She had no idea, of course.

As for Hyung Woo, the move he did was his alibi in showing the Prime Minister that he is staying only for work and not to pursue his intention to Il Joo, whether romantic or for his own ambition. As for Il Joo, it was to make her trust him more than ever and to persuade her to believe that he wanted to protect her. Il Joo kept the knowledge that she knew about him sleeping at Eun Soo's house. The thought was killing her with jealousy but here was Hyung Woo, seemed totally loyal to her.

Hyung Woo's mother was making an alliance with Il Doo and his wife. Not really sure why she was going this way, but then she has always been smart and ambitious. 

Il Joo confronted Eun Soo about the night Hyung Woo slept at her house, She almost told her but remembered that he would be in danger so she did not really clarify why he went to her. But she assured Il Joo that it was nothing.

Prime Minister had a  moment to talk with Eun Soo. She told him about her husband who died and how she was imprisoned  by the things her husband did.

Hyung Woo was investigated at the prosecutors office. He made them believe that Il Joo had nothing to do with the bribery. The prosecutor did not believe him and told him about the gift she gave to the pastor. It was something he had no idea. 

Prime Minister was angry at Il Joo about the bribe she did. He had been paving a way for her in the future for a clean image but now she did something stupid that could be her fall. Il Joo was determined to deny the bribery and promise that Hyung Woo would be the one to admit to it.

There was no way but to talk with Il Joo's father-in-law. I think he had a hand in everything regarding the investigation. His son was the prosecutor handling the case. Even il Joo's husband was threatening his father and brother. He could do anything and they know it.

Eun Soo was told by Hyung Woo's mother it was because of her that's why he was now detained. She was confused. She visited Hyung Woo and asked if it was really because of her. Hyung Woo told her ot leave the house because she would be in danger if she does not stop.

Il Joo also came that day and learned that someone already visited Hyung Woo. But she was able to see him in a private room even though he already had a visitor that day. They talked. It was awkward. Because Hyung Woo would take the fall for her. The irony was that she also left him a note about taking responsibility for his mother. It was some kind of betrayal and he was tearing up. Il Joo's visit was monitored by her husband.

Hyung Woo's mother went to seek the Prime Minister and somehow made him guilty for doing this to Hyung Woo who had been loyal to him. She had to remind him about her husband and now her son who might have the same faith with his father.

Even if Eun Soo wanted to quit working at the Prime Minister's house, she can't. Her daughter's life is on the line. There was a time when she felt she lost her when she could not find her at the school. She was breaking down, crying so hard. Mi Rae was not missing but only went to eat with the ahjussi who owned the restaurant and courting her mother.

Hyung Woo's investigation stopped. he came out and Il Joo fetched him. She hugged him tight. not realizing she was being monitored. He assured her again that he could be trusted. Il Joo hwo is so in Eun Solove with him listened to his words. I think she wants to think he is telling her the truth even if there was doubt in her mind. What matters is that he is there by her side.

At home Hyung Woo went to see the Prime Minister. They talked shortly. After leaving the room, he heard that the Prime Minister knew of his association with Eun Soo in the past and that he went to Il Doo to rescue her. Now he will be monitored for sure.

The Prime Minister has been having nightmares about Il Joo's mother.

The climax of the episode was when Eun Soo was being dragged by Il Doo and Prime Minister saw them. Just coming from a nightmare about Il Joo's mother, he thought Eun Soo was the woman he loved and had guilty burdens inside his heart. He kicked his son non stop. He was like an insane person and his daughter and daughter- in-law with Eun Soo were shocked by his actions.

At the library, Eun Soo had time to capture in her mobile the code she found in one of the books. It was a code made by Il Joo's mother to hide their relationship but then the Prime Minister used it also to his slush funds.

She was caught by the Prime Minister. Who was she? She told him he killed her husband. 

The Prime Minister was in a trance. He was not himself. He kneeled down begging for forgiveness.

But then he fainted.


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