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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF D-Day Episode 10 Highlights

With Ddol Mi on her way to Busan, she was staring from where she sat inside the airplane outside to where she could still see Hae Sung. There was no proper goodbye for them. It looked like a coupe being parted not because they wanted to but because she did not really belonged here.

She had with her the radio which An Dae Gil forgot to take back. Hae Sung was able to say goodbye, then.

The tough times are not yet over. Government has been lacking in delivering their promise particularly to Mirae hospital in regards with the oil that is needed urgently. Chief Kang could not hold her temper anymore even with Goo Ja Hyuk who only could pacify her with asking for more patience.

The men who got the oil got angry at the twin's father for letting the hospital take their oil instead of them already using it on the boat. 

The Director has decided to let Chief Kang to announce the closing of the hospital. The fight began inside with the relatives of the patients who were angry at the sudden situation.

On the way back from the airport, Hae Sung and Dae Gil was blocked by an incident that would be their life savior. 

Arriving at the hospital, a big diesel truck followed them. Upon learning that the hospital was on the verge of closing, Hae Sung override the decision of the Director and announced through the microphone that the hospital will not be closed. 

It brought anger to the Director which led to Hae Sung being fired in exchanged with continuing with the operations at the hospital. His mother was also being dismissed but with Woo Jin asking a favor to the Director himself, it was granted.

The bond will always be there between Hae Suing and Woo Jin. They might have different principles, but something beyond their professional differences stay clear. That Woo Jin who had been the attending surgeon of Hae Sung's mother would always be guilty of something that happened during the surgery. And to atone at least for his medical mistake, he would not wanted Hae Sung's mother to suffer more.

Hae Sung went outside with Park Ji Na coming with him. Her loyalty stays with him. Something that frustrates Woo Jin because he could not get the trust she once had given to him.

Outside, the world seemed more bleak. As they rode the motorcycle, they encountered many victims of the calamity. Dead people were lined up on the streets with grieving family. Hae Sung realized that he was needed now more than ever to save more lives.

But he needed supplies. He got his energy back and went back to the hospital to meet Chief Kang. He asked for the medicines. She was hesitant to give him but he persisted. In the end, Chief Kang went to talk with the Director in the presence of Woo Jin. 

She told them about giving supplies to Hae Sung outside. The Director was not eager with the idea and reminded her that he was already fired. But Chief Kang said that they have enough supplies and if the government heard of this new activity, the hospital would be a priority in sending more supplies. It was as if the hospital had dispatched medical outside or DMT.

The supplies needed were given to Hae Sung. Dae Gil was also dispatched. Eun So Yool asked Chief Kang to let her go also because she felt that she was needed more at the sight to treat those who was traumatized. So Yool learned about Chief Kang's son and promised to look for the kid.

While the patients and their relatives who got their oil back went their way to the boat. They will seek help in other hospitals.

Under a pile of collapsed boulder, the two unidentified survivor were seen by the rescue team. The father and son. And I do think he is the owner of Mirae.


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