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Saturday, June 14, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Golden Cross Marathon - An Unexpected Amazing Drama


Golden Cross marathon took me two days to catch up on this week's episodes! Impression? From episode 1, it has been a solid drama that takes a viewer to a level of unbelievable suspense and fast paced turn outs of the story. I have been treated to a wonderful story line, great acting and superb twists that makes me hate all the villains in the drama for their schemes.

I read that the director wanted to have all actors only in this particular drama and having watched it I think I agree on his choice of not casting any idols. Not that idols are not good in acting but viewer's taste and opinion might have an effect on the drama. I believe actors that are cast have a strong performance and viewers focus only on the amazing roles that has been portrayed so far.

The plot is not new but how it was written and shown was really amazing. A collective conspiracy to attain their goal, sacrificing a father and a daughter for their ruthless game of power. The murder of Kang Do Yoon's sister pointed out to his father being framed for the murder is a story that will easily get anyone's attention if executed beautifully.

The drama did not disappoint. All the ingredients are there. Power, wealth and greed takes center stage. Defenseless and helpless like Do Yoon will go to the edge to prove his love one's innocence. The character relates to those who belongs to the regular people without any connections. The twists cut through like a punch in the stomach. Sympathy for the hero is high.

I can't say I am in for the love story because even if there is none in the drama, the story would still be amazing. But the love story is there, reminding me of The Princess' Man. How can a love survive when her father is the  root of all evil and the one who killed your sister and father? There is so much pain between Do Yoon and Yi Re and they have got to overcome them.

Revenge drama is always fascinating. It is hopeful and getting redemption is rewarding and triumphant. The turn of events in episode 16 was surprising. I read some viewers not happy of the way the hero come back disguised as a rich and powerful man who stoop to his enemies level. But for me, it takes a lot of courage to create manipulations with money as source of power in Do Yoon's case. Even though it seems odd and foolish not to realize or accept  immediately that the person standing in front of them is not the one they buried alive. There are doubts but what can I say, this is drama. The good thing in the twist, the acting continues to be excellent, connecting to the viewers. They have maintained that level of excitement that the story has been giving.

Only some can be fooled but Yi Re and Michael are not buying Terry Young's story. I am still waiting for Michael's turn to take the full force of Do Yoon's revenge for his participation in the murder and illegal buying of Hanmin Bank.

I always take a back step and not judge immediately the villains in a drama. I consider the circumstances they were in and how they arrived at that particular moment of doing a crime against innocent people. But in this case, I have surrendered my opinion about Minister Seo. He has been manipulated but he chose to attack in a horrific way and then not even a bit of remorse inside of him. Once was enough and can be forgiven, I think but doing it twice in cold blood just to bury the secret to attain his ultimate goals are the most vicious thing a human can do in his lifetime.

Burying Do Yoon alive makes Minister Seo inhuman as he watched with pleasure his triumph over Do Yoon.

All has been revealed in episode 17. Friendships are gone. Even Attorney Park had a taste of Seo's dangerous and inhuman acts.

Soon, all will finally be put in their right places. Justice should be served.

mslee anticipating redemption in the end 

Below are the cast of this superb drama.

Golden Cross-p1.jpg


  • Drama: Golden Cross
  • Revised romanization: Golden Cross
  • Hangul: 골든 크로스
  • Director: Hong Seok-Ku
  • Writer: Yoo Hyun-Mi
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: April 9 - June 19, 2014
  • Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Kang Do-Yoon (Kim Kang-Woo) cares for his mother and younger sister a lot, but his younger sister is murdered. He then decides to take revenge upon the perpetrator. 


  1. Takes over the KBS2 Wed. & Thu. 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Inspiring Generation" and will be followed by "Gunman in Joseon" June, 2014.


Golden Cross-Kim Kang-Woo.jpgGolden Cross-Lee Si-Young.jpgGolden Cross-Uhm Ki-Joon.jpgGolden Cross-Han Eun-Jung.jpgGolden Cross-Jung Bo-Suk.jpg
Kim Kang-WooLee Si-YoungUhm Ki-JoonHan Eun-JungJung Bo-Suk
Kang Do-YoonSeo Yi-ReMichael JangHong Sa-RaSeo Dong-Ha
Additional Cast Members:

[mslee's thoughts] You're All Surrounded Episode 10 Short Review

I have been wondering what is the relationship between Pan Seok and the killer, Hyung Cheol. My first thought was maybe he was a partner, that's why he was close to him. And I was right. He used to be his partner 12 years ago. Why does he seemed to have a hold on Pan Seok's loyalty? He was fired/dismissed using a gun killing a suspect when they were both in a  hunt situation, and Hyung Cheol received a 
big scar behind his ears protecting Pan Seok.

Now that Hyung Cheol is on another mission to kill Dae Gu, [who does not know the real deal about Hyung Cheol's secret]  asked Pan Seok for help to get him out of Korea to China in the next few days.

What happened 12 years ago between Pan Seok and Sa Kyung? The night he lost Ji Yong was the night his son died.

Then there is the mysterious Chief of Police, Kang, who became the benefactor of Ji Yong aka Dae Gu. What's the real deal? Is she an ally or an enemy in disguise? At first I am not sure but in this episode it was shown how she tampered the evidence by getting the pendant and giving it back to the killer.

She also did not let Pan Seok knew about the report of Soo Sun on how Ji Yong was chased by a man who has a scar behind his ear. Chief Kang knew all along the story behind the killing of Ji Yong's mother and why. She was in it in hiding the truth, protecting the then National Chief of Police now assembly man.

Maybe she is trying to pay for her guilt by letting Dae Gu know he should be careful form now on. She tipped him in her own way.

Pan Seok saw the hidden camera in his house. He suspected Dae Gu.
Hyung Cheol is there with a knife, Dae Gu waiting to counter attack with a baseball bat. Who will be hurt in this face off?

The drama is now reaching the climax with all the secrets from the past being revealed. Will Dae Gu finally understand who is Pan Seok? Will he recognized Pan Seok's sincerity was real?

Episode 11 should be exciting.


[mslee's thoughts] Episode 12 A New Leaf - Review


I want to make a continuous recap of the drama but I am lost about the financial and legal side of the story. I can follow what is happening but it is really difficult for me to share my own interpretation of what is happening step by step. I'm not confident if I can relay exactly what is happening.

So I will just share the over view of the drama and how it is progressing as of now. From episode 10 there has not much development besides Sung Jun being the "fall guy" in the problems brewing in the family company, Yurim Group. She confessed to having a direct action and decision on what has happened to the money in the company. She did it thinking her family would bail her soon after selling their Yurim Energy to pay off the creditors.

Oh I hope I am right in what I am saying here. To cut the story short, Seok Joo was the one who suggested selling CP's but because he has memory lapsed, he can't find the reason why he did that. Cha Young Woo let him off the case. Seok Joo was concerned of Jung Sun. However he was able to convince her that she should confess to what was her real participation in the mess and take back her first confession about knowing what really happened. the court granted her release through bail.

Seok Joo handed his resignation at the same time Jeon Ji Won walked in the company. Lee Ji Yeon was sad that Kim Seok Joo left. Since after her first case, she was a bit down and she was not like she used to be in the presence of Seok Joo. Maybe the appearance of Sung Jun has something to do with why she kept a distance form Seok Joo.

The people who lost their invested money filed collective law suit against Yurim Group. In the side, Seok Joo is reviewing the case and talking with some of the people but taking a back seat not accepting the case. However, he is interested and in his own way, searching for evidence that will help them.

The case is in Ji Won's hands. He has connections in the judicial department because of his previous works as a judge himself.

I think this will be the case that will establish Kim Seok Joo's new career against Cha Young Woo's firm.

I still like Cha Young Woo's character, the writer is good in portraying him in a vague way. I can't easily judge him if he is a villain or not. But I do like his sophistication in this drama.

I am hoping for a little romance but leaning on towards Seok Joo and Ji Yeon. They have much chemistry than Jung Sun and I believe what they have is more fun and normal than what Seok Joo and Jung Sun had when they commit themselves into a relationship.

The story is not fast paced like other ones I also follow but I do like the theme of the drama. It may be difficult to follow all the legal terms still it is interesting. The relationship of Seok Joo towards his father is also one of my favorite scenes. How it is developing in a positive way is heartwarming. Adding the bromance with Par Sang Tae which is the fun part of every episode is like the breather in the drama.

I think there will be new progress in the upcoming episodes until the story ends.

Actually, this is the kind of story I anticipated with Kim  Myung Min as the actor having watched KOD. So without cliches' I am enjoying the story in a different kind of level.


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Kim Kang Woo - Currently Taking My Interest With His Role in Golden Cross

The man who currently caught my attention. It was not planned watching Golden Cross because my time is already full of k-dramas. Watching and doing short recaps for each of them takes a lot of time already.

But then I find myself nothing to watch a couple of weeks back when two dramas I follow of the same day and time slot did not air. Browsing I find myself watching the latest episode of Golden Cross. Lee Si Young and most of the cast in the drama are already familiar to me. I have seen them and watched them from their previous works.

But who is Kim Kang Woo, the guy playing Kang Do Yoon in the story? He looks familiar, he has a bit of similarity to Kwon Sang Woo. As I watched him, I was really impressed with his acting. Unconsciously, I finished the episode in  no time and I was still hungry for more. 

Maybe it was the story itself which is compelling that made me start from episode 1 and marathon until the current episode in two days. But more likely, Kim Kang Woo made a fan out of me with his good portrayal as Do Yoon.  He has the charisma and the sexiness of a real man. He is not even flaunting his sexiness but the aura is there, exuding around him.

I like the way he stares deeply towards his co actors when in character. It was as if he is reading their thoughts. I like the way he smiles, a sweet kind that melts a woman's heart, effortlessly. OMG! I do think he fascinates me!

So here I am, writing these thoughts after scrolling the net all about Kim Kang Woo. So he is married to Han Hye Jin's sister. Gwenchana! All good looking guys must surely have found their soul mates already when they are in their 30's.


Found this via tumblr and these photos were so cute, making him an adorable guy. While taking a break from filming, he sat while doing this cute stuff. 

I read he has a bright personality that he brings on the set and he is fun in between takes. A guy with cheerful personality...just amazing!

I am waiting what will happen in the drama and how will his character Do Yoon find justice in the end against the devious characters surrounding him. I am just glad I watched Golden Cross and learned about this handsome actor, Kim Kang Woo.

mslee is now officially a fan!

Jung Yong Hwa To Play Park Dahl Hyang in Three Musketeers

Charismatic Jung Yong Hwa of CN Blue finally confirmed to join the cast of tvN's upcoming drama The Three Musketeers.

FNC Entertainment stated on the 12th, "Yonghwa has been confirmed to star in the drama 'The Three Musketeers'."

Glad that he is doing acting again in a drama and that his role may not be the Crown Prince but he will be in a triangular love story with the Crown Prince [Lee Jin Wook] and Yoon Suh [Seo Hyun Jin]. Yong Hwa will play the role of Park Dahl Hyang, comes from a poor family but of noble birth. He will join the military and be the Crown Prince's warriors guards together with Heo Seung Po and Ahn Min Suh.

Looking forward to see Yong Hwa in a costume as royal guards during the Joseon Dynasty. Director and writer of The Three Musketeers are Kim Byung Soo and Song Jae Jung respectively who did NINE.

source: allkpop


Big Man Episodes 13 & 14 Screen caps