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Saturday, June 14, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] You're All Surrounded Episode 10 Short Review

I have been wondering what is the relationship between Pan Seok and the killer, Hyung Cheol. My first thought was maybe he was a partner, that's why he was close to him. And I was right. He used to be his partner 12 years ago. Why does he seemed to have a hold on Pan Seok's loyalty? He was fired/dismissed using a gun killing a suspect when they were both in a  hunt situation, and Hyung Cheol received a 
big scar behind his ears protecting Pan Seok.

Now that Hyung Cheol is on another mission to kill Dae Gu, [who does not know the real deal about Hyung Cheol's secret]  asked Pan Seok for help to get him out of Korea to China in the next few days.

What happened 12 years ago between Pan Seok and Sa Kyung? The night he lost Ji Yong was the night his son died.

Then there is the mysterious Chief of Police, Kang, who became the benefactor of Ji Yong aka Dae Gu. What's the real deal? Is she an ally or an enemy in disguise? At first I am not sure but in this episode it was shown how she tampered the evidence by getting the pendant and giving it back to the killer.

She also did not let Pan Seok knew about the report of Soo Sun on how Ji Yong was chased by a man who has a scar behind his ear. Chief Kang knew all along the story behind the killing of Ji Yong's mother and why. She was in it in hiding the truth, protecting the then National Chief of Police now assembly man.

Maybe she is trying to pay for her guilt by letting Dae Gu know he should be careful form now on. She tipped him in her own way.

Pan Seok saw the hidden camera in his house. He suspected Dae Gu.
Hyung Cheol is there with a knife, Dae Gu waiting to counter attack with a baseball bat. Who will be hurt in this face off?

The drama is now reaching the climax with all the secrets from the past being revealed. Will Dae Gu finally understand who is Pan Seok? Will he recognized Pan Seok's sincerity was real?

Episode 11 should be exciting.


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