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Thursday, December 14, 2017

(mslee's thoughts) Just Between Lovers - First Thoughts


After watching this week's episodes I can say that this drama is promising. It is one of those dramas that shows emotional struggles and as an outsider (viewer) you keep watching to know more. Junho and Won Jin A are both good in portraying their characters. Their chemistry is also nice. If you have watched Secret (Love) you will get the same vibe in this drama.

Four characters 👉perhaps getting tangled in romance. Like she loves him👉he likes her👉she loves another guy👉👈he loves her back.😛

Right now I can't wait for episodes 3&4 already. The romance part between lead characters is slowly getting interesting. 😻

Two souls who experienced the same tragedy. Two souls who are still trying to move forward from painful and scary memories. The emotional scars they got from the past changed them. Will they ever heal from the trauma?


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

(mslee's thoughts) Black - Final Thoughts

#black final thoughts...

I think the drama left a mixed impression on viewers as a whole. Some like it very much while I can't exactly figure out if the story as a whole is something worth watching again. I have already wrote that the storyline was kind of messy and there are lots of twists that I think is unecessary. There were too many incidents that happened surrounding the backstory of the main leads. Two main events in the past were used as the center point of the story while a grim reaper happened to enter a human body to look for his runaway partner. The story was a tough one to follow from the beginning until some revelations tied up loose ends. Still..most of the twists were random as the romance between Black and Ha Ram blossomed. Anyway...it was later revealed that Joon was 444 who entered Moo Gang's body where his heart now resides. Yes..the mother was the one who killed Joon in order to save Moo Gang. In the end there is no Moo Gang ( he died when he was shot at the mall) coz Joon totally exists in his body as 444.

I just wonder why the story did not show Moo Gang died in the end when 444 aka Joon left the body to receive his punishment. The story only showed that his existence ( was it Joon or Moo Gang) vanished in everyone's memory as if he did not exist. Let us not forget that Ha Ram did not realized that Moo Gang whom she loves was actually Joon when he finally learned the truth. So..who was it that Ha Ram and the others forget or erased from their memory?

One thing I am not comfortable with in kdramas is how death always seems to be the answer or easy way out when things get harder and life seems miserable. Suicide is like the answer when there seems to be no hope. Almost every culprit or villain that the story had revealed as twist in the drama ended dying. They were not punished for the evil deeds that they have committed. Only Oh Man Ho who was later on revealed manipulated funds and documents of the company got imprisoned and seems to be the only one paying for his crime which ironically is the least evil of those other culprits. With so many twists in the latter episodes Man Ho was thought of as the culprit for most part of the story. I wonder why the writer did not pursue this path but created other villains or masterminds.

The ending was a consolation for shippers coz a grim reaper can not be with a human especially with Ha Ram who will know and see that Moo Gang has black shadow inside him if the writer tried to make the love story as is. Oh..and it was Joon after all. Ah...this is really confusing in a way so glad Ha Ram was spared of knowing who she loved in the end.😂😂😂

Time jump reminded me of Titanic. Rose lived her life when Jack died. Like Ha Ram...she lived her life as a wife to a nameless and faceless husband, had children I supposed and grandchildren. Only Leo aka another grim reaper knew about what happened to 444 aka Joon as he was instructed to remain by Ha Ram's side as a friend and protector in place of Joon and to live as a human for a long time.

When finally she died....Joon was there to fetch her soul. I wish she knew it was Joon. Or is that unecessary?

Yes..seems like a happily ever after in the next life for Ha Ram and Black.
Ending was kind of poignant...last scene I could say beautiful if not original.

-mslee1107- 😀

Friday, December 8, 2017

(mslee's thoughts) First Impression - Black Knight

Since I wrote a short impression on the drama Black Knight in my Facebook page I would like to share that post here in my blog. Just quick thoughts...

On episode 1

Black Knight - Kim Rae Won is full of charisma💕 he has few lines in episode 1, more on reminiscing and pondering but still his presence on the screen is worth appraising every second. His eyes and face are expressive and yet so very natural. And the thing that makes this drama appealing is that his chemistry with Shin Se Kyung in those short scenes with her towards the ending of the episode was so beautiful. 👍

The drama gives off the vibe of a fairy tale romance that we used to read. Like there seems to be an immortal witch/ fairy godmother... A second lead villain that also looks like she lived through times and will not stop until she gets what she wants👉Kim Rae Won aka Soo Ho. Then here we have a charming prince who lives in a castle...used to have scars ( like beast / beauty and the beast vibe) but now gone. Is he our girl's prince charming? Or is their story more on the tragic romance kind? Like star crossed lovers? Who is he exactly?

Although we were shown snippets of each character's past lives and how they are all tangled together as fate made them, there are still lots of intriguing story we need to find out. But I am feeling the romance here. Like in a fairy tale💕


First impression...


On episode 2

Just finished watching ep 2 #blackknight.

An hour of pure pleasure as my heart flutters and finding myself smiling as I feast on Kim Rae Won and his sweet stares and lines towards Shin Se Kyung. It has been a while since a drama showed pure romance between 2 leads. An hour of revelation on other characters that somehow answered part of the intrigues in the storyline. 2 immortals and 2 reincarnated characters will be the center of the story. And I think there will also be revenge towards the man who killed Soo Ho's father and stole wealth from Hae Ra's family.

Well..I am quite satisfied by the episode even if I was left wanting more. I am in love with the idea of falling in love in this drama. 💕 KRW surely can make a woman's heart beat faster and his stares melt a lady's defenses. He is the perfect #blackknight 😜❤❤❤


Hoping to write more on this drama.


KDrama and Screencaps updates

For quick and short thoughts I usually share them via my Facebook page. For now.. I am not writing impressions or thoughts here but perhaps one of these days. If there is a drama that will bring out the passion in me when it comes to sharing my thoughts then I will post here😝.

To visitors..thank you for coming and reading.


Monday, November 27, 2017

(Mslee's thoughts) Temperature of Love - Final Thoughts

Finally done watching Temperature of Love.💕

From the same writer of High Society and Doctors of which I both watched.. (Adding Can We Get Married) I think this drama is not far off from her previous works. She tackled mostly on the emotional struggles of the main leads and gives enough justification for antagonist / second leads to be somehow understood by viewers. Although the writer goes on to show how far the second leads or antagonist can go as far as making situations intriguingly frustrating, yet in the end she wants a happy ending for all characters and reconcillations are possible for all.

Temperature of Love has given viewers all the romantic feels everyone longs for in a relationship. Jung Sun is almost a perfect boyfriend and if Hyun Soo makes viewers disappointed and feels frustrating she still makes it okay as a girlfriend who despite difficult situations and wavering managed to make it through and be firm in love. I think her mistake in letting him go once was a burden she faced everyday that when finally given a chance the longing to make it perfect this time makes her cling to a relationship that wants to protect it. Even unknowingly suffocates Jung Sun with wanting him to completely reassure her of his love. With different childhood background there will certainly be different emotions involved and how one grew up will be how one tackles emotions. And i understood Jung Sun on how he can't easily opens up about his past. But of course all ends well as the writer wants a happy ending for her otp.

As for CEO Park... As much as I felt irked by his character I think was unnecessary, once again the writer showed how the third party in this story truly feels and what would he have done if she is in his shoes knowing he is likely a man who pursues until the end and never gives up easily hence him being a successful businessman. So I give writernim an applause even though I really felt CEO Park was being an a** for not backing down and being a gentleman and a good friend who took loss in a good way. Making him more human and close to reality is what makes his character loveable and annoyingly irritating at the same time. Glad he knew he started a gap and almost break what is precious to the people he thinks he treasure the most as family and took a step back. By doing so he invisibly somehow helped the two to find their own way back in each other's arms.

Surprisingly I liked Hong Ah and her childish yet strong personality. Her character showed development and in the process she matured in handling romance. She gave some of the best scenes in the drama with her continuous tantrums that won her her fight against possible injustice that she could suffer as a beginner in the writer's world of drama. While she makes it impossible for the director and CEO Park to put her in her place she showed also how she will stand firm in her rights not to be manipulated. Which was totally opposite of Hyun Soo who is never feisty as her. I also like how time goes by and finally she realized her love towards a friend turned into romantic love. With Won Joon I also like that the writer showed how love can never be replaced by forced love by turning to someone else when everything revolves to that one particular person...aka Hong Ah.

I also find Jung Sun's mom refreshingly likeable as a characater in kdrama. Her insecurities she makes up for clinging to men who entered her life and at the same time childishly burden her son financially. Without knowing how to live her own life indenpendent of men she selfishly makes it hard for her son to understand her pains and her suffering as a mother and as a wife who settled early in marriage with the thought all will be like in a fairy tale. But reality hit her hard literaly! I love how Jung Sun despite having broken family stood by his mom against his father. It was after all adult's problem. But of course violence can not be excused whatever reasons behind it. Well the writer is a possitive person and decided to make this family forgive and somehow forget pains of the past. Reconcillations are not fully dealt with but acceptance of who they are and what each meant towards the other makes them still a family. They have to move on to start afresh. Just like his mom who finally realized what she wants in her life and started a business. Now she has her own little world without necessarily having a man in her life but still find happiness. It was all a matter of trusting and believing in herself. I love how writernim showed this side of the story where one can start again despite numerous failures in life. Sometimes it is not really romance that can fulfill one's life. There are things more to romance.😜

As for the other couple in the drama who are like cat and mouse (tom&jerry) there is that kind of romance in real life where two people start off in the same vibe. Like everything one does irritates the other and vice versa. Like teasing to the point of annoyance makes one happy and the other crazy mad. But in the end it is just the process of how romance builds up between them. Like they finally realized that they are exactly the opposite of each other.. But at the same time compliments each other in an ironic way. Many can relate to these two on how their "can't tolerate each other" can surprisingly be a blossoming romance.😂

Hmmm..i think so far I have covered all the important things this drama has showed to viewers. Happy and sad moments both make the drama a nice one. Something that will make a viewer remembers the story of each character. Most of all Temperature of Love shows different degree of love and romance. We felt how it is to be in love again.


Thursday, November 9, 2017

[mslee’s thoughts] Temperature of Love – Jung Sun’s Pain is Killing Me

How did I end up suffering the pains and insecurities of Jung Sun the way he feels them? Writernim and Pdnim must be doing their job and seriously letting viewers root for the protagonist while showing his emotional traumas and weaknesses. It has been a couple of weeks since I felt that the drama was slipping from the expectation I had after watching from episode 1 up to the romance part where it all feels beautiful. When they decide to go deeper to what the CEO feels towards Hyun Soo and made his character a little bit disappointing I started to lose interest in watching the subbed version right after it was shared the next day. I let time passes by and just take my time until when it will be convenient to watch the next episode. I feel that CEO Park has been disrespectful of the relationship between Jung Sun and Hyun Soo when he continues to pursue his own feelings in a selfish way. The moment he cannot figure out what matters most between friendship and business or how they started first, I somehow lose whatever fondness I have for CEO Park and go all the way to support my adorable Jung Sun. I felt that Jung Sun was being cornered by the writer making him helpless while seeing his restaurant lose customers and then CEO Park started to meddle with the business. I know he has shares and he has a right to make an appeal to Jung Sun to do reality check and make improvements but what makes him more confident in meddling was triggered by the fact that Hyun Soo is in love with Jng Su. He is trying to sway or shake the confidence of Jung Sun and Hyun Soo as well regarding their work. I am not happy the way the story is going and I am really pissed that a man of CEO Park can be stubborn to see that he has been long defeated when it comes to making Hyun Soo his woman.

But of course, Jung Sun and Hyun Soo still have the power to lure me into watching the recent episodes despite the heavy feeling that stays in my heart. Seeing both try hard to stay connected, to be trusting of each other make up for the emotional stress I feel about the storyline. But then again, writer strikes again let Hyun Soo’s mother sick who needs surgery asap. Just when Jung Sun was firmly telling Hyun Soo that he is not going anywhere, CEO Park becomes the only person who can help the family move up the surgery because of his connections to the hospital where Hyun Soo’s mom stays. How ironic that the last man Hyun Soo wants to go to for help became the hero from her family’s point of view. While Jung Sun who never go for favors from his father begged for assistance and got rejected. It tore my heart to see him trying and fail. That the only thing he can do is what he is best doing… cook healthy foods for Hyun Soo’s love ones. To make them strong physically despite the emotional turmoil they are suffering. 

But what was that scene where the family all gathered and look grateful with all smiles towards CEO Park Jung Sun witnessed? Gosh! That scene was like a salt on a wound. Jung Sun felt incapable. He felt lacking in financial assistance. He is trying but not enough. The family however is not aware that they are acting insensitive towards him. Even Hyun Soo’s dad seems patronizing when Jung Sun went to the hospital and gave them lunch box. 

I felt Jung Sun has lost his balance figuratively seeing the scene in front of his eyes. There was no room for him inside that hospital room. He was the outcast. He felt an outsider. He felt he is not Hyun Soo’s boyfriend. It was a moment when he realized he cannot do anything for them but CEO Park can and whatever it is will materialized. I feel frustrated once again. While I know Hyun Soo loves him too much, this is a scene that will somehow break Jung Sun’s stance in staying still by her side. I hate this development although this is temporary. It may not mean anything anymore to CEO Park but the damage has been done. Park may feel indecisive after his talk with Jung Sun’s mother about how he loves him as a brother or that Hyun Soo is not the only woman out there, that he may now let Hyun Soo go. Jung Sun has come to terms in that moment by the hospital door. He could be thinking he is not the right person for Hyun Soo. And I fear he would take a step back.

I wish to see his smiles. I really felt his self-esteem lowering. It’s true…love is not simply about loving each other. It has to endure, it has to be strong for both and it should be trusting amidst all odds. When outside force shakes love between two people, sometimes even the most sounding mind or judgement are clouded and that is the time that reasoning must be heard or else all will crumble.

Am I in for another twist in the drama? Will love tire itself out? Oh please writernim, have mercy on us viewers.  Jung Sun’s pain is killing me. CEO Park annoys me. Ottokeo?


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

[mslee’e thoughts] Ho Rang and Won Seok Are Finally Engaged! #BTIMFL ep 9

I have been rooting for Ho Rang all along for her ultimate dream to marry her one true love Won Seok. Perhaps others would think that she is petty to have such dreams as a woman in this modern day. Yes, there is more to life than being a wife. One can always choose careers over being a wife and explore the world as a single successful working woman without being tied down by domestic chores and children. But then, let us be honest for a minute. As a woman myself, I have always dreamed of having a perfect life with a perfect husband and beautiful children in a home I dreamed of at one point in my life. Perfect in the sense that everything will fall into place and nothing will ruin my idea of a family. Not that everything will be that kind of perfect but at least I have a picture of what I want when I marry. So this is why I always understand Ho Rang and her frustration to marry. She and Won Seok has been in a relationship for 7 years and to say that marriage is the only thing left to be done for them to be a couple in its truest sense. She has always worried about not being able to have children if Won Seok continues to put aside marriage. Well not that I don’t understand Won Seok and his worries. He has yet to be successful in his work. Both cannot afford yet to live in a much decent house than what they have right now, on a rooftop which can only accommodate a bed. 

But now, Won Seok surprised her with a ring!. I literally teared up and felt a lump in my throat. Chincha! Seriously! It was a scene that surprised me as much as Ho Rang. I felt that her happiness became my happiness for her as a viewer. It was a simple proposal. He talked about his favorite mathematician, for all I care, and even Ho Rang does not care but at the end of his speech, he simply said that there are things that cannot be proven but still true and that is like their love for each other. Theirs is an ongoing love and relationship and needs proving as they continue down the path but one thing is certain…LOVE is there. It exists. It may not be seen, they cannot wear it for people to see, but they can feel it.  It is as certain as anything that is beyond our imagination. And I totally love how these two character have been able to come to this point even if they still have a lot to learn about each other. Like any couple, man and woman interpret things differently. They have different understanding of what one wants in a relationship. Man will always see things in a direct way while women can see or feel beyond the surface. But..gwenchana! The important thing between Ho Rang and Won Seok is that they honestly love each other.

Of course, this is only the start. I have a feeling writernim might toss more hurdle in their way to preparing their wedding. But hopefully she won’t. It was already tackled in Se Hee and Ji Ho’s wedding. But if there are still loose ends until this couple have their happily ever after wedding/marriage moment I just wish that all will be well.

It is nice to watch something that brings smiles and touch your heart. Love surely makes people happy and be positive in life.

Ho Rang and Won Seok…. Fighting!!!!


Monday, October 30, 2017

[mslee's thoughts] Mad Dog - A Scam That Becomes a Conspiracy?

Mad Dog-P1.jpg

Mad Dog is one of the current k drama that is really a must watch. It is about insurance fraud that takes place between an agent and a buyer. A big insurance company pays the beneficiaries. I won't say that I truly understand how it works but I do know that when a person is insured, when he dies, money will be paid off to whoever is written in the contract as the beneficiary. I have always thought that suicide won't be payable but it seems that there are some instances that it is also acceptable.

Well the story is about a team called Mad Dog who investigates insurance fraud. They go after those people who are benefiting from the payouts of the insurance company that seemed anomalous or that death of the insured ones are questionable. Because there really are those scammers that killed purposely and made it looked like an accidental death and then claimed the amount insured. 

Choi Kang Woo used to work in an insurance company but after the death of his wife and son in an airplane crash two years ago, he was devastated and started to work with people he chose to come after this scammers. The airplane crash was found as a suicide ac of one of the pilots who happened to be the older brother of Kim Min Joon. That pilot purchased an insurance worth billions of won and it seemed that Min Joon was the beneficiary.

Mad Dog team and Kim Min Joon met and as the story progressed.  Kang Woo found out his identity. It was not easy for Kang Woo to deal with the brother who killed his wife and son. But Min Joon seems to be investigating on his own and looking for something or someone. With cases on their hands, Kang Woo and his team are always following up on people who had died in what seems to be accident but also fishy at the same time. A death of a man who left a pregnant wife who will benefit from an insurance her husband left is one that Mad Dog is currently investigating. They found out that Min Joon is also friends with this woman and feels something is off. But the woman insists that her husband did not kill himself but he was killed. There was no proof so far to support her claim.


In latest episodes it seems that the President of the insurance company is in a conspiracy with Juhan Airlines. One of the agents in the insurance company was a woman who sold multiple  insurance to one man who have been getting payouts. He and the agent seems to be in cahoots. She is a top selling agent. They both were pronounced dead after. He from an accident and she from suicide. But then now it was uncovered that both were alive. And the man has a connection to the Juhan President. He is being ordered to kill the woman [insurance agent] who is in hiding.

I wonder what the conspiracy is about?

From Min Joon's investigating, his brother did not crashed the plane. It was not suicide after all. The co pilot who testified that his brother crashed that plane that day was an alcoholic and two years later, he now tells a different story. That his brother tried to upright the steering wheel of the airplane. It was true that his brother took medicines that day but they were vitamins as far as he knew. There was a message from the phone that was uncovered that he is planning to meet his young brother, Min Joon soon. Reading those text messages, there is no indication that Min Joon's brother is depressed or suicidal. He was in fact happy to see Min Joon again.

Whatever the story behind the airplane crash, whether it is an accident or what... I think there is more to the story why there is a need to hide some facts. 

Another interesting point in the drama is the chemistry between Min Joon and Jang Ha Ri. I think it would not hurt to insert some loveline between these two characters. They burn the screens with their intense chemistry and I am looking forward for skinships if there will be any or even a kiss. [grins]

Overall the story is good and has a solid plot.

Will try to add some more thoughts as the drama progresses...


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Goo Hye Sun Joins Instagram

Finally..Goo Hye Sun is on IG! She is so beautiful in her self captured photos that she shared.
Follow her @kookoo900

[screencaps] episode 4 The Package

screen caps only