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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

[mslee’e thoughts] Ho Rang and Won Seok Are Finally Engaged! #BTIMFL ep 9

I have been rooting for Ho Rang all along for her ultimate dream to marry her one true love Won Seok. Perhaps others would think that she is petty to have such dreams as a woman in this modern day. Yes, there is more to life than being a wife. One can always choose careers over being a wife and explore the world as a single successful working woman without being tied down by domestic chores and children. But then, let us be honest for a minute. As a woman myself, I have always dreamed of having a perfect life with a perfect husband and beautiful children in a home I dreamed of at one point in my life. Perfect in the sense that everything will fall into place and nothing will ruin my idea of a family. Not that everything will be that kind of perfect but at least I have a picture of what I want when I marry. So this is why I always understand Ho Rang and her frustration to marry. She and Won Seok has been in a relationship for 7 years and to say that marriage is the only thing left to be done for them to be a couple in its truest sense. She has always worried about not being able to have children if Won Seok continues to put aside marriage. Well not that I don’t understand Won Seok and his worries. He has yet to be successful in his work. Both cannot afford yet to live in a much decent house than what they have right now, on a rooftop which can only accommodate a bed. 

But now, Won Seok surprised her with a ring!. I literally teared up and felt a lump in my throat. Chincha! Seriously! It was a scene that surprised me as much as Ho Rang. I felt that her happiness became my happiness for her as a viewer. It was a simple proposal. He talked about his favorite mathematician, for all I care, and even Ho Rang does not care but at the end of his speech, he simply said that there are things that cannot be proven but still true and that is like their love for each other. Theirs is an ongoing love and relationship and needs proving as they continue down the path but one thing is certain…LOVE is there. It exists. It may not be seen, they cannot wear it for people to see, but they can feel it.  It is as certain as anything that is beyond our imagination. And I totally love how these two character have been able to come to this point even if they still have a lot to learn about each other. Like any couple, man and woman interpret things differently. They have different understanding of what one wants in a relationship. Man will always see things in a direct way while women can see or feel beyond the surface. But..gwenchana! The important thing between Ho Rang and Won Seok is that they honestly love each other.

Of course, this is only the start. I have a feeling writernim might toss more hurdle in their way to preparing their wedding. But hopefully she won’t. It was already tackled in Se Hee and Ji Ho’s wedding. But if there are still loose ends until this couple have their happily ever after wedding/marriage moment I just wish that all will be well.

It is nice to watch something that brings smiles and touch your heart. Love surely makes people happy and be positive in life.

Ho Rang and Won Seok…. Fighting!!!!


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