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Sunday, April 8, 2018


Finally I was able to write something about the ending of the drama.


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Compiled Songs from 6Nights Concert of 2PM 2017

Still waiting for my favorite song Hallucination to be shared. Thanks to the uploader for sharing these precious moments of my bias group as they sing their classics and  new songs from Gentlemen’s Game album, their last before TaecYeon enlisted to the military. Since I love 2PM and all their songs I want to share this compiled songs from their concert.
In the meantime this is on my repeat watch while waiting for my weekend drama MISTY. πŸ‘‰the drama is still keeping secret who is the true culprit😝.
Well.. Enjoy the performance…
Credit to the uploader😊

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

MISTY - A Cheater or a Murderer?

Short thoughts on MISTY ep 8..

Never thought a "guess" πŸ‘‰ like a call from GHR to Kevin Lee the night he died was enough to get a warrant of arrest. The wife was not sure it was GHR he was talking to. Even the scene was vague whom he got that call. Maybe it was GHR because they did met that night but it was not as clear as crystal though.

Everyone seems out to get her. Even with circumstancial evidence only (the brooch)  GHR is being made to be the "only" suspect in the murder of KL. As for the wife..she knew GHR was not the killer. She said so. If she hides the video chip GHR will end up as the suspect. It means GHR is not the one who killed her husband. She is being vindictive. Well she can because she is a woman scorned. She has a right to make GHR feel the pain. But to make GHR the murderer when she knew it was not true seems stretching her revenge too far. She needs to go after the one who killed her husband.

I love how gutsy GHR is. She was asked for a choice. To be a cheater in front of her husband Tae Wook or to be a suspect as the killer. She chose none. She is too smart to know the wife will do anything she pleases. GHR is strong to face whatever comes her way. The fact that she did not kill KL makes her even more want to achieve her dreams.

Tae Wook...
I am really doubting his innocence here. His love towards his wife is so huge he will do anything for her. Is it blind love? I don't know. But I am looking forward to how far he will protect GHR in this fight against prosecutors and public's opinion.

The director of the news company...
I like how in the end he chose to support GHR. I love their relationship as hoobae/sunbae.

Go Hye Ran
I think she killed the man from her past. She was lucky to have escaped punishment because someone admitted to the killing πŸ‘‰ the man who just got out of prison.

As for my question if GHR is a cheater or a murderer? I think she was none of those two things. Circumstances placed her in a position where she was cornered by Kevin Lee and she met him to make her revenge perhaps? The scene in the car left a lot to understand. There is more that has not been revealed. And definitely she is not a murderer.

So far the drama is still intriguing.


Friday, February 23, 2018

Just Between Lovers – Final Thoughts

Almost every scene in the drama are worth watching. Final episode brought so much tears and heartwrenching moments that depict real life’s scenarios when one is facing death and of someone coming to terms of possibly being left behind. Separation is always painful. Being sick is worrisome and the thought of dying really frightens and weakens even the most strong person. It is the reality that no one wants to face..ever.
One scene that really stood out showing our otp moment was this scene from the hospital with Moon Soo finally breaking down in front of Gang Doo. She had finally faced that scary reality that she told him not to die. She cried while telling him. I teared up seeing Gang Doo hugged her tight as he also cried silently for this woman he loves. Who wants to leave a loved one permanently anyway? The thought of leaving also scares him and hurts him.
After writer and PDnim trolled us viewers…
Yes they did! They made us anxious on our seats for almost the entire episode with our hearts dropping every minute. There were sweet moments to remember, but even those moments would not ease our worries. It only made us think that these sweet moments were going to be memories left for Moon Soo to keep forever. But thankfully, the story gave us hope in the end.
Miracles do happen. And it happened to Gang Doo. He lived. He was given another chance to live and be happy this time around. I think the story has come full circle. Moon Soo and Gang Doo both suffered and now both recovering together. They are healing together from past trauma. I like Gang Doo’s narrative said how he has to take care of himself. He cannot be harmed because someone will cry.
For a melodrama this one made it to my top list. Gang Doo and Moon Soo are characters that will be remembered for a long time. A classic example of love that gives hope, heals and won against the odds. Something that reminds me of Nicholas Sparks’ novels like A Walk to Remember and The Last Song. Both novels are about hope, miracles and healing. I think some scenes were inspired by these novels. The narration towards the end was reminiscent of Landon standing at the bridge thinking how Jamie changed him to be a better man. Although with a different ending I think the atmosphere are kind of the same. With The Last Song… the memorial was like the window pane (? not sure if it was called that..).

Anyway, it was a rollercoaster ride watching Just Between Lovers but worth it.
I fell in love when Moon Soo and Gang Doo fell in love and hurt when they suffered. Talk about being one with the characters. This is how deeply I was moved by the simplicity of this drama, but powerful enough to make a lasting impression.πŸ‘πŸ‘Š
Mslee writesπŸ˜‰

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Drama Pick – Welcome to Waikiki… If You Want to LaughπŸ˜‚

Welcome to Waikiki – a kdrama /sitcom that is enough to make stress go away.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I know the drama is silly and full of slapsticks as if some scenes were taken from Mr. Bean and The 3 Stooges. The foolishness of the characters are pretty much absurd but still it causes me to grin and laugh. Well, a good laugh is always good for our health.😝
The toddler is an added nice touch for the sitcom. The cute smiles of the kid is always a welcome scene in each frame. While adults are bickering or doing crazy antics the camera zooming in onto the child’s face which has awesome expressions is πŸ‘good. She melts the viewers’ hearts.
I am rooting for the otp πŸ‘‰ Dong Gu❤Yoon A. And of course Lee Jun Ki (one of the character) played by Lee Yi Kyung is enough to make me go crazy with his endless misfortunes and antics. He and comedic scenes are like soulmates. He is just fun to watch.
This is one show one should not really critic for storyline. This is made to make people relax and watch while having fun. Stupidity is the theme of the sitcom.πŸ˜‚
JTBC is on a roll. Lovin the recent dramas. Like Misty which is also currently showing full of intrigues.
Want a breather from some kdramas that have same plots but different actors only? πŸ˜This is entertaining enough. Let silliness dispel our daily worries and stress even for 2 hours a week. You might actually find yourself laughing in surprise.


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Money Flower – Final Thoughts

I may be alone in my opinion that the last 2 episodes of this drama left me dissatisfied.
But I need to give praise towards the actors in the drama because they really did a good job playing their own roles. Jang Hyuk as Kang Pil Joo is awesome. He protrayed it well no doubt about it. As for the other characters they are also well acted. Overall the story has great ensemble. But the revenge theme ended lame for me in my opinion. I realized that his pursuit of justice for what happened to his brother and mother is not what I expected. I mean he could have ruined the woman who murdered his brother in a different way. Well to justify the effort the story made him go after the wealth/shares of the company. I mean even if the CEO (harabojie) and his uncle and cousin are all corrupt they had nothing to do with the murder of his brother. But hearsay tells harabojie killed his father but no confirmation. I don’t know. Pil Joo is not innocent and guilty free but also a schemer like his family. Difference is no blood has been spilled. I just felt flat towards the ending.
Was it satisfactory getting his revenge? Did he feel happy about the result?
For me there are more makjang dramas out there where you feel satisfied and elated after revenge. Like..Yes! You deserve it bitch! Lol! But Mal Ran became a nutcase that it felt more pitiful rather than gleeful to have seen her suffer the consequences. Her mind shuts down the aftermath of what she has done and kind of concealed her from agony of her punishment. Oh well..i do think the writer likes her too much because her deviousness was greatly acted upon by Lee Mi Suk that her character has to stay glamorous to the very end. A sophisticated crazy person.
As for Mo Hyun πŸ‘‰ a righteous woman to the very end. This is how she was shown but I am not buying it. She is as manipulating as the other character in a subtle way. She got her alimony. If she despises the Jangs..why not leave without asking money? She thinks those were dirty money from the same money her father got and used for bribery. I don’t know. She is not as clean as she likes to project herself as. Anyway this is of course saying in regards to one’s principles.
Well…these are my opinion and like I said I may be alone in this. Besides I don’t like the predictable scenes of Pil Joo coming with solutions one after the other. As if he holds all the answers and nothing or no one can beat him. I still prefer the writer of PUNCH and Empire of Gold. The twist may be predictable but those twists could be an opportunity for both villain and protagonist.
As for the romance between Pil Joo and Mo Hyun… I am not liking it one bit. It just feels off.  Sorry not sorry.

Mslee writes ✌

Drama Pick – MISTY

I am watching this drama because my curiousity was piqued with articles saying the drama has got high ratings. Reading the synopsis of the drama I gave it a try.
My first comment about it I posted thru my facebook fanpage. πŸ‘‡
Who is watching MISTY?
Who killed Kevin Lee?
The drama’s plot reminds me of an old Harrison Ford movie Presumed Innocent and a bit of Unfaithful, Diane Lane’s and Richard Gere’s.
I have a hunch that it was Ji Jin Hee’s character ( husband and lawyer) who might have killed Kevin Lee. Anyway… The drama is interesting and the casts are great.
A follower who always take time to post her comments in my page commented on my post. She said..πŸ‘‡
Dori (let’s not reveal her surname😝)
..you could be right with your hunch but i don’t think asian viewers will buy that idea, therefore the writer will have to count that consideration too ..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Reading her comment made me think… Hmmm..really?
So I made a reply to her to elaborate my thoughts more on the plot. πŸ‘‡
Are you watching too? Actually I cheated..started at ep 4.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚everyone has a reason to make him disappear. The husband, the news anchor, his own wife and I think the man who just got out of jail? I don’t know if the latter has a quarrel with KL. Like you mentioned asian viewers might not appreciate a lead man killing his wife’s lover. But he was a witness to his wife’s cheating inside the car. His whereabouts has not been disclosed after that as of ep 6. Where was he after his wife got home? Who called KL that night in the middle of his quarrel with his wife? Someone called him out. Next day he was found dead.
Lol..the plot thickens.😝
Interesting to note the theme..cheating/affair. And the heroine is feisty. I think she is innocent. But then she is ambitous. The writer can twist it anywhere she wants. Make anyone the killer.😝
Husband still protective of his wife…very suspicious really. He can’t let go of her. Now she has no one to lean on but him. Very convinient to the husband. (End)
As for guessing game..this has potential to draw viewers. As for the news anchor, her guts makes her awesome in some scenes like when she walked out of the police station. Head high and maintaining her poise in the midst of reporter swarming her. I like her punchlines. She can carry it well. As for the lawyer husband…he loves her. No matter what and who she is. I can’t comment on a spouse’ love despite being cheated on. I’m single😝 so yeah..will I ever be that pitiful other half like him or maybe I will leave a cheating husband. No I will definitely leave him! But who am I to say when I haven’t been in a marriage.πŸ‘‰mslee’s
Maybe the case will be dragged for …the whole drama?
And I say this one really is like those 2 movies I mentioned above.

Mslee πŸ˜€

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Sunday, January 7, 2018

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