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Friday, February 23, 2018

Just Between Lovers – Final Thoughts

Almost every scene in the drama are worth watching. Final episode brought so much tears and heartwrenching moments that depict real life’s scenarios when one is facing death and of someone coming to terms of possibly being left behind. Separation is always painful. Being sick is worrisome and the thought of dying really frightens and weakens even the most strong person. It is the reality that no one wants to face..ever.
One scene that really stood out showing our otp moment was this scene from the hospital with Moon Soo finally breaking down in front of Gang Doo. She had finally faced that scary reality that she told him not to die. She cried while telling him. I teared up seeing Gang Doo hugged her tight as he also cried silently for this woman he loves. Who wants to leave a loved one permanently anyway? The thought of leaving also scares him and hurts him.
After writer and PDnim trolled us viewers…
Yes they did! They made us anxious on our seats for almost the entire episode with our hearts dropping every minute. There were sweet moments to remember, but even those moments would not ease our worries. It only made us think that these sweet moments were going to be memories left for Moon Soo to keep forever. But thankfully, the story gave us hope in the end.
Miracles do happen. And it happened to Gang Doo. He lived. He was given another chance to live and be happy this time around. I think the story has come full circle. Moon Soo and Gang Doo both suffered and now both recovering together. They are healing together from past trauma. I like Gang Doo’s narrative said how he has to take care of himself. He cannot be harmed because someone will cry.
For a melodrama this one made it to my top list. Gang Doo and Moon Soo are characters that will be remembered for a long time. A classic example of love that gives hope, heals and won against the odds. Something that reminds me of Nicholas Sparks’ novels like A Walk to Remember and The Last Song. Both novels are about hope, miracles and healing. I think some scenes were inspired by these novels. The narration towards the end was reminiscent of Landon standing at the bridge thinking how Jamie changed him to be a better man. Although with a different ending I think the atmosphere are kind of the same. With The Last Song… the memorial was like the window pane (? not sure if it was called that..).

Anyway, it was a rollercoaster ride watching Just Between Lovers but worth it.
I fell in love when Moon Soo and Gang Doo fell in love and hurt when they suffered. Talk about being one with the characters. This is how deeply I was moved by the simplicity of this drama, but powerful enough to make a lasting impression.👍👊
Mslee writes😉

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