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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Jung So Min Facebook Update 130927

Caption: 춥다..모두 코스프레

cre: https://www.facebook.com/JungSoMinFanPageAsia

Park Shin Hye Latest Airport Fashion 130927 - Bare and Sexy

The Heirs lead star Park Shin Hye was spotted in the airport yesterday sporting a sexy fashion style. She was wearing a mid thigh length blouse, leaving her legs bare. Sexy yet fashionable.

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[mslee's thoughts] Secret (비밀) Episode 2 - Kang Yoo Jung Takes The Fall

In Episode 2 Kang Yoo Jung never realized immediately what had happened the night they were in an accident. When she realized that there was a possibility that they will be involved she on her own decision confessed that she drove the car that night. It was her way of protecting Do Hoon. But of course she did not know the gravity of the accident, involving Ji Hee, a woman who was pregnant and a possible victim of the accident.

Do Hoon in his scared way, did not tell her that he saw JH that night, so YJ was a bit confident that there probably some mistake. What she knew about was the big container that was there on the streets which caused the bumper of the car vent.

Even Do Hoon wants to tell the whole story to the police she was adamant to let her take the fall. I guess, she was sorry and anxious of what will happen to DH career now that he is already a prosecutor and just started working. She is willing to sacrifice herself all in the name of love.

But what awaited her in the police station was the reality of the accident and that a woman died. She was so flabbergasted that she could not believe yet continue to take the blame. 

Meanwhile Jo Min Hyuk had known about Yoo Jung's involvement. He was so angry he almost killed her when he choked her. It was one scary scene. He totally broke down. He was so pained he needed to at least released his madness towards YJ who he thought was the culprit.

One thing I noticed was that, even though the story told us the viewers that it was YJ and DH car that hi Ji Hee, I am really not sure if it was really what happened. The supposed alibi, the one YJ knew was that a container which was on the street that night was the reason the bumper vent. But when the investigation was finished, there was no container in the vicinity. No way to prove that it was there that night. I was wondering why Ji Hee was running scared seeing Kwang Soo, MH assistant and also works for his father. I was thinking  maybe she was already lying there when the accident happened on DH and YJ. Maybe she was hit by another car. Like the black car in the CCTV.

Anyway, it's only my thoughts regarding the accident.

Shin Se Yeon on the other hand pretends to be indifferent towards her childhood friend MH. But deep inside, she cares deeply, she was just too proud to admit it, maybe because she doesn't want to be rejected or feel she was hanging on to a one sided love.

Her meeting with DH is quite interesting. I think they will share a deep understanding, seeing how she can easily trust him, by letting him drive her car for her in the end of the episode. And DH seems to understand her predicament, seeing how she threw sarcastic words to MH about the woman he can't live without. He seemed to understand her.

The episode is good. The flow of the story is steady. The pains that will scar the hearts of these four main characters will have an undoubtedly effects to them. I wonder how the secrets they each have will play in the story.

Episode 3 is another a must watch. 

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