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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Episode 16 Good Doctor - Romance Filled the Air

The episode that broke my shipping heart. lol.

Well, it did, really. I hoped for Kim Do Han and Cha Yoon Seo to end up together after some scenes that the story led me to believe there will be more between them. Then the misunderstanding between KDH and Chae Kyung came, so my heart hoped.

So much for hoping! Tonight they finally made up, KDH and CK.

But then again, I am entitled to make myself happy, [grins] so the moments of DH and YS are all worth watching for me. I am not biased, but it just so happens that they give me romantic feels. 

But what can I do, this is what the drama should be. Kim Do Han and Chae Kyung even from the beginning.
His sweetness definitely will melt any woman's heart and CK is very lucky indeed to make him find her again

While everything is falling into place for these couple, so is Yoon Seo feelings for Si On. She is becoming more affected by SO. Maybe she hasn't realized it yet, but the way the story is unfolding, it is clear that something is happening in her that she keeps talking and asking SO however petty it may seem. 

She is enjoying his company in a new way.

Besides the usual activities inside the hospitals, the former Vice President is in talks with Do Han
and I think it has to do with his son's sickness.

That's it for now, haven't watched with sub yet.


Have made a lot of screen caps though...
in random order...


  1. oiii Sunbae, wheres the post for eps 17 18, so I can write my comment ... at least a preview vid pleaseee :DD

    during the last 15 minutes of eps 18, I am a complete mess Sunbae... totally utterly a complete mess !... as far as I could remember, very few times when I go kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa<3<3 while sobbing... Good Doctor is really Jjang, and 50 % of my gratitude goes to you Sunbae for inspiring me to watch this. so *bows* Gomawo Sunbae !

    eh but I have a question Sunbae, whose imaginatio was it this "normal SO" on a normal date with YS, cause if its SO's, then I sort of think that this is a bit of a flaw in SO's characterization progress, cause if he can imagine that, then his supposedly intepretation of like and futher love is already way pass the conversation at the last scene.... this is my humble opinion. what do you think Sunbae...

    well if you have time okay Sunbae.. maybe write it in your next mslee thoughts for recap in eps 17 18...

    cant waint for finals....

    and OMG that ICE CREAM kiss.... kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3<3


  2. lol!!!!! mianhe! i haven't watched the 18th. will summarize both. been busy with personal stuff... of course i will wait for your own opinions. wait a little... maybe tomorrow...better late than never, right? after this MTT for us!