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Thursday, September 26, 2013

[Screen caps + mslee's thoughts] Episode 14 Master's Sun - The Mind Forgets But The Heart Remembers

Love this episode! The conflicting emotions of Ju Joong Won is reflected in this entire episode. His lost memory is bugging  and hurting him both at the same time. He looks at Tae Gong Shil and can't believe how he used to be with her and she with him but he can't let go a certain feeling deep inside him. He is ready to move on, busy at work, happy with his new found or regained skill, reading but he keeps feeling something was lost. He feels empty. 

Meanwhile, TGS is living her life without JJW. I applaud her for moving on and try to be stronger and defeat her weakness. The promise or deal she made, she needed to keep it in order to make JJW safe. But the downside was she has to work along side Madame Go, the ghost matchmaker. 

The mind forgets but clearly, the heart remembers. This is what is happening on JJW. He is in denial of what TGS means in his life, but the reality of her being not a part of his life anymore brings bitter taste to him. He feels something crushing his heart. And all these leads to his confusion. He can't let go, he find time to seek TGS. But of course, our heroin knew what their relationship did to him. He was hurt and tasted the brink of death, which is more painful to deal with for her.

 Seeing him live without her in his memory is enough for her.Even though she is sad and hurting, too.

One thing I caught on the story is that when JJW asked Madame Go how much is the price for the contract TGS made with her, she said that TGS gave her all for it. But there is a way to bring back his memory, to find what he has lost. It was the necklace after all. I wonder if the old madame fooled TGS in order for her not to honor the deal and worked for her? Because it is as simple as finding that necklace. 

In the end, JJW know for sure that the necklace Hanna wears is not the genuine one that he remembers in his moment of soul wandering. 

Another new character is about to join the love angles here. The man who can speak with the coffee addict ghost that always bother TGS seems to have a past with her.

And finally Sec. Kim realized that Hanna his niece had a plastic surgery that's why he can't recognize her.

So much more to happen and glad that tonight there's still episode 15 to watch more. Apparently, JJW remembers TGS as she was about to throw the necklace. Or has he really remember her?

Will wait for the answer and what will happen next. Will there be a reconciliation? Oh...my heart that has been flinching for the past hour now seems to be calm and positive. 

As I said in my facebook, this is an amazing episode and I applaud the Hong sisters for giving me this drama and for the PDnim for creating a beautiful visuals. 



lots and lots of screen caps coz every scene is worth warching!

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