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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Episode 15 Good Doctor - Cha Yoon Seo and Park Si On Back as Friends

The episode that kept me thinking, where will the story lead me?

Episode 15 

Cha Yoon Seo and Park Si On talked about their relationship as friends again. SO told her that he is fine being her friend and while YS is still not comfortable and unsure of what her friendship will bring in the future, she let herself once again be close to him.

The story is leading on the way I hope not, but maybe the writer really wrote this story with these two in mind as the OTP. So much for my shipping heart and the chemistry between YS and DH.

While finding that the man  Chae Kyung had a deal with in improving the hospital and making it a profitable pediatric hospital was the one who caused her father's death, she was shocked and saddened. She talked with her step mother and asked why she did not tell her the truth behind her father's passing away. It was what his father wanted.

Meanwhile, a case from the US of a child's is taking YS interest. Together with Do Han, they tried to study the case but come up with no solution so far.

A child victim of a stabbed by a crazy man at large was brought to the hospital and in time was treated. The child was in shock.

I guess Kim Do Han and Chae Kyung settled their differences. To see them talking and Chae Kyung crying is enough for me to resign my feelings towards my ship. Maybe these two are meant for each other. Actually she is not bad at all, even kind to SO.

The ending of the episode was that the stabber came to the hospital tried to kill the child but in time DH was there and fight with him, but unfortunately, he was stabbed, too

Looks like he will go under operation, my handsome Kim Do Han.

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