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Friday, September 27, 2013

[mslee's thoughts] Secret (비밀) - First Thoughts on Episode 1

Episode 1 showed  fast paced story with all the background details of the cast laid out already. The four main characters have their screen time and somehow they showed their weaknesses or flaws even at this early. It's good because it will be more interesting to watch how the characters will develop as the story continues.

This is a drama where revenge is the main theme. 

 Jo Min Hyuk  [Ji Sung] is a reckless, happy-go-lucky wealthy son but hiding a painful/sad emotion. Seems his girlfriend who is ordinary and doesn't come from a rich family disappeared from his life and he is searching for her. Without her, his life seems a mess and he lives up to his reputation as the son of a wealthy family who only knows how to party. But the fun doesn't make the loneliness go away, so in the end, he can't find happiness for his searchng heart.

I got a feeling that maybe his family is behind the disappearance of Ji Hee, the girlfriend because she doesn't suit him as a future wife or maybe she felt Min Hyuk is not strong enough to fight for her. His family is arranging a marriage of convenience for him with Shin Se Yeon [Lee Da Hee] who looks like she doesn't care much for Min Hyuk but deep inside she feels otherwise. I gather they are long time friends. But maybe this arrangement is to her liking, even though she has yet to admit it. 

While Kang Yoo Jung and Ahn Do Hoon [Hwang Jung Eum and Bae Soo Bin] both came from a maybe struggling family. The relationship has been 7 years. And all through these years, Yoo Jung is behind Do Hoon for his success. She is helping him, perhaps financially to attain his goal as a prosecutor. I think Do Hoon in his own way loves Yoo Jung but of course his parents want him to have a nice wedding to a family who can support him as a promising prosecutor, unlike Yoo Jung's family. His mother I think is rude to her when she told her not to bring anything from then on after all she has been doing for them. 

And Do Hoon seems to be an ambition man, who wouldn't in his position, attaining his goals. He is open in meeting new prospect for marriage to suit his family's wishes. But in the end of the episode, he told Yoo Jung about it and proposed at the same time.

Of course a tragedy will happen, one that will make a big impact on all three main leads. Without knowing, Do Hoon was involved in a hit and run accident, the poor girl was Ji Hee. When he realized it he did not tell Yoo jung who was inside the car with him at the time about it and went away from the scene. An act of cowardice on his part.

The story line is  interesting. The promise of love and forever to the woman who stood beside him all this time will not have her fairy tale but will be betrayed. It's ambition versus loyalty, love and protection. While  the other one is clinging to love instead of friendship. 

So far, the story has a lot to offer. So many intense moments and emotions in the offing. If written superbly, this is going to be one of those dramas that will make me grip the edges of my chairs as I watch how it is unfolding before me.

Love, betrayal. tragedy, revenge, all good ingredients to a beautiful story.

screen caps for episode 1

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