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Friday, September 27, 2013

[mslee's thoughts] Episode 15 Master's Sun - The Culprit, Tae Yang and Goodbye

The Culprit

Another revelation comes up in this episode, although I have an inkling a couple of episodes back that the real culprit is Cha Hee Joo and not Han Na. And it was true. She pretended to be Han Na to get away with her crime. I have always thought that Han Na grew up well in England so the possible Cha Hee Joo who might have grown up destitute will be the one who would think something like impersonating her twin.

The episode finally free Joo Jung Won from his painful past and at the same time realized that the girl he loved, loved him back. 

Tae Yang

Just sad that in this episode TGS learned to stand on her own, and moving away from JJW. I think that she woke up from her being dependent on JJW's protection when she almost lost him. So feeling guilty and thankful for another chance in life, she decided to let him go, even if doesn't want to.


The drama is on it's final stages, and although the romance is doused with a bit of sadness, I think that the ending will make a very lovely reconciliation for my OTP. They needed to stay away from each other to realize what they each meant to one another. Tae Yang is embarking on a new journey of her life with a man who explained to her that she was with him the whole three years her soul wandered off. 

She thought this is what's best for her, to be with someone who understand her coz he too experiences the same things like her. 

Anyway, I find that as TGS tried to fix her life, she is sporting new look. Her shabby outfit had gone and she now looks confident.

Funny moments still errupt in he drama and I find myself laughing especially when TGS is talking to her nonexistent ghost friends. her antics are very entertaining while JJW continue to grab her divided attention solely to himself.

Cuteness overload!

Not far behind are the scenes between Kang Woo and Tae Yi Ryeong. How I wished he would give this bratty girl a chance, for she is really head over heels in love with him. 

Well, 2 more episodes and it is done! I will certainly miss JJW and TGS. 

Haven't made lots of caps, just some but if I have time I will update the screen capstures.


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