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Saturday, June 21, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Golden Cross - Final Review - Was Justice Served?

Before I share my thoughts, I just want to say that I became a certified fan of Kim Kang Woo watching this drama. And I am just glad I decided to watch Golden Cross and caught up before the final episode aired. 

From my first post about the drama, I shared how I liked the story and how it compelled me to marathon watch the drama, and until it ends, my thoughts are exactly the same. Great story and amazing cast. However, the the last two episodes are not what I am expecting the story would show. I mean, after building up the story to reach it's climax, the part where Do Yoon became a witness in Seo Dong Ha's nomination as Minister of Economy somehow made the scene anti climactic. The impact I have been waiting for at how he would reveal Seo Dong Ha's crimes did not achieve the effect I am expecting. The revelation in front of the media in nationwide reminds me of political situations often occurs in the Senate or Congress in my country. It was like a circus, an open accusations done outside the proper forum, which is the court. 

Anyway, the dialogues are still great and I am dumbfounded by Seo's calm facade in the midst of Do Yoon's revelations. Not even faltered in his sit while the monitor showed photos and videos of his crimes. I guess Seo Dong Ha has been consistent of who he really is. A man without shame. A man who will shamelessly ask for forgiveness, for another chance but will resume his ruthless manner in the next minute. 

One of the character I find interesting is Michael. He has been consistent in his character, scheming and protecting his own interest. He stayed in the middle, witnessing and laughing at what is happening around him. A double faced businessman, dealing behind Seo and Mr. King's back. As long as he will benefit, he is in the game. I was waiting for a good face off between Michael and Do Yoon in the end after Michael pointed a gun at Do Yoon. A bit disappointed that there was none, just a simple visit at Michael's place, a few words and a warrant of arrest. I see Michael as one of the opponent that gave the drama more spice.While Seo Dong Ha and Attorney Park were both devious, Michael is one step ahead of them. More intelligent, more sharp.

I was not in for the romance and truthfully, I can not see a happy ending for Yi Re and Do Yoon. A lot has happened between Seo Dong Ha and Do Yoon's family. There is no room for Yi Re and Do Yoon's love to go forward. But I am sad that what could have been ended badly for them. There is nothing left but to say goodbye and move on separately. They could share the same passion about principles and justice but that's all they can have. The damage Seo Dong Ha did to Do Yoon's family is too big, it is no use forcing a love that will only pain them both.

I understand Yi Re's love for her father. If all leave Seo Dong Ha, she will be the only one left to stay. But even though she loves her father, she knows and accepts that he committed a crime that must be paid. But of course, Dong Ha failed again his daughter. He could not bring to turn himself in. It took Do Yoon and his two bodyguards to force Seo Dong Ha and Attorney Park to make them go to the police.

Actually, the last part of the episode made me laugh at how Park and Seo keeps bickering at each other childishly. Even Do Yoon find it ridiculous enough to smile. Maybe because finally, his mission was accomplished.

When Hong Sa Ra died, I felt the connection she has towards Do Yoon. She loved him, that's clear. Do Yoon wa grateful to her but I think he does not feel the same way to her. But there is friendship and trust built between them which somehow overshadowed his feelings for Yi Re. What he expected from Yi Re he got from Hong Sa Ra.

The story stayed realistic until the end. I think it is kind of ironic that the people who betrayed Do Yoon's father  and who won't help him before are now the ones who helped him reveal the truth when he came back as Terry Young, a man with money and power. They chose to stay silent when they knew Do Yoon won't succeed in his revenge but finally have courage to stand beside him when they realized Do Yoon can now protect them with his money and power. Perhaps that's reality. And I agree with the story that most of the times, one should really have connections when fighting a battle in a world full of big people in society.

The drama ended with Do Yoon having his own office as a lawyer. His mother visited him and brought him lunch. They ate happily, recalling times when both his father and sister were still alive and what could have been if they were there sharing the meal with them. I love his final facial expressions. A lot passed on his face, from happy, contented, triumphant, yet sad at the same time. 

Kim Kang Woo captured those emotions in one perfect scene. 

I pondered on the epilogue of the drama where Seo Dong Ha stepped out of prison gates.  Corruption, power, greed and money will always have the power to overturn the truth and the people who has been used to doing this things, sometimes not know what remorse is. His facial expressions says it all. He never learns from it all.  He looks calm and happy. As if he is ready to conquer the world again and that nothing will stop him from doing what he wants. Prison did not humbled him. 

Three murders and illegal selling of Hanmin Bank, he only served...what...a few years? Then looks like early parole. With crimes like these I think he should be serving at least a life sentence. 

Was justice served? I am not sure if justice is served to the fullest sense. More like justice is half served.

20 episodes of amazing characters, story line and brilliant acting, Golden Cross delivered a very well written and directed drama.

 -mslee1107 satisfied-

[mslee's thoughts] A New Leaf - Updating My Thoughts

File:A NEW LEAF-P1.jpg

[thoughts on episodes 13 and 14]

A New Leaf is still one of the dramas that is interesting and although the pace of the story has become slow in the last couple of weeks, and the legal terms are really [seriously!] making my brains muddled and confused trying to catch up, the story is as appealing as ever since episode 1.

Setting aside the corporate side of the story, I am liking the parts where Seok Joo and his father interact. The sudden change in Seok Joo which resulted in the accident makes him more human, humble and loving towards his father. For the first time, I think he sees his father's good traits which I doubt he even realized while growing up. The path he took which was so opposite to his father's principles maybe born out of being successful in his field of work, still it somehow showed how he never respect his father's thoughts about his choices.

The story shows how it is not too late to patch up things between a father and son relationship. The good thing about it, Seok Joo's amnesia makes it more comfortable to act naturally in his father's presence which is not the case when he didn't have amnesia. The cold atmosphere could be felt back then.

The romance in the story during it's pilot episode captured my interest. However, as the drama continues, the romance part is clearly not the center of the story. I miss the comedic romance Seok Joo and Ji Yeon have during the firs part of the drama and I hope for the two of them to end up as more than colleagues. But I have doubts with only two episodes left. 

Finally, Cha Young Woo's real character is revealed. I have always reserved judgement on his personality. Though he exudes sophistication and power behind the firm, he has always maintained a cool facade. He has a poker face, definitely hard to read. But in recent episodes, he showed his ruthlessness and how he handles the firm. I realized, he  is truly the success behind the company. His connections are so vast he can even make and plan positions in the government. It is like a game of chess, he can place each one in their right places to achieve his goal.

The drama somehow showed that even though Seok Joo used to be the ace of the firm, all his success were not his own but because of Cha Young Woo. So now I am very interested to find out how Seok Joo will beat the team from Cha Young Woo's firm headed now by Jeon Ji Won. Even Ji Won realized how cunning Cha Young Woo. How detailed the man is in everything.

I think Cha Young Woo was the man who made Seok Joo forget and ignore his father's principles. The success he got while working under Cha Young Woo influenced his mindset.

The battle starts now. How will Seok Joo win as a one man attorney against a team of influential elite lawyers of Cha Young Woo. The last two episodes should be very interesting. 


Kim Hyun Joong @Gimpo Airport 140620


Friday, June 20, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Big Man - Final Thoughts

Highlights of Episodes 15 and 16

Episode 15

Kim Ji Hyuk's "mother" at the hospital. Luckily she survived the accident.
Dong Suk won't stop. He wants Mi Ra to be the next target. She is one of Ji Hyuk's weakness.
Ji Hyuk and Mi Ra went to media for an interview. He accused openly Kang family.
Ji Hyuk and his friend finally got out of the house. It has become uncomfortable to live with Jin Ah because of what has Dong Suk been doing to him.
Jin Ah is sad.
Mi Ra was kidnapped in exchanged for not giving the media more interviews and solid evidence against Dong Suk and family.
Mi Ra was drugged so Ji Hyuk dragged her to the car.
The thug who kidnapped Mi Ra was murdered.
Mira slapped Dong Suk
JI Hyuk accused for the murder.
Mi Ra got the illegal traders documents on Dong Suk exchanged for the video of who killed the thug.
Dong Suk buying back stocks with his money from Hyun Sung Energy for three times the price.

Episode 16

Appeal to change the owner of Hyun Sung Distributions denied. The shareholders bought a lot of energy shares in exchanged for stocks Dong Suk wants.
Dong Suk commands Manager Do to kill Ji Hyuk.
JI Hyuk almost killed him but manager Do turned himself and gave Ji Hyuk the documents he keeps.
Ji Hyuk used the media to expose all dirt
Dong Suk heart is rejecting.
Still he can't accept that he is defeated he chose to die. But he really love Mi Ra.
Love the chemistry of Jin Ah and JI Hyuk.
They went to karaoke.
Then she said her goodbye.
Sung Wook kneels in front of Ji Hyuk. Ji Hyuk did not give in.
Sung Wook was imprisoned.
Ji Hyuk continues to achieve their goals as a team.
President Cho is free.
He is happy to see Ji Hyuk succeed.
Mi Ra and Ji Hyuk continue to get closer.


Basically the story is about a man who has been one of society's "trash" but has a big heart for those he calls family.

I was really surprised that time flew so fast I never realized it is the end of the drama already. I was hoping for more episodes maybe because the pace was too fast and every episode ends in a cliff hanger. The hero is always finding himself in a hole every time he takes a few steps forward. And the villain takes all he has to bring him down to his knees.

Dong Suk has been consistent as the villain in the drama. There is no gray area in his character. No remorse. He believes that he is born privileged and he deserves to win in any fight he fought. Likes of Ji Hyuk who he calls trash is  not even worth a second chance but in the end he acknowledged that he is on the same level of him to which bring annoyance and hatred inside him. To the very end, Dong Suk did not want to accept defeat but choose death. He has gone too far as to wanting everyone in Ji Hyuk's life dead. harmed and even Ji Hyuk, too. He has no conscience. He will only find peace if Ji Hyuk is gone.

I want to pity him because his love for Mi Ra that started way back was pure innocence but turned into obsession he can not control. He truly loves her, even wanting to get her back after her numerous deception and betrayal. But it is already too late. He changed from the Dong Suk she loved and she lost him.

I love the chemistry of Jin Ah and Ji Hyuk. I felt sad that their relationship even as friends can not move forward and grow. Ji Hyuk became fond of her and looks at her like a sister but the quarrel with her family became a burden that even staying by her side as a brother figure can not be any longer. The good part of the ending is that both enjoyed each pother's company, went to karaoke, drank and just had fun. Jin Ah has matured from a spoiled rich girl and accepted the fact that the time to part ways with Ji Hyuk has come. She said her goodbyes in a cool way. She gave him a kick  as a goodbye. I think that moment was just to relay to Ji Hyuk that they are even, him for hurting her and not reciprocating her feelings. She walked away as she said goodbye.

I love that scene. I think I can be a Jin Ah and Ji Hyuk shipper for all the good times they had. For the bickering and the tolerating each other while sharing one roof. Ji Hyuk has been very good to her and I like that.

I don't have much thoughts on Mi Ra and Ji Hyuk. It was decided already. She was the one. The beautiful part, MI Ra learned to appreciate Ji Hyuk as time went by. She learned his good qualities. And she learned to have the courage to choose and fight her own battles with Dong Suk.

Manager Do is a revelation. In the end he chose to redeem himself if only for Jin Ah. He turned himself to the police and pay for his sins.

I guess the drama clearly showed that there will always be difference in society and how it is divided. As Ji Hyuk has said, he just accomplished a small part in changing the world. It is never easy but it can be done. He dreamed and he achieved that goal. Everyone can do the same in a positive way. And maybe in future, little dreams like his will come true and a great part of the world can be a better place.

Big Man shows there is a hero in everyone of us. It is not about money or power. Big Man is about acting human in the midst of grabbing for power and greed that surrounds the society.

I do enjoy the drama. I enjoyed it too much the ending came too soon.

some random screen caps

thanks for dropping by and reading my thoughts.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

More Photos of Kim Hyun Joong at Odaiba Japan for HOT SUN Handshake 140617

Big Man - Wrap Up Party Photos

Haven't watched the final two episodes of Big Man yet her are the photos from their warp up party.
How time flies! Down to two final episodes.

Will surely watch them after I post these photos.


Jung So Min

captured by media

Photos - Jung So Min Updates Her Facebook

너무 사랑스러운거지. 
많이많이 사랑먹고 쑥쑥 자라렴. 
예쁜 앨리스야^^
김은비 최영문

via Jung So Min FB account

translated by bing

So lovely. 
Lots and lots of love to eat growing up. 
It's a pretty Alice ^ ^ (Translated by Bing)

Always Cute MimMin