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Saturday, June 21, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] A New Leaf - Updating My Thoughts

File:A NEW LEAF-P1.jpg

[thoughts on episodes 13 and 14]

A New Leaf is still one of the dramas that is interesting and although the pace of the story has become slow in the last couple of weeks, and the legal terms are really [seriously!] making my brains muddled and confused trying to catch up, the story is as appealing as ever since episode 1.

Setting aside the corporate side of the story, I am liking the parts where Seok Joo and his father interact. The sudden change in Seok Joo which resulted in the accident makes him more human, humble and loving towards his father. For the first time, I think he sees his father's good traits which I doubt he even realized while growing up. The path he took which was so opposite to his father's principles maybe born out of being successful in his field of work, still it somehow showed how he never respect his father's thoughts about his choices.

The story shows how it is not too late to patch up things between a father and son relationship. The good thing about it, Seok Joo's amnesia makes it more comfortable to act naturally in his father's presence which is not the case when he didn't have amnesia. The cold atmosphere could be felt back then.

The romance in the story during it's pilot episode captured my interest. However, as the drama continues, the romance part is clearly not the center of the story. I miss the comedic romance Seok Joo and Ji Yeon have during the firs part of the drama and I hope for the two of them to end up as more than colleagues. But I have doubts with only two episodes left. 

Finally, Cha Young Woo's real character is revealed. I have always reserved judgement on his personality. Though he exudes sophistication and power behind the firm, he has always maintained a cool facade. He has a poker face, definitely hard to read. But in recent episodes, he showed his ruthlessness and how he handles the firm. I realized, he  is truly the success behind the company. His connections are so vast he can even make and plan positions in the government. It is like a game of chess, he can place each one in their right places to achieve his goal.

The drama somehow showed that even though Seok Joo used to be the ace of the firm, all his success were not his own but because of Cha Young Woo. So now I am very interested to find out how Seok Joo will beat the team from Cha Young Woo's firm headed now by Jeon Ji Won. Even Ji Won realized how cunning Cha Young Woo. How detailed the man is in everything.

I think Cha Young Woo was the man who made Seok Joo forget and ignore his father's principles. The success he got while working under Cha Young Woo influenced his mindset.

The battle starts now. How will Seok Joo win as a one man attorney against a team of influential elite lawyers of Cha Young Woo. The last two episodes should be very interesting. 


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