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Friday, June 20, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Big Man - Final Thoughts

Highlights of Episodes 15 and 16

Episode 15

Kim Ji Hyuk's "mother" at the hospital. Luckily she survived the accident.
Dong Suk won't stop. He wants Mi Ra to be the next target. She is one of Ji Hyuk's weakness.
Ji Hyuk and Mi Ra went to media for an interview. He accused openly Kang family.
Ji Hyuk and his friend finally got out of the house. It has become uncomfortable to live with Jin Ah because of what has Dong Suk been doing to him.
Jin Ah is sad.
Mi Ra was kidnapped in exchanged for not giving the media more interviews and solid evidence against Dong Suk and family.
Mi Ra was drugged so Ji Hyuk dragged her to the car.
The thug who kidnapped Mi Ra was murdered.
Mira slapped Dong Suk
JI Hyuk accused for the murder.
Mi Ra got the illegal traders documents on Dong Suk exchanged for the video of who killed the thug.
Dong Suk buying back stocks with his money from Hyun Sung Energy for three times the price.

Episode 16

Appeal to change the owner of Hyun Sung Distributions denied. The shareholders bought a lot of energy shares in exchanged for stocks Dong Suk wants.
Dong Suk commands Manager Do to kill Ji Hyuk.
JI Hyuk almost killed him but manager Do turned himself and gave Ji Hyuk the documents he keeps.
Ji Hyuk used the media to expose all dirt
Dong Suk heart is rejecting.
Still he can't accept that he is defeated he chose to die. But he really love Mi Ra.
Love the chemistry of Jin Ah and JI Hyuk.
They went to karaoke.
Then she said her goodbye.
Sung Wook kneels in front of Ji Hyuk. Ji Hyuk did not give in.
Sung Wook was imprisoned.
Ji Hyuk continues to achieve their goals as a team.
President Cho is free.
He is happy to see Ji Hyuk succeed.
Mi Ra and Ji Hyuk continue to get closer.


Basically the story is about a man who has been one of society's "trash" but has a big heart for those he calls family.

I was really surprised that time flew so fast I never realized it is the end of the drama already. I was hoping for more episodes maybe because the pace was too fast and every episode ends in a cliff hanger. The hero is always finding himself in a hole every time he takes a few steps forward. And the villain takes all he has to bring him down to his knees.

Dong Suk has been consistent as the villain in the drama. There is no gray area in his character. No remorse. He believes that he is born privileged and he deserves to win in any fight he fought. Likes of Ji Hyuk who he calls trash is  not even worth a second chance but in the end he acknowledged that he is on the same level of him to which bring annoyance and hatred inside him. To the very end, Dong Suk did not want to accept defeat but choose death. He has gone too far as to wanting everyone in Ji Hyuk's life dead. harmed and even Ji Hyuk, too. He has no conscience. He will only find peace if Ji Hyuk is gone.

I want to pity him because his love for Mi Ra that started way back was pure innocence but turned into obsession he can not control. He truly loves her, even wanting to get her back after her numerous deception and betrayal. But it is already too late. He changed from the Dong Suk she loved and she lost him.

I love the chemistry of Jin Ah and Ji Hyuk. I felt sad that their relationship even as friends can not move forward and grow. Ji Hyuk became fond of her and looks at her like a sister but the quarrel with her family became a burden that even staying by her side as a brother figure can not be any longer. The good part of the ending is that both enjoyed each pother's company, went to karaoke, drank and just had fun. Jin Ah has matured from a spoiled rich girl and accepted the fact that the time to part ways with Ji Hyuk has come. She said her goodbyes in a cool way. She gave him a kick  as a goodbye. I think that moment was just to relay to Ji Hyuk that they are even, him for hurting her and not reciprocating her feelings. She walked away as she said goodbye.

I love that scene. I think I can be a Jin Ah and Ji Hyuk shipper for all the good times they had. For the bickering and the tolerating each other while sharing one roof. Ji Hyuk has been very good to her and I like that.

I don't have much thoughts on Mi Ra and Ji Hyuk. It was decided already. She was the one. The beautiful part, MI Ra learned to appreciate Ji Hyuk as time went by. She learned his good qualities. And she learned to have the courage to choose and fight her own battles with Dong Suk.

Manager Do is a revelation. In the end he chose to redeem himself if only for Jin Ah. He turned himself to the police and pay for his sins.

I guess the drama clearly showed that there will always be difference in society and how it is divided. As Ji Hyuk has said, he just accomplished a small part in changing the world. It is never easy but it can be done. He dreamed and he achieved that goal. Everyone can do the same in a positive way. And maybe in future, little dreams like his will come true and a great part of the world can be a better place.

Big Man shows there is a hero in everyone of us. It is not about money or power. Big Man is about acting human in the midst of grabbing for power and greed that surrounds the society.

I do enjoy the drama. I enjoyed it too much the ending came too soon.

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thanks for dropping by and reading my thoughts.


1 comment:

  1. Yes mslee,... i really like the chemistry of Jin Ah and Ji Hyuk in Big Man... but sad she's not the lead female for Ji Hyuk..... Hoping they 'll have a chance to be in a drama... which they are OTP.. a rom-com drama series.
    I'll be missing Jin Ah and Ji Hyuk... they are so cute and adorable in every scenes, they were together...