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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Song Seung Heon in Lotte Duty Free 2013 - Photo Sketch

Kim Hyun Joong Reveals Why He Drank to Do ‘The Giyomi Song’

At one point in 2013, The Giyomi Song was super popular, and Kim Hyun Joong felt that he also needed to follow the trend for his fans. 

Now that his version of The Giyomi Song is done and over with, Kim Hyun Joong talked a bit about what happened behind the scenes.

In an interview with star magazine, @star1, Kim Hyun Joong talked about his homemade music video forThe Giyomi Song. At the end of the video, Kim Hyun Joong said, “Please put it in that I drank to do this. I can’t do this sober.”

Through the interview, Kim Hyun Joong said that the video was revealed first at his fanmeeting. “It was my first fanmeeting in Seoul since a long time, and I was wondering what I can do to leave a lasting memory, so I decided I would do The Giyomi Song.”

“The fans know that I can’t do that kind of thing and that I won’t do it, so I filmed it with fans after becoming determined and drinking some barley drinks (beer),” said Kim Hyun Joong. 

He added that the fans at the fanmeeting went nuts and absolutely loved it because they knew what a rare treasure the video was. 

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong will be returning with a new album on July 22. 

While you wait, check out Kim Hyun Joong’s The Giyomi Song

Photo Credit: @star1, KeyEast

Preview - Episode 7 Empire of Gold

[MINSUL] Want More? Minho and Sulli BTS Video and Caps From TTBY

And the goodies keep on coming!!!

After a year, still the awesome BTS are coming. And I am ready to see them anytime for. 

photos as tagged
shared by @zee via twitter and soompi/MinSul

Okay i am not, NOT screaming loudly! I am screaming silently!!!!lol.... coz people might think I'm going crazy for no reason. Photos are great! MINHO LIKES TO STAY  CLOSE TO SULLI WHENEVER, WHEREVER THERE'S A CHANCE. I love the 3rd photo with Sulli reading the script and he was behind her. Err ..should he be behind her that time or he just can't help it???  

Updating Official Stills SHARK - Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin

KBS photo

via Shark FB

Yoo Ah In Was Happy to Work with Kim Tae Hee

Yoo Ah In Was Happy to Work with Kim Tae Hee

cre: soompi

“Even if I just hold her hand, I feel really happy.”
According to the Korea TimesYoo Ah In said these words about the beautiful Kim Tae Hee!
Yoo Ah In and Kim Tae HEE
In a recent interview with magazine High Cut, Yoo Ah In revealed his feelings about working with Kim Tae Hee. The two worked together recently on SBS drama “Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love,” where Yoo Ah In starred as the king and Kim Tae Hee starred as one of the royal concubines of the Joseon Dynasty.
Yoo Ah In continued, “I love how she has such an open mind. I am really happy and privileged to have worked with her. If I ever need a date for a VIP premiere, I would love to call her and take her as my date,” revealing his deep affection for the senior actress.
Regarding his acting experiences with Hong Soo Hyun and Han Seung Yeon in the same drama, Yoo Ahn In said, “I feel really bad about playing the role of the man who uses and hates the characters that Hong Soo Hyun and Han Seung Yeon play, but because of that, I was able to get along with Kim Tae Hee’s character so well. There were so many hand holding scenes but every time, I was really happy to do it.”
Netizens commented, “The two of them must be really close,” “They look so good together,” and “Yoo Ah In speaks the truth about Kim Tae Hee.”
What are you feelings after watching them together for “Jang Ok Jung?” 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Song Joong Ki in Ruhens CF BTS 130718

cre as tagged

He is so cute here...like a lost little boy. Clueless.:))

JYJ - Park Yoo Chun To Enlist in the Military

[INFO] Park Yoochun will enlist in the Military soon ( early next year)

A representative of C-JeS stated, “All three members of JYJ plan to enlist in the military, like every other male in Korea.” However, he did not say much on when exactly the members would be enlisting.

Park Yoochun has received a fourth grade reservist duty designation due to his asthma. while other member Jaejoong & Junsu will be serving second grade active duty designation

Source: [kukinews]
Shared by Ayaka


Well, it's about time, they have established themselves in the industry and like any k-idols that have gone and returned, it's like a blink of an eye. One moment your there, now you are back.

Good luck boys!
Wish my KHJ will, too. So that it will be over soon.


Photos - Kim Hyun Joong @Star1 - "Rumors? I don't care much."

[ENG Trans] 
via Henecia Philippines

Kim Hyun Joong showed strong belief in his fans, "Rumors? I don't care much about. I try to think it doesn't matter as long as I am aboveboard myself and my fans trust me."

At the same time, he said, "I am also thinking I should act responsibly since I have a job which usualy receives many people's attention." 

Recently Kim Hyun Joong came back to the music scene bringing his new single. While filming fashion pictorial with @star 1, Kim Hyun Joong got high praise from the staff, because he worked hard with a professional attitude

Thursday, July 18, 2013

[Ep 16] SHARK - My OTP in a Deceitful Romance

Many has happened in the two back to back episodes of SHARK. Episode 15 was about Yi Soo trying to save his sister Yi Hyun from the ahjussi kidnapper. He was instructed to bring the documents, original ones in exchanged for Yi Hyun. He rummaged through Junichiro Yoshimura's desk for the files. In the end, the Japanese gave him what he needed.

Meanwhile, Hae Woo threatened her grandfather to let go of Yi Hyun or else she will tell the world his secrets. But if let Yi Hyun unharmed, she will stop asking him anymore. Yi Hyun was released in a heart beating manner. Kim Soo Hyun secured the ahjussi wife with him with a gun also, but the ahjussi was not rattled once. He is a cold blooded criminal but a call from Jo Sang Gook made him flee the place with his wife.

The revenge is not over. 

In this episode, Yi Soo finally let himself be vulnerable in Hae Woo's arms. When he saw her again outside his door, he made it looked like he did not care but then, he could no longer hide the fact that he needs her. He run after her at the stairs and from there, he hugged her tightly from the back, telling her not to go, 3 times. Hae Woo was hugging him also. Both were crying silently. 

I'm glad that they had this moments. But morally speaking, this is really not right. This is certainly a deceitful liaison between them. A husband is hurting and being deceived by Hae Woo. Joon Young knew but keeping it to himself. Is k-drama ready to change and move towards this kind of relationship? I am all for romance and chemistry, and I am willing to add the lists of reasons why Yi Soo and Hae Woo must continue what they feel towards each other. But I won't, unless Joon Young's character changed into something unworthy of Hae Woo's devotion.

Oh my, my OTP is suffering. Both victims of this crazy situations that occurred 12 years ago. They should have ended together. But they did not. Hmmm...ottoke? Am I in for a bad ending? With four more episodes, the mystery is still not unravelled fully. Will the marriage continue or the crack already widens, trust being the issue? 

I want a closure of the past. I want pieces to fall into the right places. I want romance. I want a just ending. Reading all these that I want makes me think that my OTP might somehow move on with their own lives individually. Because that's how all the pieces will be put to their places to start anew.

Or maybe a time jump? Only until then will I feel the romance is right for my OTP. The now is wrong. Because Hae Woo would only be repeating what she hated all these years, his father having an affair that led to a broken family.

for now these are my thoughts...

-this is mslee1107 writing-

[mianhe..this was written in a rush..my head spinning, my eyelids closing.:)) I just want to share my thoughts, they might fly away! ]

[Ep. 5 & 6] Empire of Gold Review - Good Family Drama That Simply Struck Right Through the Heart

I have just finished watching episodes 5 and 6 this afternoon. 

I can't immediately update because I was also watching another drama. But, one thing is clear, though Empire of Gold has not yet climbed in the top spot during it's airing time, it does not mean that this drama is lacking in story. The fact is, it has the perfect ingredients to make a viewer hooked and feel the power of the drama.

Empire of Gold is a one of a kind drama. You want mellow that will connect to you, it definitely has it. You want intrigue inside family disputes, this certainly is giving me something that is as real as it can be. You want chemistry, there is, and romance, I am positive it will come later. The heiress and the rags to riches hero/villain story.

After watching the latest two episodes back to back, these are my immediate reaction that I shared at the forum via soompi. This is what I felt watching the episodes.

my thoughts...

This drama is really awesome! I maybe a bit slow in understanding about the stocks, shares, dealings with the government agencies, but the heart of this story is about family. Every episode I find myself crying just by watching what's happening to the CHOI household. Seo Yoon is the only one caring for his father in the real sense of the word. She is the kind of daughter every father would be proud of. Her compassion and her loyalty to the company will bring her hardships and the reason her siblings will be against her decisions, still, she is the only one doing what is best for the company.

The mother, or the step mother is a two faced character. All along, revenge was residing inside her heart. She is doing her part as the perfect and obedient wife to Dong Sung, but the reality is that she is just waiting for the right time to get the company under his nose. 

Dong Jin's story about how he and Dong Sung started from scratch and build the company to its splendor is touching. He, too made a lot of sacrifices for his brother. I can't blame him if he is fighting with Dong Sung now, or begging to split the company in half, I want to know what happened in between. Is Dong Sung selfish as a brother? 

As for Jang Tae Joo, decisions he makes are all about how to stay afloat and to be successful in the end. So I totally understand him if he will do anything to get the chance. Now that Min Jae is desperate again, he offered Tae Joo 3.5 shares of SungJin Company, splitting his shares in half. Enough for Tae Joo to dream high once he gets inside the company.

Looking forward how SY will win in the next episode. But I am skeptical since the step mother will also join the reorganization of the company. Her betrayal towards Dong Sung and Seo Yoon will soon be in the open and this will certainly give a huge blow to them.

One thing the drama is giving the viewers, I think it's not really about power but what family means.

my review...

Episode 5 and 6

Min Jae went ahead with the marriage to Yoo Jin, daughter of a banker. He was against marrying her but his hands were tied. He needed her money, thus letting go of his loving wife, Yoon Hee who died the same say he was about to re marry.

Jang Tae Joo and Min Jae came to an agreement to join forces to win against Seo Yoon in the elections that will represent the bid for renovations. But, Seo Yoon is not only beautiful, she knows what she is doing. Her plans went ahead and she beat Tae Joo. He lost all. 

Meanwhile, Dong Sung's health are continuously deteriorating and the family finally knew about it. The hardest part, all except Seo Yoon are eager to have their share of wealth that their father worked hard for. They are too selfish to give their shares to Se Yoon just to keep the bulk of the shares inside the company intact so that the company will remain in their family. Won jae, the eldest son is clearly begging for the nth chance but the chairman is adamant and determined to let Seo Yoon head the company. What's interesting is that the plans of the father was already ironed
 out towards the future. Seo Yoon will only make the company stable and in time, Myun Hoon [Won Jae's son] will be the successor. 

The two faced step mom is also joining the battle for the reorganization of the company, making it a holding corporation. Clearly, her intentions will soon be found out about wanting the company to be her son's in the future. But Sung Jae seems a fine young man with dreams of his own. Will her scheming mother corrupt his mind? After all, he is not a biological son. His father passed away during one of the projects handled by SungJin constructions and Han Jung Hee [step mom] became a widow. 

Almost the entire family is ganging up against Seo Yoon. She is hanging by a thread in this battle. Now that Min Jae also joined the company again with Won Jae's shares being given to him, his plans are definitely taking shape. But not so fast. He needs money and his new wife can help him. But once again Seo Yoon knew how to implant jealousy to Min Jae's wife, Yoo Jin. Her rival was already dead but the truth is that she will always be inside Min Jae's heart. 

Seo Yoon advised her not to give Min Jae wings so early, he might fly away. She followed Seo Yoon's advise, to Min Jae's disappointment. Tae Joo was a brilliant businessman, a tough one, never giving up despite the odds. He was recovering slowly but still needs a lot of help. Min jae again offered him and when he turned away, Min Jae's last resort was splitting his shares in half, which Tae Joo accepted. Who wouldn't in his right mind? This is a chance for him. Like Min Jae had told him, rich people made decisions over dinner, and billion contracts were signed with just a single stroke.

The drama is in it's early episodes yet and the story is just beginning. The plot is laid out. More juicy stuffs will be revealed.  This drama has a long way to tell. 

Ratings does not really matter. What matters is that the drama is bringing me good quality story. It is written very well. No add ons, just straight story that touches one's heart.

for now these are my review and thoughts about the drama episodes...

photos via soompi/baidu

-mslee1107 writing-

[MinSul] More Sweet Photos of Minho and Sulli !!!! To The Beautiful You BTS...

MinSul thread @soompi is now in chaos! Posters are screaming their joy at the recent photo uploads via twitter. [ @cmh_189 ] Some are fainting [laughs] after seeing the photos. And I am sure lots are hyperventilating, too.

MinSul fever once again take the shippers to the highest degree of happiness. A kind of high that will last for a long time.

Following my recent analysis on a MinSul BTS during the pool scene in TTBY, these photos were from the same cut of that DVD BTS. Minho and Sulli literally gave us the true meaning of "closing the gap". They were almost cuddling each other. certainly, I am not complaining!!!! I want more!!!

photos shared by @zee via twitter
as tagged

Wondering where were his arms?

Well...in this one it's on her back, encircling her!

Loving the back hug? :))

Oh, that was so sweet...even Lee Hyun Woo [Cha Eun Gyul] seemed envious of you two!

So...are these photos enough to give Minsullians a heart attack?!!!



Kim Hyun Joong Updated His Facebook 130718

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Kim Hyun Joong's UNBREAKABLE MV Now Playing + Screencaps

The much awaited Round 3 of Kim Hyun Joong will soon be out in the market. Meanwhile, the track UNBREAKABLE MV is now in You Tube via kimhyunjoong606 the official YT account of Hyun Joong.

Please support our ONE and ONLY...

KIM HYUN JOONG ๊น€ํ˜„์ค‘ 'Unbreakable' M/V (feat.Jay Park)

I made some screen caps...


click the photos for a bigger view