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Thursday, July 18, 2013

[MinSul] More Sweet Photos of Minho and Sulli !!!! To The Beautiful You BTS...

MinSul thread @soompi is now in chaos! Posters are screaming their joy at the recent photo uploads via twitter. [ @cmh_189 ] Some are fainting [laughs] after seeing the photos. And I am sure lots are hyperventilating, too.

MinSul fever once again take the shippers to the highest degree of happiness. A kind of high that will last for a long time.

Following my recent analysis on a MinSul BTS during the pool scene in TTBY, these photos were from the same cut of that DVD BTS. Minho and Sulli literally gave us the true meaning of "closing the gap". They were almost cuddling each other. certainly, I am not complaining!!!! I want more!!!

photos shared by @zee via twitter
as tagged

Wondering where were his arms?

Well...in this one it's on her back, encircling her!

Loving the back hug? :))

Oh, that was so sweet...even Lee Hyun Woo [Cha Eun Gyul] seemed envious of you two!

So...are these photos enough to give Minsullians a heart attack?!!!



1 comment:

  1. oh yeahh... this will last a loong timeee... yaaaa Minho&Sulli yaaa FOR THE LOVE OF GOD... CUDDLE MORE <3<3<3<3 :DDDD
    but for the pool scene I think Minho will give an excuse.. then where am I suppose to hold onto ? heheheh... oh an awwwwww.. look at how Sulli press his lovely chubby cheek to Minho... am I imagining things... hehehe
    thanks again Miss Wandering Lee =))
    loooking forward to your next ! Saankyu !