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Monday, July 15, 2013

Updating - More About MBC's Upcoming Drama 2 Weeks

Two Weeks is the drama that will replace The Queen's Classroom this August. Lead stars will be Lee Jun Ki and Kim So Yeon. Lee Jun Ki's last drama was his successful comeback Arang and the Magistrate [which I have not yet watched.;( ...chincha, it's hard to find the time to catch it] and I think Kim So Yeon has not made any for a long while now. The last I saw her was in a cameo role in Athena: Goddess of War and that was in 2010. I am not sure if she did another drama since then.

Anyway, this drama has a very good plot. Another intense and thrilling drama for viewers to anticipate. I for one is looking forward to this. 


Lee Jun Ki Touches Park Ha Sun’s Chest in New Stills for “Two Weeks”

cre: soompi

New stills of Lee Jun Ki‘s “naughty hands” from the upcoming drama, “Two Weeks” are creating a buzz.
On June 20, Lee Jun Ki and Park Ha Sun filmed the scene where they meet for the first time in the drama. Park Ha Sun, who plays the role of Seo In Hye, transformed into a mermaid statue to promote the Busan International Film Festival.
Lee Jun Ki, who plays the role of Jang Tae San, argues with his friends on whether or not Park Ha Sun is a person or a statue. Eventually, Lee Jun Ki places his hand on Park Ha Sun’s breast to see if she is real or not!
The drama staff revealed that as soon as the filming stopped, Lee Jun Ki was so embarassed, that he pretended to run away from Park Ha Sun, which drew many laughs around the set. Also, it is reported that Park Ha Sun had to sit in one position from early dawn to late in the evening due to her body paint. Despite the troubles, Park Ha Sun was friendly toward the fans and gave them many smiles.
“Two Weeks” will air on August 7 after “The Queen of the Classroom” ends.


Baek Seung-hoon joins "Two Weeks"

Actor Baek Seung-hoon has joined the MBC drama "Two Weeks"."Two Weeks" is about a man who is framed for murder finding out that he has a leukemia-sick daughter. It is written by So Hyeon-kyeong from "Prosecutor Princess" and "My Daughter Seo-yeong" and produced by Son Hyeong-seok from "Personal Taste".Baek Seung-hoon takes on the role of detective Kim Sang-ho who becomes a team with Im Sang-goo, fiance to Seo In-hye (Park Ha-seon) who gives birth to the daughter to chase down Jang Tae-san.Baek Seung-hoon has starred in dramas, "Comrades", "The Iron Empress" and more."Two Weeks" will be broadcasted in August after "The Queen's Classroom".

Source : www.tvreport.co.kr/?c... ( English )

more photos

cre: newsen.com


Lee Jun Ki’s first meeting with Park Ha Sun on ‘Two Weeks’ revealed

Filming for upcoming MBC TV Wed-Thu drama ‘Two Weeks’ took place on June 20th, where the scene of Lee Jun Ki meeting Park Ha Sun for the first time at Busan’s Gwangalli was filmed.
Park Ha Sun is cast as Seo In Hye who was a PR model for the ‘9th Busan International Film Festival’, and saw her dressed up as a mermaid. To perfectly reprise her mermaid look, Park Ha Sun dyed her whole body in bronze colour to complement her outfit, and looked like the real deal.
Jang Tae San (Lee Jun Ki) and his friends’ sees Seo In Hye, and the former decided to have a wager with his friends on whether it was a statue or a real person. Because of the wager, Lee Jun Ki steps out from the crowd towards Park Ha Sun, and stretches his hands out to feel her chest.
The production staff expressed that Lee Jun Ki became very embarrassed after the filming was concluded for his particular scene, and tried his best to be away from Park Ha Sun as far as he could. The staff expressed that they couldn’t help but laugh out loud after seeing Lee Jun Ki’s actions.
‘Two Weeks’ which is led by Lee Jun Ki and Park Ha Sun, is about a man who lives life aimlessly and then gets falsely accused of murder. He then learns that he has a young daughter who is stricken with leukaemia, and for the next two weeks, he battles on valiantly to save his daughter’s life.
The drama will premiere in August and take over from ‘The Queen’s Classroom’.


For now these are my updates about the drama....

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