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Thursday, July 18, 2013

[Ep 16] SHARK - My OTP in a Deceitful Romance

Many has happened in the two back to back episodes of SHARK. Episode 15 was about Yi Soo trying to save his sister Yi Hyun from the ahjussi kidnapper. He was instructed to bring the documents, original ones in exchanged for Yi Hyun. He rummaged through Junichiro Yoshimura's desk for the files. In the end, the Japanese gave him what he needed.

Meanwhile, Hae Woo threatened her grandfather to let go of Yi Hyun or else she will tell the world his secrets. But if let Yi Hyun unharmed, she will stop asking him anymore. Yi Hyun was released in a heart beating manner. Kim Soo Hyun secured the ahjussi wife with him with a gun also, but the ahjussi was not rattled once. He is a cold blooded criminal but a call from Jo Sang Gook made him flee the place with his wife.

The revenge is not over. 

In this episode, Yi Soo finally let himself be vulnerable in Hae Woo's arms. When he saw her again outside his door, he made it looked like he did not care but then, he could no longer hide the fact that he needs her. He run after her at the stairs and from there, he hugged her tightly from the back, telling her not to go, 3 times. Hae Woo was hugging him also. Both were crying silently. 

I'm glad that they had this moments. But morally speaking, this is really not right. This is certainly a deceitful liaison between them. A husband is hurting and being deceived by Hae Woo. Joon Young knew but keeping it to himself. Is k-drama ready to change and move towards this kind of relationship? I am all for romance and chemistry, and I am willing to add the lists of reasons why Yi Soo and Hae Woo must continue what they feel towards each other. But I won't, unless Joon Young's character changed into something unworthy of Hae Woo's devotion.

Oh my, my OTP is suffering. Both victims of this crazy situations that occurred 12 years ago. They should have ended together. But they did not. Hmmm...ottoke? Am I in for a bad ending? With four more episodes, the mystery is still not unravelled fully. Will the marriage continue or the crack already widens, trust being the issue? 

I want a closure of the past. I want pieces to fall into the right places. I want romance. I want a just ending. Reading all these that I want makes me think that my OTP might somehow move on with their own lives individually. Because that's how all the pieces will be put to their places to start anew.

Or maybe a time jump? Only until then will I feel the romance is right for my OTP. The now is wrong. Because Hae Woo would only be repeating what she hated all these years, his father having an affair that led to a broken family.

for now these are my thoughts...

-this is mslee1107 writing-

[mianhe..this was written in a rush..my head spinning, my eyelids closing.:)) I just want to share my thoughts, they might fly away! ]

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