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Friday, August 15, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Fated To Love You Episode 13 Screen caps Review

Lee Gun's snail has moved on, becomes successful as an artist. She came back to Korea three years later, with a changed look [well the hair color changed, no eyeglasses] and more confident than the old Kim Mi Young. She is now known as Ellie Kim. Together with Daniel, who is her mentor and friend, she achieved her dreams. Her art concept are drawings of happy and smiling faces. 

I think to console her and to make her move forward from her loss. Gae Ddong and Gun.

Lee Gun also has a changed look. From handsome to gorgeous but still silly and cute man with his signature laughs. He still visits Dr. Octopus, currently the few people in his life he keeps.

Grandmother [Halmeoni] is looking for blind dates for Gun. But her qualifications describes her ex-grand daughter in law, Kim Mi Young.

The friendship grows between this two, comfortable to hold hands but Mi Young still has reservations. I think after all these years, she is not really keen on starting a new relationship. She is fond of Daniel and grateful but her actions shows it stops there.

The unexpected incident! Daniel and Mi Young went inside a restaurant to meet some people but she spotted Lee Gun and Se Ra. He was securing a necklace on her neck, looking quite a happy couple in her line of vision. But then, the necklace is a gift from her student and she only asked Gun to help her with it.

Mi Young's expressions shows she is still affected. Well, she was the wife. Gun opted to divorce her. Seeing them now,  Mi Young perhaps feels that they are still a couple and Gun chose to be with Se Ra.

But there is only friendship between these two. Se Ra might feel differently, but for Gun, he really cares for her only as a friend. He even told her to find a new man in her life. But Se Ra must be hoping for a miracle.

The unexpected scene. Gun frequented the restaurant of Mi Young's mother. Without anybody knowing, the mother hide the fact that Gun eats there regularly at nights. When everybody is gone she would cook him meals. This kind of atmosphere is indicative that although Gun and Mi Young is already separated and not in contact with one another, he still always finds himself in the presence of his ex-mother-in-law. 

The mother in law can only shake her head, In pity for Gun. She somehow knew why he stays and keeps in touch but he can't asked her about Mi Young. It is enough for Gun to see his mother in law.

Mi Young and Daniel came to see her. The family gathered to eat watermelon and Gun's name was suddenly mentioned by the uncle who always say "hamo-hamo". A sudden uncomfortable moment.

The sad part of the story was when Gun went home and locked himself in his private room where instead of Se Ra's memories, the baby stuffs occupied the room now. There are clips of news about Ellie Kim and he is just happy and sad to stare at them and be happy for her silently.

Ah, this scene made me tear up. It's like he is cheering for her silently without her knowing. Ah..his love became very sincere but no one knows now how deep.

he went pout of town, to the place where Mi Young holds her exhibit. He checked in a hotel demanding room 2006 but it was already occupied and he got room 2009. A deja vu'? hehehe  

Hmmm..it's like a foreboding incident in a good way. Just like in Macau.

The same incident and Mi Young is also there, in room 2006! Checking if the number will flip. lol!

To go or not to go! Gun is in a dilemma. In the end he decided to go to Ellie Kim's exhibit.

Well, FTLY won't be entertaining if not for these silly and foolish stunts of Gun! Like James Bond movie, he crouched, somersault and more, like a thief in the night. He saw Daniel's flower stand at the event and his ego just can't accept it. He ordered the biggest flower arrangements.

Inside he hid himself avoiding Daniel and Mi Young. He saw the drawing of a child and it easily reminded him of their Gae Ddong. A feeling of mixed emotions poured on his face. He bought the said drawing.

A problem because it is not really for sale. It is a special art piece for Mi Young and she wants it back. It is after all her baby. Very personal piece of art.

She contacted the buyer. She called her but Gun realized it was Mi Young so he ended the phone call and they exchanged texts. She was pleading for him to return the drawing and she will compensate it with another. But Gun told her he likes it, but continue to give her hope that he might change his mind.

Friends are cheering for Daniel and Mi Young. Some are asking for a kiss between them. Gun was sitting at the bar and witnessing Mi Young in a happy mood and the teasing about the kiss made him anxious and jealous.

Well, there was no kiss! hehehe A sigh of relief there for Gun and for me. lol!

Gun drunk that night and guess what follows? He was banging on room 2006! He was rambling and complaining why the door is not opening. [Pabo!] Fool! LOL! He was in room 2009! Mi Young was disturbed by the loud banging on her door. She called the security. But in the end, with one of her shoes with pointed heels, she opened the door ready to pound the one who was doing loud noises outside, only to stumble together with Gun!

Skinship! Oh well, been longing for lots of skinships in this drama, so this uncomfortable stumble is enough to make me grin. Ah, crazy me!

Gun was as surprised as Mi Young! The ex couple finally meet again! 

Ah..writernim..chincha! I want romance! Please let me see Gun and his snail again, together, sweet and romantic and silly together.:))

-mslee1107 got lazy and just made captions on some screen caps-