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Saturday, October 18, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] My Spring Days Episode 12 Screen caps Review - Foreboding a Melancholy Ending?


While both Bom Yi and Dong Ha are trying their best to sincerely apologize to their love ones, to convince them that this is what they want, to show them that this relationship brings her happiness, the episode somehow showed an alarming possible outcome of the story.

Bom Yi has been feeling shortness of breath which made me feel anxious already seeing her like that. It would have been normal or not uneasy if she has not undergone heart transplant surgery. But then, this kind of situation is something to be  bothered about not only by the viewers but by the characters as well. Will the writer bring us an ending that will make us cry with their beautiful love story? Jebal! It is already a beautiful kind of love story it does not have to have a sad ending. Dong Ha would be pitiful if it happened twice in his life.

I somehow felt that Bom Yi's mother understood her when they talked about Dong Ha but it is too soon to give her blessings. One of the revelations in this episode is about Bae Ji Won. She hid what happened to her to Dong Wook. He let him assumed the worst of her, thinking she was in a relationship with the financier of the hospital. But the truth was she had an operation and she would not be able to have a child. A dream of a happy family for Dong Wook. When he asked her why she did that, he finally understood that he was a man who does not listen. Then he realized he needed to listen to what his hyung wants to tell him.

Dong Ha was waiting at a restaurant with a gift for Bom Yi while she was at the hospital. Will he know the truth? Or will Dong Wook hide it from him because Bom Yi asked him to. I do hope not. 

The title of this drama is My Spring Days or Spring Day of My Life, spring being the literal meaning of Bom Yi's name. She is the spring that comes to Dong Ha's life unexpectedly to somehow forget the pains of his wife's death. She brought him new feelings. She made him feel younger with her smiles and charismatic frankness. I do hope that spring will stay with him until the drama ends.


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