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Saturday, September 13, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] My Spring Days Episodes 1 and 2 Screen caps - The Drama Is Surprisingly Good


Lee Bom-Yi (Sooyoung) undergoes a heart transplant operation. She then tries to live her life positively for the person who donated their heart to her.
Kang Dong-Ha (Kam Woo-Sung) raises cattle. Since he lost wife in an accident, he has raised his two children by himself.
One day, Lee Bom-Yi happens to meet Kang Dong-Ha. His former wife donated her heart to Lee Bom-Yi.


  1. Drama series will takeover the MBC Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Fated To Love You".


The Spring Day of My Life-Kam Woo-Sung.jpgThe Spring Day of My Life-Sooyoung.jpgThe Spring Day of My Life-Lee Jun-Hyuk.jpgThe Spring Day of My Life-Jang Shin-Young.jpg
Kam Woo-SungSooyoungLee Jun-HyukJang Shin-Young
Kang Dong-HaLee Bom-YiKang Dong-WookBae Ji-Won
Additional Cast Members:

First Thoughts

I never expected to enjoy this drama. Yes, unexpectedly, this turns out to be promising. The story of a lady [Lee Bom Yi] who received a heart via donation from a woman who died leaving a husband and two children. The brother [Kang Dong Wook], a doctor, of the married guy [Kang Dong Ha] was in love with his childhood friend but his hyung got the girl in the end, though unfortunately she [the donor] died. He knew who received the heart. He went to work in the same hospital where the lady's parents are the Chairman and the CEO. He then courted the girl and soon to be married to her.

The lady then had an unfortunate encounter with the unknown husband of the donor. He was the store owner of the meat shop. But not only that, he is the CEO of the company that sells premium cattle.  A video was uploaded in the internet and became viral. There were lawsuits filed, [ahm, I think so or maybe in the process of filing?]  but surprisingly, the lady is unaware of it. She visited the town where she got her heart. There she encountered the man/husband not knowing he is the same one she had argued with at the meat shop. They kept on seeing each other that day, and he also saved her when she fell in the water.

She stayed at his house, ate with the family, got along with his kids. That night, because of loneliness because it was the death anniversary of his wife, he drank a little. The lady joined him outside, open space/field and together they drank more. She slept with her head on his shoulder. He slept, dreamed of his wife, became restless but the lady besides him unknowingly touched his head and he slept deeply for the first time in years.

I love the way they talk back at each other. She is talkative, frank and brazen. He is older but she has a way of getting on his nerves and she always has the last words. I laughed when she called him "abonim" - father. Lol! 

The ending in episode 2 is good, the relation will now be revealed. Her boyfriend is the man's brother, whom she slept with [though innocently] curled with that night. Will she tell her boyfriend? Once again, I feel sad for the boyfriend because this lady and his brother will surely have something between them and it will be like the same story in the past.

I love SooYoung's character. Vibrant and outspoken. She has a nice chemistry with Kam Woo Sung and the funny moments between them while sparring words are good and spontaneous. A May-December romance? Hmmm..I think I would love to find out how the romance will bloom. Of course, the secret of who gave and received the heart will be a major twist in the story. I think it is going to be heartbreaking if the brothers will realize they love the same woman then and now.

Another drama not in my list to watch but turns out to be promising and surprisingly good.


Episode 1

Episode 2