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Friday, September 12, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Iron Man/Blade Man Episode 1 Screen caps Review

Despite the negative comments pertaining to the drama and the plot with the viewing percentage rating last night for the pilot episode which was low [ about 6 % something], I find the drama entertaining and intriguing at the same time. Well, maybe it is not boring for a start. With Lee Mi Suk showing in the first few scenes, she has gotten my attention with her aura and charisma as the head housekeeper. Her presence is enough to make the drama more appealing. Actually, her first lines with Lee Dong Wook as the temperamental master of the house, CEO of the Game Company is very amazing. She has a great chemistry with him exchanging lines, witty and funny. 

I love the dark humor of the drama. For that first scenes, it already hooked me despite the foolish character of Lee Dong Wook as Joo Hong Bin. You name it, he can be described as the most impossible man, brutal to his employees, rude, a temper which is very nasty, adding the sudden sensitivity of his sense of smell which irritates him so much.

The story is quite silly of course for a start, with Joo Hong Bin harassing his devoted secretary Ko. I laughed because it again reminded me of FTLY Secretary Tak who bear all the angst of Lee Gun, then here another secretary to capture the audience's smiles and hearts. Did I mention it also reminded me of Kim Sung Oh in Secret Garden? Well, anyways, I pity this man, Secretary Ko for always having to receive childish tortures from his boss.

Even if this is not a fantasy drama, without the blades, the plot is already intriguing. Kim Kap Soo as the father is another character to watch out for. He was the reason perhaps of Joo Hong Bin's anger and frustration when his beloved Tae Hee left him.

Lots of anger are brewing inside Hong Bin and he can not control it easily. Thanks to Secretary Ko for being beside him. He just got crazily mad with his two employees regarding the project/games of the company which I gather failed. Poor employees ended in the hospital crying and promising never to work for him again. Funny though when Hong Bin visited with Ko they pledged their love for the company after receiving compensation and being promoted in the company. 

Meanwhile Son Se Dong, Shin Se Kyung's character is a young woman barely hanging on in everyday life. The company she once had [I assume] was bought by Joo hong Bin together with the game Monstro, which they developed but yet to be released in the market. The young men who are staying secretly in her apartment was caught by the landlord, one was hospitalized when he hid under the sink and got a displaced disc at the back.

I think she is responsible for these young men, her colleagues, and she wants to take back at least Monstro. Fortunately, due to Hong Bin's sensitive nostrils and sense of smell, he was led to where Se Dong was in the hospital. Her scent calms him and seems favorable to him as fruity and flowery scented which reminded him of Tae Hee.  He heard about the plan of Se Dong to see him. 

But then something happened. The man who sold the company was on the run to US. Se Dong with her friend Seung Hwan almost captured him but he escaped in the end. A little boy at the airport met Se Dong. The lady who took him there went away to avoid a man calling him. Se Dong felt the loss of the boy and pity him. Somehow he trusted her. In the end she can not just go away and turned her back to the boy. She carried him to her home, where Hong Bin was waiting already.

The interesting story is yet to be revealed. The boy is Hong Bin's son, from Tae Hee. Without plans, Se Dong already got herself in the way with Hong Bin because of the boy. I am intrigue of Hong Bin's sense of smell and what will happen next. How he got his blades, I am yet to find out.

For first impression, the character may be silly, foolish and over acting but I am positive that the uniqueness of the character will bring good plot development in the story. I applaud Lee Dong Wook for making Joo Hong Bin as his own, a new identity which is clearly so different from his previous drama. There is no lingering similarity in the personality and totally different which makes it more refreshing. Amazing versatility from Lee Dong Wook. I think I can find his awful temper cute in the coming episodes. His eccentric personality is quite fascinating.

I think I may have been energized to have made a lot of screen caps for this episode. 


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