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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Iron Man BTS - Lee Dong Wook In Between Takes

Lee Dong Wook takes a rest while reading scripts in between filming Iron Man / Blade Man in a lounge massage chair.

source: Kingkong Official 

Friday, October 31, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] My Spring Days Episode 16 - Bom Yi Is The Miracle

Last night, I shared my initial reaction to the ending of this drama. I said I felt a bit of disappointment because I thought I was cheated on the last minutes of the story and my hopes went high for a miracle  to happen. But then, I watched it without subs, and the connection was not really that good. 

Tonight, I watched again with subs and perhaps, I have come to accept the ending since last night that's why the drama got a new feeling in me about how it ended.

Just to rewind on episode 15 because I haven't talked about it. 

Last week's episodes are still amazing but I think the best is really episode 15. It tells so many beautiful memories. How Dong Ha cared for Bom Yi, how he accepted the fact that she is really a sick woman and how he stood strong by her side. All the while, I kept on crying because the sincerity of the story just cut right through the heart. Bom Yi's love for him is so pure. The wedding scene inside the hospital room was achingly sad and sweet. She prepared all that to surprise him and to accept her as his wife even in a limited time.

The kiss was soft, delicate but even if there was no passion you could sense how they love each other. And the way Dong Ha crumbled outside the room afterwards was epic. All his pent up emotions came out in a silent way. The man was trying to control his emotions while suffering inside for the woman he loves. I wonder how come a simple scene like that would totally make one's heart feel all the pain just by watching him.

Then he went with her to Udo island, back to where it all started. She has always wanted to go to windy hills. It was a tough and long walk up the hills but he carried her on his back and then set her down. He urged her to come to him the final steps, which was only a few feet but for her looked like a mile. But she did it with his encouragement and finally caught his hands

The scene was a tough one to watch but I understood him. He wants to tell her don't give up because he is not going anywhere. He will be there by her side every step of the way. That's why the hope inside me flew high. Because I am waiting for a miracle. A miracle for Bom Yi to live longer and happily ever after with Dong Ha.

Episode 16

What Dong Ha and Bom Yi have is a love that is pure, innocent and very deep. There may not be hot passion because of her health but what they have is beyond the usual kind of love between two lovers. The honesty is just so beautiful and breathtaking. Their love make one's heart feel warm and treasured.

I was looking for a miracle like all the viewers who came to love this drama. Because it pains me to anticipate what kind of heartache will be felt for those who will be left behind by Bom Yi. But as the story goes, I found the miracle I have been looking for and somehow, it calms the heart and finally understand what the writer is trying to impart the viewers through this drama.

Dong Ha got his miracle after all. Through Bom Yi. She is the miracle in this story. Her presence in his life may be short, she may have brought him pain, but she fixed everything for him and his family. He told her what she did for him. The kids became happy, he reconciled with his brother, his mother who lived away from the children now finally gather the courage to come near them and he stopped drinking and the nightmares went away.

What happened after his wife left, Bom Yi unknowingly make them feel alive again. What was great about it this time even if she is leaving, they are prepared and there are no regrets because they said their goodbyes properly and ahead.

The kids are always visiting. Her parents became fond of them. The two families are smiling despite her sickness. She even writes notes to be inserted in the capsules just like what Dong Ha's wife did and left the kids to read when they are in pain. She filled the small bottle with her wisdom and love notes. She even knitted a hand glove for Soo Jung's mother. Bom Yi filled her days with things she had to do before her health makes it hard to fulfill anymore.

In this episode, Dong Ha continued to do his duty as her husband. He is not giving up. Even the shoe laces that he tied together speaks of how much he does not want to let her go. He is hoping. But despite hope, her health is deteriorating. She even coughed blood because her lungs is getting weaker. She went to cardiac arrest but because Dong Ha trusts Dong Wook and gave him courage, he was able to revive her. But she is already too weak and she has given up on operation. She thought it would be too greedy on her part to ask for more. She already had five years of free life and  somehow she lives it in a happy way. She is thankful for meeting Dong Ha.

All scenes are heartbreaking and sad. And of course, the mother and daughter talk will always be memorable. It is hard to watch them as one silently begs not to give up and think of all the people who will be left behind especially her, the mother whose love for a daughter is endless. While Bom Yi on the other end calms her and tell her not to be sad and if her love for her consumes her to the point of suffering, let it be given to Bada and Poo Reum instead in memory of her. Seriously, who can watch this scene without sobbing? Then there's Poo Reum saying her goodbyes, too.

Yes, all of them said their goodbyes ahead. So there will be no regret. When she was wheeled to the operating room...I just hoped Dong Ha could have given her his last kiss. Although saying I Love You is enough, but I really wished more.

It was time to let her go.

Once again, I applaud the writer for the simple dialogues but beautifully uttered. One thing I don't really understand is why she was wheeled to the operating room. It is clear that she will donate something to the person next to her, just like what Dong Ha said that she will make spring days for someone.

Or maybe it is just the way how the writer wants to wrap up the story. At least she spared us seeing Bom Yi passing away.

At the end of the story, I felt that I really watched a memorable love story that will soon forever classify as one of the classic dramas in k-dramaland. I revised my initial thoughts, I don't feel cheated on this one. It gave a compelling closure. 

This is going to be my third time saying this, it reminds me of A Walk to Remember, who just like Bom Yi, Jamie's miracle is  Landon who found the right path after meeting her.

So I guess, I will always remember Bom Yi and Dong Ha's love story. Sad yet nostalgic.


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