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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] The Greatest Marriage Episode 7 Screen caps Review

Just like what Gi Young had thought and warned Jo Eun Cha about reporting the case of the young girl whose brother died, it became a nightmare for the girl which almost made her kill herself. Yes, the news got a 5% viewer ratings the next day but then social media was hounded soon by netizens who was rallying against the anchors of the 9 o'clock news. They want Jo Eun Cha and his partner to resign and others want Cha Gi Young to be back as the anchor.

Even the apology the anchors made for the public is staged and not sincere. The President asked Gi Young to claim her spot but she did not immediately gave in. She told him that the reason she protected her spot as the anchor was not because of anything but because she wanted to be acknowledged even if she is pregnant and not be sacked/fired because she is promiscuous or has bad image. Ultimately, she wants to protect her child even after she gave birth.

Eun Cha is breaking apart, like a lunatic when he realized that the people are boycotting the news program of their station while he is the anchor. His nerves are making him nervous and he wants to run away but his team won't let him be. He is acting like a crazy man, his confidence totally cracked down. When he went to Gi Young to asked for her help, I think the great arrogant Eun Cha was on the brink of loosing his sanity and it just provoked Park Sun Nyeo who saw him kneeling inside the elevator with a gift bag for Gi Young. This scene cracked me up, chincha. This woman who was so bitter after the fiasco she had with Eun Cha was still kind of obsessed with him and felt indignant for the way he begged Gi Young. She hit him with the paper bag when he announced out of nowhere that he is the father of Gi Young's child.

The story just became a mess. LOL! Sun Nyeo could not take it anymore, shouting at both Gi Young and Eun Cha. She could not believe that she was pregnant with him just after dating her brother Tae Yeon. The misunderstanding was not corrected as she stormed out.

The love story is a mess. As of now. Well, I am not rooting for Tae Yeon and Gi Young. Sorry, but I can't see any connection between them. Besides, Gi Young is not in love with him. She thinks she likes him but that's just it. 

I hope to understand Myung Yi because I think she sincerely loves or likes Tae Yeon. But then, she is so deceptive, sneaky, cunning...scheming, foxy...devious...yes, I can list down all the right words to describe her and her actions. She uses her mind to trap Tae Yeon. She pretends to be a material girl. Yes, this is my analysis on her. She pretends to be the worst gold digger but when she is alone, she cries. I can understand if she likes her child to have a good future. So take away her schemes, she does love Tae Yeon and doing all this bad intension to trap him because it is the only way to have him. She said it, she wants his heart even if he likes Gi Young.

I have to watch her more to know if she is what she is or if she is pretending to be bad. But then she is sooooooo good at playing or acting devious. She just have to rile Gi Young whenever opportunity comes. She is like a child, always trying to annoy and hope to get bad reaction from Gi Young. Always provoking her. She finds satisfaction delivering her bombs to Gi Young. Like announcing that she is getting married to Tae Yeon.

And I laughed at Eun Cha's reaction as he heard Myung Yi's deliberate announcement. This girl is so insecure. And oh, just in the nick of time before Myung yi appeared, Gi Young came to save Eun Cha. She is there to do her job as an anchor once again.

On other characters...

I think if Sun Nyeo will only forget her bitterness towards Eun Cha she will find "her husband" to be nice and cute and caring. They look good together and I am rooting for these two to develop a great relationship.

While what I thought was a happy and perfect union is not what it seemed to be.

Na Yeon Hee and her husband Choi Il Jung is not what others see as perfect marriage. The husband is cheating on her with his nurse and has the audacity to bring her home. When she consulted a lawyer about child custody, she was advised that usually the child is given to the father because the country is still a patriarchal society. And usually the father has the stable job and the capability to raise the child and secure it's future.

Gi Young learned that to secure her own child, the father must wave his rights from the start, sign a document so that there will be no problem in the future. But Tae Yeon is stubborn he would not sign. Guess his pride was really hurt.

Next week's preview will be the turning point of the story, I see Gi Young asking Eun Cha to be her child's father and this is what I am looking forward to.


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