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Thursday, October 30, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Initial Thoughts - My Spring Days Final Episode

So..this is my first thoughts after watching the final episode tonight of My Spring Days. I will still post screen caps and thoughts for ep 15 and wrap up my thoughts in ep 16 after watching with subs to better understand what happened tonight.

But first, let me share my disappointment [just a bit, though] about the ending of the story. On the whole, I still love the drama and the love story. It was just the ending that somehow made me say that the writer became a coward for leaving the viewers make their own interpretation. Sometimes, it is okay in some other stories but on this one, it should have a clear closure.

This is what I wrote in my Facebook page a while ago.

The ending is left to the viewers interpretation. Hmmm..I want to say it has a positive ending but seeing Bom Yi holding hands with Dong Ha's wife... is it saying that they are together now? After all, everyone had said their goodbyes to Bom Yi. 

I think the writer became a coward in the end. The writer should have made a clear ending even if it is a sad passing away. There are dramas where you can leave hope to the viewers but in this case, I think their resources had come to an end. I don't know, I will have to watch tomorrow for subs.

The only sad thing about this is that the family of Dong Ha suffered twice the pain of having to see a loved one leaving them behind again. A bit cruel, don't you think? Anyway, I still love the story. It could have an ending like Scent of a Woman or the recently concluded unpopular Temptation where hope is there...or not, but leaving the viewers with a nice cinematography and  setting.

Or my own kind of ending...

 Bom Yi could have just stayed laying her head on Dong Ha's, seemed like sleeping, silently, peacefully and then panning out... at least there is conclusion that is sad, sweet, painful but hauntingly beautiful.

I have said that this reminds me of A Walk To Remember. But even that movie gave a bittersweet conclusion that is somehow acceptable because of the narration in the end of the lead male character.

Well, I think seeing Dong Ha smiled outside the operating room indicates that he has already accepted the fact and that he found peace. After all, this is what he wanted from the moment he decided, to not have any regrets.


I hope to write more of my thoughts together with ep 15 to conclude my recap/review/thoughts on this drama .


[for my final thoughts... click here ]

yes... I finally understood the writer:))


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