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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Random Reviews on Currently Airing Dramas - Blade Man, My Lovely Girl and Misaeng

Sharing weekly reviews about dramas currently airing that I am watching are sometimes time consuming, which results to late posting. I am following more than five dramas although I am not writing about all of them. The most I can do is make screen caps and write short recaps.

Because I was late posting my reactions or thoughts I decided to make a one page review on dramas I missed writing about.

Last week, I was not able to share my review for Iron Man / Blade Man. 

Just some thoughts...

We knew already that when Hong Bin is angry his blades will come out. Se Dong is someone who can pacify him or calm his emotions. But when it is Se Dong who is being hurt, like receiving a hard slap from a stepmother, surely, Hong Bin would feel the most enraged and she would not be able to soothe him for she was the one who was hurt. That moment resulted to lashing the culprit with his blades but unfortunately, Se Dong got to be the one wounded in that event. Thankfully, no one saw it was Hong Bin who did it, or he would be in great trouble explaining.

It would not be the first  for Se Dong to be hurt by his blades. When he found out that his father used him to make a deal with the congressman to develop Tae Hee's hometown, possibly making her parents move away, Se Dong hugged him on his back just in time before the blades come out in full view, but unlucky for her not realizing the blades were already coming out. When she touched him, the blades automatically pushed back inside but she was still wounded.

Hong Bin realized he might kill her, if this scenario repeats but at the  same time he really needs her. Se Dong saved him still, even though they were in the middle of giving each other space, which she asked of him. She just found out that it was his father who she tried hard to meet when her own father died at the construction site. Her hurt feelings resurfaced, making her question her true emotions if the reason she wants to stay besides Hong Bin despite how his father treated her is that she really likes him or if it was for the money he has. But when she was asked by Secretary Ko to save Hong Bin, she could not turn away.  She was also there for Chang when he went missing. She promised Chang to read the story at his school even if she has not decided what to do with her relationship with Hong Bin.

When Secretary Ko asked her to comfort Hong Bin and not be surprised or scared when she sees him in a weird way, telling her he was in costume, she came and gave him the handkerchief he gave her in the past while she was crying outside the company. The story showed that their connection with one another started way before they actually knew each other.

What is not explained in the story however is that, has she realized what kind of man Hong Bin really is? She knew about his strength but she is not questioning him, pretending nothing is unusual, but what about the blades? She acted as if she was not frightened. Or has she realized why she was hurt but decided not to worry about it?

Hong Bin somehow convinced me that he is really falling in love with Se Dong and finally moving on from his past. When they reconciled, it was a sweet moment for them. They confirmed that they need each other despite the worries they have. The embrace he gave her signified the level of his feelings for her, which was followed by a kiss.

But then, Hong Joo just dropped a bomb of information about Tae Hee. She is alive and he knew where she is.  Why did he kept this info from Hong Bin? Why not when Chang first appeared? What will Hong Bin do with this information? How about Se Dong? Will she give up on him for his first love? Knowing Se Dong is a very kind and nice girl, she always thinks of others before her own feelings.

The story has also  unfolded that it was Butler Yoon who made Tae Hee suffer. She was doing things for the Chairman because she loves him but sadly it is not reciprocated. Now, I think Se Dong might be in the way for her revenge, which I think will build up inside her if the Chairman continues to ignore her. There is something dark about butler Yoon, she might just be the ultimate villain together with the ahjussi who she connived with.

 I like how Se Dong makes the people around her realize their mistakes and try to acknowledge them, like Hong Bin's father. It was never too late to apologize but then, he relayed his thoughts about what happened to her father in the past and that he really never apologizes to anyone because it will be an endless task every time someone becomes a casualty while working at the company. In which makes Se Dong somehow understood him.

Blade Man is not only a fantasy drama but it deals with emotions of every character. All are going through tough moments but then some are already recovering from the pains and finding it in their hearts to forgive. The fantasy in the story is just a small detail besides the bigger story of human interactions and the consequences of their choices.

Chang is the biggest happiness that happened and suddenly appeared in their lives. Hong Bin learned to changed through Se Dong for Chang. His father learned to be patient and appreciate his grandson which he did not give Hong Bin when he was a child up to this moment and of course to the other son Hong Joo. Chang became the light and source of smiles in Hong Bin's home. Even Se Dong felt the connection with Chang that she could not just brushed away.

Looking forward to an ominous situation because Hong Bin found out about Kang Tae Hee.

My Lovely Girl

Quick thoughts...

So, Lee Hyun Wook could not control or hide his feelings anymore for Yoon Se Na even if it means a misunderstanding might occur in the future when she finds out the truth. I hoped he was honest with her but then there will be no more conflict in the story. The bad news is that Seo Jae Young, the sneaky and ambitious traitor friend got the secret from drunk Shin Hae Yoon who could not keep her mouth shut while nursing her hurt feelings.

Anyway, the pacing of the romance is good, not hurried but it developed to this point where I as a viewer really felt that Hyun Wook already fell for Se Na and not just pity her or feels responsible. As for Se Na, she has always been honest with her feelings towards this handsome dog owner, the ahjussi from the neighborhood. I like how she is not reluctant to show her feelings which makes Hyun Wook smiles and somehow manage to lessen the age gap between them. But of course, the relationship must be kept from the company but not to Hae Yoon and Sung Jin.

I can't really totally hate Hae Yoon but I can not also like her for what she is when it comes to her one sided love towards Hyun Wook. I can understand though that love can not be controlled or switched off just because it is not reciprocated but then she can always accept the fact that if Hyun Wook never changed his feelings for her as a friend then and now, then it would be useless to advance and continue to hope. She acted like this is her moment and that Hyun Wook owed it to her this time to choose her rather than Se Na.

Then there is this cute and adorable Shi Woo on the side. His interactions with Se Na gives amazing vibes and chemistry. Maybe because they are of the same age bracket. Their banters are cute. But Se Na is not falling for him. I wonder if Shi Woo really likes her or that he likes her as a friend. Sometimes, I just can not figure out what he is thinking because there are scenes where he acted fine whenever Se Na went away to go to Hyun Wook. But he is getting possessive of her time which is annoying for Hyun Wook although he tolerates it knowing it is him who holds Se Na's heart.

The last part of the episode [11] showed the tense atmosphere for Hyun Wook. Will he say yes to Se Na about knowing her sister or will he deny the fact?

Actually, the twist or the problem of the drama is not really a big deal. Se Na should realize that Hyun Wook is a good guy, loved her sister very much, suffered from loosing her and that he only smile now because of her.

As for Jae Young, will he get what he deserves? I hope so. To cut the arrogance that is really annoying!

Oh, Wednesday, please come, pali!


New drama...

Ep 3 and 4

What I love about this one is that I like the narration that comes with the drama. And even though the story focused on the work place it is not boring. The center of the story is Geu Rae and his life but then other characters are beginning to take shape and becomes interesting too with their own individual stories to tell.

One of the characters that I thought I would hate is Han Suk Yool for his treatment of Geu Rae. He is a slacker and he let Geu Rae find the right project/topic for the presentation and kept on rejecting his ideas. He acts like the know-it-all kind of guy and his arrogance that he is already accepted makes it irritating to watch him. But then, when the presentation day comes, he could not focus on his speech. He forgot to take his medication. But he remembered how his father who works at the site, [blue collared job] is very proud of him together with many of his co workers that are also happy for him. He found the strength to speak up again and continue with the presentation.

What is amazing is when both Suk Yool,and Geu Rae found the connection while doing their presentation. When he tried to sell Geu Rae fabrics with his black notebook containing his analysis  while Geu Rae explained to him why he must buy the slippers he has in his hand, which ironically belonged to Mr. Oh became an opportunity for both of them to understand each other. It represented the hard work of the employees at the company. Geu Rae also emphasized that both office work and site/field work are the same because one exists for the other.

It is a miracle that Geu Rae is one of the few, [4] who is accepted in the company. A fact that made Suk Yool happy and which Baek Ki unhappy with his surprised and peeved expression when he saw Geu Rae.

What I am looking forward in the drama is the development of the sunbae/hoobae relationship between Mr. Oh and Geu Rae. I have posted before in my previous post that I think Mr. Oh is seeing himself in Geu Rae that reminds him of his past. That maybe, how the Executive Director is treating him is how he feels he must treat Geu Rae. But then, Geu Rae is a refreshing sight, someone who is not polished but his raw talent is there, shinning. His grasp may not be sharp but he is studious, patient, attentive and thorough once he put his mind to the task. These are not unnoticed by Mr. Oh. Perhaps the reason why he said to Dong Sik he wished Geu Rae to fail is that he knew that this field will be tough for him and many disappointments will come in his way before achieving success in life.

In the ending part of episode 4, he told him that his life is incomplete. All lives are incomplete. A challenge for Geu Rae to achieve the completeness that is still evading most people especially Mr. Oh up to this point in his life.

In the midst of all this changes in Geu Rae, he will be faced with greater tasks that he has yet to deal with. But he is a genius, an intellectual person in the game of baduk which he learned during his early years. His knowledge of the game, the tactics he mastered can be used to guide him to assess any situation, people either friend or enemy and find the result he is seeking.

Baek Ki and Young Yi are only two of the characters which lives are also interesting. But I am finding Baek Ki to be envious and duplicitous which will cause trouble for Geu Rae. He might also feel jealous because Young Yi is not giving him the second look he thinks he deserves.


Ah... totally --drama obsessed! that's me..


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