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Saturday, July 11, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Orange Marmalade Episode 9 Highlights

Reality is hard to face when it's the one thing that you abhor, bloodsucking vampires.

While trying to defend Ma Ri from the shooting arrows of the soldiers ready to release, he was telling them that there seems to be a mistake because he knew her, Shi Hoo arrived. It was the realization that his best friend had become one of the vampires they were trying to capture. Surprised and confused Jae Min was ordered by Shi Hoo to go away and protect Ma Ri. He would stay and fight with the soldiers.

Time to know her secret.

Yes, she is a vampire. But she is the different kind. They do not harm people. Jae Min asked her if she was the one who turned Shi Hoo that way. He told her there was another way that Shi Hoo could be saved without turning into a vampire. He called her monster. It hurts to hear that from Jae Min but he has not understand yet.

Shi Hoo on being a vampire

He talked to Ma Ri. He also went to see her father. He learned how they survive while not harming humans. He also learned about Hwasawon, the other vampire clan. The one he was looking for before he became a vampire.

Ma Ri and Ara

Because of guilt A Ra sought Ma Ri. Sje told her about Hwasawon. She also told her to be careful. A Ra does not yet know that she is a vampire. Just then Ma Ri was captured by the vampires from Hwasawon. A Ra run to ask help. She went to see Jae Min.

Yoon Jae was asked to kill Jae Min's nanny. It was a task that he must do. But he cares towards this woman. He saw her that night.

The Queen was abducted by the vampires. She is currently pregnant and will soon have her child born. The vampires plan on making the baby a vampire to rule out Joseon. Ma Ri was kidnapped also to be the one who will help the Queen giving birth. They plan on Ma Ri being the one to turn the child into vampire because she would not be able to resist human blood after all. They were confined into a room. Ma R could not get out because the power of the vampire was too strong. She put the room into some kind of spell.

Shi Hoo and Yoon Jae

Shi Hoo went to Hwansawon. There he was surrounded by vampires but fortunately Yoon Jae became an ally. He betrayed his own vampire clan and fought with Shi Hoo. He was wounded.

Jae Min arrived at the Hwansawon to rescue Ma Ri. He went inside and fought with the leader. He was able to slash her but she ran away fast, using her power to close all the doors. She was trying to gain more power inside. 

The Queen was in labor. Ma Ri trying to pacify the Queen. 

Ma Ri's family arrived also. They all gather their strength and tried to open the doors. They were able to open the doors but it was really taking their strength. Jae Min went inside to find the vampire. While he was fighting, Ma Ri's family held their power together because once the doors closed, it would be their lose.

Finally, the invisible power surrounding the doors were gone. Ma Ri and the Queen went out the room. They saw Jae Min fighting with the vampire. It was a tough fight. Jae Min got bitten, but he was able to hit the vampire who was invisible through the mirror. It was a good shot.

Ma Ri held Jae Min in her arms. Her family arrived and urged her to go because humans were there already. They left. Jae Min and the Queen the only ones alive there. Jae Min's father saw him and cried. He realized how he treated his only son. Because he is the Defense Minister, he wanted him to be someone like him but because of Jae Min's weakness in seeing blood, it became his shame as a father. But deep inside, he was thankful that Jae Min was not a soldier who goes to battle. He may not come back alive. These were his thoughts that he kept to himself.

Ma Ri knew she had to save Jae Min, She also knew he does not want to be a vampire. She went to find the cure. The book was hidden in the old blind vampires's room. 

The Cure

Ma Ri did not drink blood. She was going to starve herself and become weak. Her blood during that weakened state, close to her dying is the best cure for someone bitten by a vampire. It will save Jae Min but he would not turn into a vampire. She went to his room. She waited. Then she made him drink her blood.

Next morning, Jae Min woke up. He was alive and cured. But then he saw Ma Ri lying there seemingly lifeless. He cradled her into his arms and talked to her. She was very weak. She told him she was happy. He was urging her to stay strong. But it was already too late.

The ending scene showed Jae Min back to the present. 

Did Jae Min remember now his past life with Ma Ri and their tragic love story?

Just as I wrote, this is a love story that transcends through time. How will they find each other and love without being apart?

Finally able to catch with my thoughts. Episode 10 is already subbed. Will post soon.


[mslee's thoughts] Orange Marmalade Episode 8 Highlights

The episode when friendship was put to test because they loved the same girl. Shi Hoo stated clearly that he also likes Ma Ri. Jae Min will have to stay away from Ma Ri to protect her from his father's threat. 

Punishment is death for someone like her who should not be involved with a noble family, particularly someone like Jae Min. Jae Min would be a soldier. He would prove to his father that he would be proud of him someday. 

The special team that was formed are now out to get the blood suckers. They were mostly victorious in their missions. But one of the group of vampires they encountered slayed almost everyone except one of the soldiers who got away unscathed. He has not bite at all. Jae Min saw him and went to the place where the bloody fight happened. There he saw Shi Hoo got bitten by the vampire. He tried to rescue Shi Hoo even his fear of blood was making him weak.

The vampire clan from the gisaeng's house decided to close the place. They were found out and they needed to lie low for awhile. 

Shi Hoo was suffering because of the bite from the vampire. Jae Min was caring for him. He would find out the cure. He knew Shi Hoo needed a vampire's blood to stay alive but then he would transformed or he would die if he was left that way.

Shi Hoo woke up and went to see Ma Ri. Ma Ri realized what happened to Shi Hoo. She decided on her own to let him drink her blood to save him from death. When Shi Hoo woke up, he was astounded when he learned that he became a vampire. 

There were mix feelings inside him. of course, he could not accept the fact that he became a vampire. Ma Ri told him she could not let him die.

A Ra went to see the vampire leader.

 She had with her a stainless knife. bu she was able to use it against the strong vampire. She was threatened but she lived. She was so guilty about what she had done to Ma Ri and her family. She was also frustrated at how Jae Min rejected her love. She decided to end her life but Jae  Min arrived in time. He was there to talk to her.

Joining the special team who captures vampires, Jae Min was one among the group who was called or an ambush. The butcher's knife was a bait by the vampire bloodsucker. As the soldiers await the arrival of the supposed to be leader of the vampires that killed innocent humans and the brother of the Queen, Ma Ri appeared at the entrance of the cave. Jae Min was shocked to see her there just as Ma Ri was surprised to see soldiers surrounding the place.

The moment of truth may be revealed now. How will Jae Min accept the fact that she is a vampire?