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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

[JjongAh] Girl's Day Yura Still Asked About Hong Jong Hyun

Girl's Day is back. With their latest album, Ring My Bell being their title track, the girls are busy promoting and guesting on programs.

Yesterday, Girl's Day is on Naver Star Cast. But what caught my attention was the article on Topstarnews about the MC asking Yura about Hong Jong Hyun. Guess the MC still connects Yura to her former virtual husband from We Got Married and interested to know if the relationship is good even after the program ended. He also recalled Hong Jong Hyun's statements that he is still in contact with Yura after WGM. Then the MC followed his interest by telling that Yura will perhaps meet Hong Jong Hyun soon since he is an MC in a music program [Inkigayo].

This is fun. I love that the interest of media or MCs are still strong on JjongAh couple. It has been months now since the show ended but asking Yura about it is definitely giving my heart a dose of happiness. Yeah, it flutters my heart.

Hope there was a written answer of Yura but maybe to tease the readers, her answer was not included.

My JjongAh feels has reawakened!

this was via google translate so this is not accurate.



Soompi News

Girl’s Day member Yura shared a story about coincidentally running into her former “We Got Married” partner, model-actor Hong Jong Hyun, recently.
On the July 6 live streaming broadcast of “Girl’s Day’s Happy D-Day,” which celebrated the group’s comeback, the host asked Yura if she still keeps in touch with Hong Jong Hyun since ending their virtual marriage life earlier this year. Yura responded, “We still keep in touch sometimes to see how the other is doing. Not too long ago, I went to go eat melon bingsoo (shaved ice) with Sojinunni, and coincidentally met ‘Jjong’ oppa. Everyone was just staring at us. It was interesting. We happily greeted each other.” She continued, “He’s currently a MC for a music show. We’ll most likely meet when we have our comeback. When we do meet, he’ll take care of Girl’s Day well—he has to,” causing laughter. Source (1) (2)


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