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Friday, July 10, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] High Society Episode 10 Screen caps and GIF

Okay so I am just feeling the romance from these two couples who have the same situation but different  problems. The passionate kisses in this drama add that romantic feels that a love story should have and sometimes lacking in other dramas of the same genre.

Well, got to make some gif of those HOT kisses!
[not a pervert..but falling in love with the romance]

Still trying to find the time to post some more thoughts on this drama.


Chang Soo and Ji Yi rain rendezvous

HOT Kisses from Chang Soo

Conveying his frustrations at the situation they are in. Breaking up is predictable and a must, still, he knew in his heart, this girl is the ONE!
Will their class distinction in society get in the way of true love?

Joong Gi and Yoon Ha

 When LOVE unexpectedly seeped in…will his lies get in the way?
I know it is not money he is after but the power that comes with it. He is tired of the society’s way of treating common people as lower than those born with privileges. He wants equality but that can only be achieved if he has the money to go with his intelligence and power to let them know he can not be treated as second class citizen.
This is really Joong Gi’s dream, which is Yoon Ha’s reality. But out of nowhere, love caught him unaware. These passionate kisses are the most sincere kisses he has ever given Yoon Ha.


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