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Friday, July 10, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Warm and Cozy Episode 13 Highlights

I think the last four episodes dragged the story. It was like the romance was push and pull. Both Geon Woo and Jung Joo already knew they felt something towards each other but because of his father's "sin", the story shifted a little bit to give enough reason why these two can't have their early happy endings, yet.


Still matchmaking Jung Joo with the Mayor. I feel sad that the Mayor is being used this way. He has been a good friend, someone who listens to Jung Joo and even though he knew her heart lies towards Geon Woo, he is waiting for her to change her mind and hold on to his hand.

Geon Woo promised to stay until the wedding of his hyung to Hae Sil. But after that he will go. I always disliked Ji Won for her wickedness.  What can I do with her, she is the typical antagonist in a romance. She finds pleasure in telling false statements which will make Jung Joo anxious and lose confidence when it comes to Geon Woo. She misled Jung Joo by telling her she will also go away with Geon Woo.

The ending scene was a misunderstanding again between Geon Woo and Jung Joo. He never tried to find out why she was being comforted by the Mayor in his arms. 


some gif

Mayor's cousin 

[SNSD Seo Hyun's cameo]

The Game

Naughty, naughty Seo Hyun aka the cousin, pushed Jung Joo towards the Mayor, ergo the unexpected KISS!


But then Geon Woo stepped in ...again..just like before..and let them see how to kiss properly.


The Past

Geon Woo's mother and father is friends with Jung Joo's parents who visits Jeju then. That's why there was a photo of her father with Geon Woo's mother.

When the hit and run accident happened, Geon Woo's mother was already pregnant with him.

Friendship continues...

Talking about the past. 

Will Jung Joo come or not? But then Geon Woo is being vague with his questions.

Jung Joo rejected the new place she was supposed to purchase to start over again. Geon Woo told her to stay at Warm and Cozy. Her heart wants to stay where Geon Woo used to be where and might come back in the future.

Letting Geon Woo stay away for the peace of everyone concerned. The real story is yet to be known to his wife to be.

Ji Won trying to be with Geon Woo, but it is already too late. His heart belongs to Jung Joo now.
Sorry girl, you just realized his worth [net worth] lol but he knows you too well.

Geon Woo wavering and wanting to ask Jung Joo to come with him. But then he stalled again..leaving her to talk to his hyung first.

Family talk...but was cut short because Hae Sil arrived, too.

Yes, Ji Won found the time to make Jung Joo misunderstand the situation and who Geon Woo really likes to with when he goes away.
Smart and sneaky Ji Won. Can I just pull her hair, please?

Mayor to the rescue.

A misunderstanding..

When heart is aching, you lash out and say hurtful things.


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