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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Missing Noir M Final Episode Review

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I just finished watching the last episode of this drama Missing Noir M. At last! Yeah, this was really late since it ended a few weeks back now. But glad I was able to have the time to really watch this.

Compared to how it started strongly, I think that the final episode lacked the expectation I was anticipating. There were intrigues in the character of Gil Soo Hyun [KKW] that made me stayed through to the very end. It was my curiosity to see how justice will pay off so that whatever anxiety that Soo Hyun suffers will be put to rest. I hope that he will find peace as the story wraps up.

But I was surprised at how the ending was left hanging by the writers. It's true that there will always be that endless search for justice, always looking for redemption and that this task is never going to end, still I had not anticipated this to be the end for this drama.

In the last episode there was a case of two murders at first disguised as suicide. A Prosecutor and and a man under investigated. There was a link to another man who owned a construction company. But what's surprising is that one of the higher Prosecutor who asked the team of Soo Hyun to take the case was unpredictably the same man who was behind all this illegal activities. The owner of the construction company was only a front man, perhaps targeted to be the fall guy for this case so that everything will be settled and done with.

It was a case of betrayal, kidnapping and murdering the ones who knew the secret. Hidden cameras were used to protect themselves form being exposed, like bribery. It's a case of doing the dirty things for this Prosecutor who sits well in his office looking impeccable and seems trustworthy of being there for institution that serves justice.

Soo Hyun and Detective Oh together with Seo Joon discovered the tangled mystery of the case. But coming towards people like the construction owner Hong Jin Gi who never fears the law knowing someone out there would soon take care of things for him became a frustration and an obsession for Detective Oh to see justice being serve. Never backing down, Detective Oh never saw that his tenacity to do his work would harm his wife. She disappeared. Another kidnapping that involves Hong Jin Gi, or so he thought.

Soo Hyun knew it was an act to make Detective Oh kill Hong Jin Gi so that any lingering dust would never be traced to the office of the Prosecutor who was behind the crime of two murders that started this case. It was too late to let reason seeped in inside Oh's chaotic mind. His wife was nowhere. Hong Jin Gi was not someone who will ever fear the law. For Detective Oh, it does not matter who is behind the kidnapping of his wife, he had it enough. He pulled the trigger, not once but trice. Soo Hyun was not able to top him.

That moment was like a de javu. He was discharge from FBI when he sought to kill the man who killed his brother only to find out that this same man was also used by the people who really wanted to eliminate his brother. He walked away, knowing he had to find out the real culprit, but his gun which he left produced gunshot. The man he walked away from decided to end his life. 

Was justice served?

Until the true culprit behind every crime has been caught and put behind bars, we will always search for that elusive justice. People who commit crimes and then die does not really pay off their crimes. It does not really end there, or does it?

So in this final episode, it leaves me hanging and sad at the same time. Oh lost his wife. There was no assurance that she was found out. Soo Hyun knew the culprit but no evidence to point out to him because Hong Jin Gi already died. Oh's future looks bleak with this current case against him as putting law in his own hands. Seo Joon was left feeling disappointed that her profession as a policewoman became nothing when this kind of reality sets in. 

The story is about finding justice for all that has been suffering from injustices. But it is not easy. There will always be something that will be compromised in achieving justice.

The end showed that Soo Hyun despite continuous disappointments will not stop just because he failed a mission. New case will appear and even if the results will be the same, he will continue for his quest until true justice is achieved.

Although disappointed that my expectation of a clean wrapped up did not happen in the story, overall, it is an eye opener of what mostly Justice system is all about. Corrupt justice is not only exclusive but it seems universal. 

Well, the characters on the other hand satisfied me with the actors performance. Park Hee Sun and Kim Kang Woo delivered very well. Although there is no romance but Soo Hyun and Seo Joon posing as a couple in this last episode gave a good chemistry.

This is very late reaction but personally I am glad that I got to finish watching the drama.


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