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Monday, July 6, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Producer Episode 12 - Final Thoughts

More than two weeks had gone by so basically this post and my reaction to the final episode has already been spoiled. 

But of course, what I started, I should finish. I want to say that I am quite satisfied by how the story ended. Well, if you have been reading my previous post, you would know that I prefer this kind of ending where Ye Jin and Joon Mo will be the OTP because I want Cindy for our naive yet not so angelic [lol coz he does do little things out of spite which should be a turn off but because it was him, it was just so cute!] Seung Chan.

The last episode wrapped up the remaining problems in the story. Ye Jin chose to reject Seung Chan. Well, I felt sad of course because he cried and he did like her but if I was there I would give him a tight hug and tell him "gwenchana..gwenchana..." 

Then Cindy who was the target of malicious news concerning her parents that she "lied" about got hate from netizens. 

Thank goodness Ye Jin heard about a video from long ago that was not aired but it contained Cindy crying because of her parents and how CEO Byun was there to tell her to say CEO Byun's "version" of the truth.

It was exposed through news and nothing can be done about it. CEO Byun was caught lying. I want to think she really loved Cindy like a daughter but her love for money overshadowed her kindness that's why it turned out that way. Their relationship had gone sour and the only next step is for them to part ways. 

Cindy's contract expired and she is free to find a new agency.

Joon Mo has been in love with Ye Jin but because of their friendship he chose to ignore the feelings and just let her stay by his side. This is what sucks at being friends with an opposite gender. Most of the times feelings develops but because one is too coward to show his true feelings, one settled for friendship in fear of losing her/him. But this is stupid when both feel the same way and no one is saying anything, thus making them wait and wait or become miserable.

 Glad that Ye Jin had that slip of the tongue on that fateful night she got drunk and blurted out her thoughts. Of course, Seung Chan helped by making it clear to Joon Mo that she likes him.  Remember the "edit" episode?

In the end, Joon Mo and Ye Jin embraced each other, a sign of a new beginning, As for Cindy, she got a new place in the same neighborhood where Seung Chan lives. Coincidence? Hmmm...well, maybe  or maybe not. Cindy seems to be the type who goes for what she wants and do something about it. 

She had kissed him, confessed to him, got rejected [slightly] still she never gave up.

I like how Seung Chan smiles at her while helping her with her luggage. The moment speaks of a new friendship between them. The atmosphere is light and bright. Both smiling, liking the moment. I think, slowly, whatever will it be, it will build up and hopefully turn into something beautiful between them. There is promise. Yup. There is promise in that scene.

Good things ended well also for other characters. Like Hong Soon and Yang Mi. Their romance is colorful and brought some hot and funny moments in the story.

I hope for a part 2 of the drama or season 2. Perhaps the same characters? Because this ensemble is awesome!

Never thought that power cast in one drama will be this good. But the chemistry for these 4 characters really ,made the drama interesting. I think the writer really did a good job in making me laugh and cry at the same time. The style of writing  connects to the viewers. Heartwarming scenes were unexpected and those moments clutched the hearts.

And the story showed what's it like at the back of the camera. Before and after it rolls.

I know this is late and a bit of a rush but still, hopefully my thoughts are spot on.

Enjoyed Producers so much just as you did!


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