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Saturday, July 11, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Warm and Cozy Episode 14 Highlights

Highlights of the episode....

The episode where the wedding of Jung Geun and Hae Sil took place. Geon Woo stayed only until the wedding but he left after. Jung Joo ran after him but the taxi where he was in was already driving away.

The night he saw her with the Mayor...

The misunderstanding between Jung Joo and Geon Woo about why she was being comforted by the Mayor was never cleared. Geun Woo went to the resort that night. That night he felt sick. He had fever. Guess the heart ache was too much to handle. He stayed not able to let Poong San and Jung Joo knew about his situation why he was away. Of course, Jung Joo thought he was really going away with Ji Won. The doubt in her made her confused and protect herself also from further hurt.

Awkward moment when Geon Woo appeared at the restaurant... after he got sick.
Misunderstanding has not been cleared. 

The proposal that never took place.

The Mayor decided to give himself the chance to propose to Jung Joo. He knew about Geon Woo leaving and maybe thought he would take a chance. But even Hae Sil's uncle who was Mayor's confidante lured both Jung Joo and Geon Woo to Jung Joo's property and locked them inside, with her phone with him. Jung Joo never knew about the plans of the Mayor. 

I felt bad for the Mayor. He was calling Jung Joo but someone answered the phone and then cut of the line. It was Hae Sil's uncle, the one who arranged the meet up between Jung Joo and Geon Woo. I think the Mayor's feelings was like a roller coaster. He had hoped then he got rejected over and over again. Poor Mayor.

Jung Joo and Geon Woo

Locked inside the house, they found that there were snacks ready inside. The place may not be in it's good condition but a corner of the house was readied just for the two of them. They sat on the mat and talked. I thought that somehow they would let their hearts rule them and take advantage of the intimate situation but it ended Jung Joo leaving before him. Ironically, there was a hole enough for them to sneak out even if they were locked inside.

Realizing there were two tickets for her and for him...with the necklace inside...

After Geon Woo left Jung Joo found out that there were really two tickets and that one was for her. Geon Woo really intended for her to come with him. It was not Ji Won who he wanted to accompany him. But it was too late. Then the Mayor told her about the night she got drunk. She learned it was really Geon Woo who took her home that night.

Jung Joo went to the airport. She tried to find him. But he was already gone.

Like I said in my previous post, I find these last four episodes a bit dragging. Geon Woo has yet to tell Jung Joo his reasons for leaving. 

Some more...

The Wedding...

Ji Won getting rejected..again.

Geon Woo sacrificing for the happiness of his hyung...

Two more episodes to post. Anyway, the Hong sisters' idea of romance is still something to watch out for. They can make a simple scene cute despite the cliche's in the situation. And this is reason enough to enjoy their story.


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