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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Supportive SHINHWA to Eric's drama Another Oh Hae Young

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Did the other Shinhwa members tune in to watch Eric on 'Oh Hae Young Again'?

Eric discussed his recently ended drama series 'Oh Hae Young Again' in an interview with Xport News on June 30. 

When the interviewer asked him, "The Shinhwa members cheered you on through social media and with food carts but how were their actual reactions?" Eric replied, "I was thankful that the [Shinhwa] members watched the drama so faithfully."

Eric continued, "Minwoo always watches my dramas, but this time, even the other members watched the drama religiously. They talked about it a lot as well. When Dongwan sent a coffee cart, Junjin expressed his wish to do the same. But that was around the time we were so busy with filming that the director put a stopper to any kind of support. So even though Junjin wanted to [send something to set], he said he wasn't able to. But I was thankful nonetheless." 

Beautiful Kang So Ra at The North Face store for signing event 160702

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Timeless Beauty - Lee Young Ae

attended a global cosmetic brand 160630

Elegant and sophisticated Lee Young Ae popularly known for her drama Jewel in the Palace [Dae Jang Geum]

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Sneak Peek/Preview? BTS ‪#‎anotherohhaeyoung‬

[繁中字] 又是吳海英 또 오해영 特集預告

Friday, July 1, 2016

BTS/Fancam ‪#‎anotherohhaeyoung‬ Highway Hug and Kiss ep 17

160624 또오해영 분당 불정교 촬영(에릭,서현진)

Cute Park Min Young Weibo Update

Video/Photo - [Shinhwa] Lee Min Woo Instagram Update with Eric

sleepy Park Do Kyung:)

Won Bin spotted at the gym...


Let's Fight Ghost Press Con 160701

[Park Hae-Jin] True story - No. 35

Doctors 닥터스 - Again # Kim Rae Won, Park Shin Hye | Sunflower - Younha | 닥터스 Doctors OST Part 2

Interview Photos of Eric after Another Oh Hae Young

from various media news via naver

Seo Hyun Jin Says Filming Kiss Scenes With Eric Felt Very Meticulous For “Oh Hae Young Again”


Seo Hyun Jin Says Filming Kiss Scenes With Eric Felt Very Meticulous For “Oh Hae Young Again”

During a wrap-up interview of “Oh Hae Young Again” on June 29, actress Seo Hyun Jin talked about the various kiss scenes she had with co-star Eric.
She says Eric was quite the perfectionist when filming, explaining, “It felt like we were rehearsing action scenes instead of romantic scenes. If our chemistry doesn’t match perfectly it will get awkward between us, so we rehearsed it very sincerely.”
Seo Hyun Jin also compliments Eric, saying, “He has very good ideas. He was the one who thought of the romantic scene in the last episode. He said that we should try different movements in order to highlight the fact that Jin Sang (Kim Ji Suk) is hiding.”
She also addresses the dramatically intimate scenes, jokingly saying, “The wall kiss scene was so intimate that we became unstoppable after that.”
Lastly, she says that Eric was hard to approach at first, explaining, “When I debuted as a singer, Eric was such a high senior to me that I couldn’t even look at his eyes. But the Eric that I met through ‘Oh Hae Young Again’ was a sweet and kind person. I think I’ve become good friends with Eric thanks to this drama.”


Thursday, June 30, 2016

Interview Photos - Seo Hyun Jin as Oh Hae Young

Romance with Eric ends...

'And ohhaeyoung' Seo Hyun-jin "becomes brave after kissing the wall, there was no kissing scene NG" [Interview ②]

Eric met through 'or ohhaeyoung' is a very friendly and warm person"...[Seo Hyun Jin]


GIF - BTS Eric & Seo Hyun Jin wedding scene...#AnotherOhHaeYoung

 Found a clip via Youtube...

The cheers from the cast were so loud while the two main stars of the hit drama Another Oh Hae Young, Eric and Seo Hyun Ji show their stunt...:)) The piggyback was cut off from the epilogue or BTS of the drama shown right after the wedding scene and the drama itself ended.

mslee1107 will not let this scene pass without making gif.

the actual video

Eric and Seo Hyun Jin towards the end with fellow cast applauding.