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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Supportive SHINHWA to Eric's drama Another Oh Hae Young

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Did the other Shinhwa members tune in to watch Eric on 'Oh Hae Young Again'?

Eric discussed his recently ended drama series 'Oh Hae Young Again' in an interview with Xport News on June 30. 

When the interviewer asked him, "The Shinhwa members cheered you on through social media and with food carts but how were their actual reactions?" Eric replied, "I was thankful that the [Shinhwa] members watched the drama so faithfully."

Eric continued, "Minwoo always watches my dramas, but this time, even the other members watched the drama religiously. They talked about it a lot as well. When Dongwan sent a coffee cart, Junjin expressed his wish to do the same. But that was around the time we were so busy with filming that the director put a stopper to any kind of support. So even though Junjin wanted to [send something to set], he said he wasn't able to. But I was thankful nonetheless." 

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