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Monday, June 27, 2016

Another Oh Hae Young episode 17 Screen caps

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Eric Seo Hyun-jin / Courtesy = tvN 'Another ohhaeyoung' TV screen

Heo Jeong-min, Kim Ji-Seok / [X = yieunjin Asia News] 'And ohhaeyoung "Kim Ji-Seok Heo Jeong-min is persuaded.  27 days broadcast tvN 'Another ohhaeyoung' (directed songhyeonuk, a play bakhaeyoung) The Park, Hoon (Heo Jeong-min) is a random scenes are to yijinsang (Kim Ji-Seok) was painted in the club.  Yijinsang day had to spend a good time with the girls in the club.  Then came the shouted Park, Hoon said, "brother-in-law, I'm not going into that equation and shit. Hyaaet think of her. My sister what a sin?"  Yijinsang excuse, but this is called "Nothing," said Park, Hoon had convinced him "brother-in-law go home. It's not a loveless marriage is sin. That we still love my sister brother-in-law."  Yieunjin reporters dms3573@tenasia.co.kr

Eric Seo Hyun-jin / Courtesy = tvN 'Another ohhaeyoung' TV screen

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