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Thursday, December 14, 2017

(mslee's thoughts) Just Between Lovers - First Thoughts


After watching this week's episodes I can say that this drama is promising. It is one of those dramas that shows emotional struggles and as an outsider (viewer) you keep watching to know more. Junho and Won Jin A are both good in portraying their characters. Their chemistry is also nice. If you have watched Secret (Love) you will get the same vibe in this drama.

Four characters 👉perhaps getting tangled in romance. Like she loves him👉he likes her👉she loves another guy👉👈he loves her back.😛

Right now I can't wait for episodes 3&4 already. The romance part between lead characters is slowly getting interesting. 😻

Two souls who experienced the same tragedy. Two souls who are still trying to move forward from painful and scary memories. The emotional scars they got from the past changed them. Will they ever heal from the trauma?


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