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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Because It's The First Time Episode 8 Screen caps Review

I wonder why the episode was uploaded early in @youtube...

Anyway, no subs yet but it's easy to understand.

[editing this post... I watched the YT video so I think I may have watched a shorter version, not a full episode, so perhaps there are missing scenes towards the end. still this review is as far as the YT episode is concerned. will make an update soon. - mslee1107-]

Song Yi went to see her mother. Tae Oh caught up with her at the bus terminal. He even paid for the fare. They had snacks while waiting for the departure time. Meanwhile, Ji An bumped into Se Hyun inside the elevator. Like a true gentleman, he took the heavy box she was carrying. He knew about the seminar, though. I think he also asked about Tae Oh. The good thing with Se Hyun, she kept to herself where Tae Oh went. Somehow, she did not want to cause trouble. After all she knew now that Tae Oh really likes Song Yi who has a boyfriend.

Ji An learned that Tae Oh was with Song Yi when he called Tae Oh and asked where he was. Tae Oh could not lie to him even if Song Yi asked him not to tell. It was something that made Ji An feel concerned because he was left out of the situation that concerns Song Yi. He should have been the one with her at a time like this. But Tae Oh was there with her instead. He was supposed to buy a couple ring but put it down after the call.

The sad part of the episode is that, Song Yi discovered about her mother living with another man already. Tae Oh of course knew ahead since previous episode but he did not tell her. Somehow she knew that he kept it from her even if he tried to deny it. Her hurt feelings of being abandoned by her mother for another man made her cry. Tae Oh embraced her as she cried. For revenge, well, what can a teen girl do but petty revenge only. She threw her phone at the glass window causing it to break. Her mother and the man she lives with run outside. Her mother already saw it was her. They did not try to catch up, only look at Song Yi's back walking angrily and hurt.

I wonder why the mother did not make any effort to talk to her.She is too coward and selfish at the same time. Maybe she was tired of responsibilities like taking care of her daughters. It surely is one of the most painful thing a parent can do to a child/children..abandoning them.

Tae Oh and Song Yi spent the night in [okay, not sure but I heard Busan?] They could not return that night. They rented one room only with twin bedding's spread on the floor. While that night, Hoon, Ga In and Ji An bonded together. Ji An was trying to be cheerful despite his gut feelings. Hoon seemed to have his own thoughts but chose not to tease ji An or make him doubt Tae Oh.

Tae Oh looked at Song Yi while she seemed to be sleeping already. He talked about how she advised him before about his own father. Well this was somehow what I understood knowing Tae Oh appa / father also married again, Song Yi never opened her eyes but she thanked Tae Oh for being there with her.

Lights were off, but Tae Oh chose to just sit against the wall. Ji An sent a message, not sure but something about Song Yi and then bidding him sleep well. The moment made Tae Oh realized what he had done. How he could leave Se Hyun even if she held on to him but he only let go. Now the realization is clear.

He finally admitted to himself, crying, maybe frustrated, that he likes Song Yi...very much. This his mind uttered thinking of Ji An. Maybe he was sorry to his friend. Because now he knew he likes her.

I think this is n lot the end of the drama. There sure will be next episode. It does not make sense that it will end this way, hanging. I believe there will be more, to wrap up their feelings. Something that will show who will be chosen in the end.

I always root for Tae Oh even if Ji An is so adorable as well. Maybe because I feel this is Tae Oh's story.. and Song Yi's.

Will make gif in my next post...
after I watch with sub.


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